What to Do If You’ve Made a Mistake: Damage Control, Professional Obligations, and Seeking Help

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From Saskatchewan Lawyers’ Insurance Association Inc.

The CBA is offering the following webinar on November 8 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm (Eastern):

What to Do if You’ve Made a Mistake: Damage Control, Professional Obligations, and Seeking Help

Every lawyer makes a mistake at some point in their career. How you react and the choices you make following a mistake can have long-term repercussions for your professional reputation and your practice – as well as your personal life and your mental health.

Our speakers will consider mistakes large and small, and explore what lawyers should do, what influences the decisions they make, and what professional and personal supports are available to them when things go wrong.

This webinar will cover topics including:

  • Acknowledging mistakes, seeking help, and gaining perspective
  • Maintaining resiliency during challenging times
  • When to report a claim to your professional liability insurer
  • What to expect throughout the claims process

Presented by:

  • Doron Gold, Homewood Health
  • Dan Pinnington: LawPro
  • Susan Sack, Rosen Sack LLP

For more information, please visit the CBA website.

Updated Child Support Guidelines Tables

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By Kim Newsham
Innovation and Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Justice

The federal government has recently updated the Child Support Guidelines Tables.  The new Tables are available at:   http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/fl-df/child-enfant/cst-orpe.html

The amendments were published in Part II of the Canada Gazette on November 1st, and will come into effect on November 22, 2017.  As Saskatchewan has adopted the federal Child Support Guidelines (see The Family Maintenance Act, 1997 and The Family Maintenance Regulations, 1998) the amendments automatically came into force in Saskatchewan without any change to provincial legislation.

Access to Justice Bulletin, October 2017

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From the Saskatchewan Access to Justice Working Group


The Second Annual Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week was held October 16-21. Thank you to to the week’s contributors and participants. View highlights from the week below.

A2J Week SK makes an impact on each of Canada’s Justice Development Goals – By Sarah McCoubrey, Action Committee Liaison (October 6): http://bit.ly/2imUBlM.

Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week Proclaimed by Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan (October 16): http://bit.ly/2z6LPQY.

The Lawyer’s Daily on Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week (October 16): http://bit.ly/2zZv0qp.

During Access to Justice Week, CLASSIC invites consideration of what “Access to Justice” means – By Chantelle Johnson, Executive Director, CLASSIC (October 17): http://bit.ly/2xM7Tiq.

A Spotlight on Access to Justice Champions – By Alex Santos, Pro Bono Students Canada Program Coordinator, College of Law Student (October 18): http://bit.ly/2z5P2CT.

Access to Justice Week on CTV News Saskatoon (October 19): http://bit.ly/2hxkrUx.

The Promise of Justice and Health Partnerships – By Erin Wolfson, Community Engagement Specialist, Division of Social Accountability, College of Medicine (October 19): http://bit.ly/2xNF1Gs.

Happy First Birthday CREATE – By Hon. Thomas Cromwell, Chair, Action Committee of Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters & CREATE Justice Honourary Fellow (October 20): http://bit.ly/2yYHhyV.

Free Legal Resource Fair During Saskatchewan’s Second Annual Access to Justice Week – By Alan Kilpatrick, Reference Librarian, Law Society Library (October 23): http://bit.ly/2zKCzlt.

College of Law Students’ Small Urban and Rural Committee (SURC) Annual Rural Firm Tour Held During Access to Justice Week – By Student Leaders of SURC (October 24): http://bit.ly/2gGT25o.

Ontario’s Second Annual Access to Justice Week Launches as Saskatchewan’s Ends – By Sabreena Delhon, Manager of External Engagement and TAG at the Law Society of Upper Canada (October 25): http://bit.ly/2yLFFp4.

Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Conference – By Melanie Hodges Neufeld, Director of Legal Resources, Law Society of Saskatchewan: http://bit.ly/2gWVrWl

Have ideas for the next Access to Justice Week? Contact b.lowenberger@usask.ca.




New Journals Issues – September 2017 #2

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 65, Number 2

  • Options To Address the Direct Tax Challenges Raised by the Digital Economy – A Critical Analysis / Dale Pinto
  • A Modern Look at the Roman Imperial “Jewish Tax” / Robert Couzin
  • Policy Forum: Editors’ Introduction – Political Activity by Charities / Brian Carr, Alan Macnaughton, and Kevin Milligan
  • Policy Forum: Using Digital Structures for Political Activities – Charities and Non-Profits in the Same Family of Organizations / Robert B. Hayhoe and Nicole K. D’Aoust
  • Policy Forum: Charities and Political Activities (A Tempest in a Teapot?) / Rose Anne Devlin
  • Policy Forum: Charities and Politics – A Dubious Mix? / Geoffrey Hale
  • Policy Forum: How and Why To Legislate the Charity-Politics Distinction Under the Income Tax Act / Adam Parachin
  • Finances of the Nation: The Taxation of Dividend Income in Canada
  • Current Cases: (FCA) Canadian Forest Navigation Co. Ltd. V. Canada; (FCA) Olympia Trust Company v. Canada
  • International Tax Planning: Dexterous Derivatives: Section 871(m) and the US Dividend Equivalent Regime
  • Personal Tax Planning/Planification fiscal personnelle : Taxation of US Citizens or Residents Working for a Canadian Employer / Imposition des citoyens ou des residents américains qui travaillent pour un employeur Canadian
  • Selected US TAX Developments: Look Before You Leap: Recent FBAR Case Highlights Need to Weigh All Options Before Entering the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program


