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Counsel for Children Program

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

In early December, 2014, the Counsel for Children (CFC) program was established by The Public Guardian and Trustee Amendment Act, 2014 (No.2). As noted on the Government of Saskatchewan news page, the “program is intended specifically for situations where children and youth benefit from having their views and best interests represented in child protection proceedings by independent legal counsel”. The objectives of the CFC program are to provide a legal appointment service to:

  1. ensure the child’s or youth’s voice is heard in child protection proceedings;
  2. provide timely appointments for legal representation;
  3. establish best practices, supports, and standards for quality legal representation;
  4. create a body of lawyers with expertise and experience in this area of law.

More information can be found on the Saskatchewan Justice website. The website also includes these helpful documents: