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Blawgs we love – highlighting Canadian legal blogging

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Something that we’ve been talking about a lot in the past year at the Law Society Library is the importance of Canadian legal blogs (blawgs). It’s really what inspired us to begin our own adventure into blogging with Legal Sourcery. So we decided to create a series of reviews highlighting blawgs we have come to love, hopefully inciting our readers to appreciate blogs from all over the country!


First Reference Talks: News and Discussions on Payroll & Employment Law

As I began assembling my first Monday-Pick-Me-Up posts, I stumbled onto First Reference Talks and have always found their content to be quite informative. With a team of dedicated subject matter experts, First Reference Talks publishes about 7 to 8 articles a week on human resources, employment and labour law. They have won the Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog in 2013 and were nominated for other Clawbies in previous years.

First Reference Talks promotes topics that carry a lot of relevance in the workplace that, because of social constructs, do not always get talked about in public. For example, if you work in an office environment, chances are you have stumbled into workplace issues about religion, sexual harassement, internships, and wages that you have had no idea how to handle. Although First Reference Talks specifies that their content does not constitute legal advice, it is a good place for employees and employers to gather information about common workplace matters.

If you are ever feeling concerned about office politics, please take the opportunity to explore the collection of articles provided by First Reference Talks.



Staying Current with the Canadian Law Blogs List (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Would you like to stay informed about Canadian legal news?  It is essential for members of the legal profession to stay current with new developments in the legal field.   However, this can be challenging.  The multitude of blogs, websites, and information resources available online can make the task of staying up-to-date seem overwhelming.

Are you familiar with the Canadian Law Blogs List available at  The Canadian Law Blogs List describes itself as “open directory of Canadian blogging lawyers, law librarians, marketers, IT professionals and paralegals in Canada.”  It was launched in 2005 by Steve Matthews, founder and CEO of Stem Legal.

The Canadian Law Blogs List makes it easier to stay well-informed of developments in law.  It is a single online location that collects and categorizes authoritative legal blogs.  The blogs included in the directory are reviewed for authority, credibility, and currency.  The Canadian Law Blogs List can be browsed by legal practice area, category, and jurisdiction.  Readers can subscribe by RSS feed or email.


The Canadian Law Blog List homepage features recent posts from the blogs included in the directory.  I encourage you to check it out.

Legal Sourcery Year in Review

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld


Happy New Year everyone!

Since launching on March 12, 2014, we have posted 333 posts and have had 38,415 views. The Royal Opera House in London, England has 2256 seats. If it were a performance at the Royal Opera House, it would be equivalent to 17 sold-out performances.

The top 5 posts:

  1. Tips from the Editor – Punctuation Personalities
  2. Tips from the Editor – Double Space After a Period
  3. Tips from the Editor – Legalese Gobbledygook
  4. Cross-referencing Footnotes in Word
  5. Tips from the Editor – Oxford Comma Wars

We have also posted nearly forty Tips of the Week to assist you with your legal research and numerous other info/news items.

Thank you to our loyal readers and welcome new followers!

2014 Clawbies (Canadian Law Blog Awards)

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Every year Canadian Law Blogs wait in anticipation for December 1st when the Clawbies officially open. They all rush to their computers/laptops/tablets/phones to write up a short blurb on what the Clawbies are and which blogs (up to three) they nominate.  As this is our first year as a blog, we will be doing the exact same thing.

The Clawbies were started in 2006 to emphasize more Canadian Law Blogs in the legal community.  Their rules are simple:

  1. Nominate a blog two different ways
    1. Write a blog post nominating up to three Canadian Law Blogs
    2. Tweet your nomination with #clawbies2014
  2. Don’t nominate yourself

So without further ado here are the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library Canadian Law Blog nominations.

Best Practitioner Blog : Family LLB

Russell Alexander, an Ontario family law lawyer, posts two to three times a week with videos or commentary on recent family law cases. Their use of videos to attract people more into visual content is a great idea for a blog.

Legal News Blog: Wise Law Blog

One of the most useful websites we have come across while formulating our Monday Pick-Me-Up posts. Garry J. Wise has taken on the task of making a daily post gathering any and all legal link headlines.

Best law school/law professor blog: The Court

The Court, an Osgoode Hall Law School blog, strives to analyze recent cases from the Supreme Court of Canada. The Court has succeeded in keeping the public informed of upcoming and current Supreme Court cases with almost daily blog posts.

Staying current in legal news (or how to be a legal news ninja)

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

ninjaAt the Law Society Library, we like to jokingly refer to our staff as Legal Resource Ninjas, because we tend to be able to find information quickly and from some pretty obscure sources. A key component of this is trying to keep up with current legal news, which can be quite difficult at times. This process involves spending a lot of time perusing law blogs (or blawgs), news sites and reading current case law. For my Monday Pick-Me-Pp posts, I often find myself going through all three of these types of news sources and amalgamating them for our readers. Here is a short write-up highlighting a few sources you may find useful.

Some of the websites I check daily:

Slaw: Canada’s online legal magazine

Slaw is the first resource I check when looking for current legal news. They post a wide variety of legal articles about three to six times a day with the help of “22-25 weekly bloggers and 60-70 regular columnists”. Some of the re-occurring posts are: Monday’s mix (highlighting five blawg posts), Tips Tuesday, and Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII. These three in particular are super useful, and often get re-posted in our Monday Pick-Me-Ups.

Wise Law Blog

This is one of the most useful websites I have come across in my time here at the library. Garry J. Wise has taken on the task of making a daily post gathering any and all legal link headlines. When searching for any current legal development or recent articles, this blog will give you a head start.

Here are a few more websites that I check once or twice a week:

CanLII Connects

CanLII is a website everyone in the legal profession is aware of (or should be) but you may not be as familiar with their new website CanLII Connects. This resource makes it easier for everyone to access “high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions”. I haven’t yet familiarized myself with their entire website, but have often found useful and interesting links since their inception (April 4, 2014). &

I have recently added CBC and Global to my list of “must check” websites. The legal articles might not always be front page news, so I have to dig for them, but the articles are really great for keeping up on local legal news.

I also have a category of more specific blogs that post articles within their practice areas:

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

Canadian privacy lawyer, David T.S. Fraser, runs this blog that posts articles about “developments in privacy law and writings of a Canadian privacy lawyer”. Although this blog isn’t updated every day, David posts about once or twice a week with substantial articles.

Family LLB

Even if not specific to Saskatchewan family law, this blog has become very important for being up-to-date on current family law issues. Russell Alexander, an Ontario family law lawyer, posts two to three times a week with videos or commentary on recent family law cases.

I have a much longer list of other blogs I check for our Monday Pick-Me-Ups, but I thought a short list of essential websites would be more useful for our members. Hopefully you can all become news ninjas and share in our joy of gaining knowledge about our profession.

If you know any great resources I haven’t mentioned here, be sure to leave a comment below!