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The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) offers one webinar a month in the area of legal research.  The webinars are generally 1.5 hours and cost $67.80 each webinar.  Please visit the CALL website for more information.  The next webinar is on Thursday, March 20, 2014 titled “Civil Procedure 101 – An Overview for Legal Information Professionals: Legal Research and Knowledge Management Support of a Litigation Practice“.

This webinar, aimed at legal information professionals, will provide an overview of the litigation process. The goal will be to explain the various elements of a lawsuit and show the various ways that legal research and knowledge management impact – and are affected by – litigation.

Questions / topics to be covered will include:

  • What are law students taught in law school about civil procedure?
  • What 5 things every information professional need to know about litigation?
  • What is the difference between an action and an application?
  • When do you sue in Federal court versus suing in a provincial superior court?
  • What are the best sources of research for each stage of a lawsuit?
  • How can information professionals best guarantee their value to the litigators within their organization?
  • What are the alternatives to litigation?
  • How can you best apply knowledge management to a litigation practice?
  • What is the role of project management in litigation?

Attendees will be provided a detailed, annotated research pathfinder for supporting legal research and knowledge management in the litigation context.