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Nathan Phillips – Reinstatement and Practice Conditions

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Following a review hearing in relation to the of the interim suspension of Nathan Phillips, the Review Committee made the following orders pursuant to section 45(4) and 45(5) of the Legal Profession Act:

  1. The interim suspension of the Member shall not continue only as result of the availability of appropriate practice conditions; and
  2. The Member shall be forthwith subject to the following practice conditions available here.

Nathan Phillips has resumed practice, effective June 11, 2019, pursuant to these practice conditions.

Law Society Penalty Decision: Law Society of Saskatchewan v. MacKay

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A penalty decision has been released in relation to the matter of the Law Society of Saskatchewan v. David MacKay. The following allegations against the Member were proven in an earlier phase of the hearing process:

i. did, after agreeing to trust conditions imposed by Lawyer S. in relation to the release of certain settlement funds coming into his possession, fail to comply with those trust conditions by releasing said funds without first ensuring the trust conditions had been met.

The following penalty was imposed by the Committee:

a. DAVID MACKAY is reprimanded;

b. DAVID MACKAY shall pay a fine to the Law Society of Saskatchewan in the amount of $1,000.00;

c. DAVID MACKAY shall pay costs to the Law Society of Saskatchewan in the amount of $11,000.00;

d. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT DAVID MACKAY shall pay the amounts noted above by 4:00 p.m. on April 30, 2019, failing which a suspension shall be imposed until such time as the amounts noted above have been paid in full.

For more information on the Law Society of Saskatchewan discipline proceedings, please visit the Discipline Section on the Law Society of Saskatchewan website.