The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 64, Numbers 3 & 4 (August 2017)

  • Reforming Criminal Justice and National Security
  • Reflections on Criminal Justice Reform in Canada / Martin L. Friedland
  • Reforming Criminal Justice and National Security in an Age of Populism / Kent Roach
  • Tell It Like It Is – An Argument for the Use of Section 15 over Section 7 to Challenge Discriminatory Criminal Legislation / Jonathan Rudin
  • The Right to a Representative Jury: Beyond Kokopenace / Vanessa MacDonnell
  • Applying the Racial Profiling Correspondence Test / David M. Tanovich
  • Renovating Independent Police Review / Kent Roach and Lorne Sossin
  • A Way to Reduce Indigenous Overrepresentation: Prevent False Guilty Plea Wrongful Convictions / Amanda Carling
  • Dealing with Forensic Indentification Evidence: A Familiar Solution / Jonathan L. Freedman
  • Reviewing Wrongful Convictions in Canada / Emma Cunliffe and Gary Edmond
  • Staying Left of Bang: Reforming Canada’a Approach to Anti-Terrorism Investigations / Craig Forcese
  • Class Struggles: The New CSIS Human Source Privilege / John Norris
  • Reinventing the Inspector General / Stanley A. Cohen
  • Making Sense of the Black Box: Algorithms and Accountability / Carmen Cheung
  • Mental Health Experts in Terrorism Cases: Reclaiming the Status of Rehabilitation as a Sentencing Principle / Reem Zaia


Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 40, Number 1 (Spring 2017)

  • The Significance of the Systemic Relative Autonomy of Labour Law / Bruce P. Archibald
  • Betterment / Michael G. Pratt
  • Are All Charter Rights and Freedoms Really Non-Absolute? / Brian Bird
  • Social Membership: Animal Law beyond the Property/Personhood Impasse / Will Kymlicka
  • Of Malls and Campuses: The Regulation of University Campuses and Section 2(b) of the Charter / Sarah E. Hamill
  • v. Comeau and Section 121 of the Constitution Act, 1867: Freeing the Beer and Fortifying the Economic Union / Malcolm Lavoie
  • On Being a Second: Grace Wambolt, Legal Professionalism and ‘Inter-Wave’ Feminism in Nova Scotia / Elizbeth Legge
  • The Intellectually Disabled Witness and the Requirement to Promise to Tell the Truth / Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry
  • Autonomy in the Anthropocene? Libertarianism, Liberalism and the Legal Theory of Environmental Regulation / Jason MacLean
  • The Only Legitimate Rule: A Reply to MacLean’s Critique of Ecolawgic / Bruce Pardy


Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 36, Number 4 (August 2017)

  • Residence of the Trust for Canadian Income Tax Purposes / Sheila Crummey
  • Preserving “Graduated Estate Rate” Status / Paul J. Gibney and Marie-Eve Gosselin
  • Plain Language and the Danger of Legalese / John E.S. Poyser
  • Income and Payment: Key Trust Law and Income Tax Differences / Joan E. Jung


UBC Law Review
Volume 50, Number 3 (August 2017)

  • Federalizing the Common Law: A Case Study of the ITA Gift Concept / Kathryn Chan
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the Recreational Cannabis Market: Craft or Commodity? / Jeremy de Beer & Alyssa Gaffen
  • The Initial Test of Constitutional Validity: Identifying the Legislative Objectives of Canada’s New Prostitution Laws / Debra M. Haak
  • Failed Experiments: An Empirical Assessment of Adaptive Management in Alberta’s Energy Resources Sector / Martin Z.P. Olszynski
  • Striking the Right Balance: Rethinking the Contest Between Freedom of Religion and Equality in Trinity Western University v The Law Society of British Columbia / Robin Elliot & Michal Elliot

New Journals Issues – September 2017 #1

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocate
Volume 75, Number 5 (September 2017)

  • On the Front Cover: The Honourable Justice Janet Winteringham / Andi MacKay
  • Remembering, Forgetting, Reinvention and Freedom: Social Media and Children’s Right to Be Forgotten / Yun Li-Reilly
  • The Caffeine Conspiracy / Israel Chafetz
  • Hong Yen Chang: Bar Admission 125 Years Late / Ludmila B. Herbst
  • Lawyers on the Run: The Role of Running in the lives of B.C. Lawyers and Judges / Connor Bildfell
  • Normative Ethics and the Changing Face of Legal Technology: Of How to Stay Relevant in a Transformed Profession / Shea Coulson
  • The Wine Column / Michael Welsh
  • News from BC Law Institute / Lisa A. Peters
  • News from CLEBC Society / Ellen Zheng
  • A View from the Centre / Elaine T. McCormack
  • LAP Notes / Bena Stock
  • Peter A. Allard School of Law Faculty News / Abby Blinch
  • UVIC Law Faculty News / Patricia Cochran
  • Legal Anecdotes and Miscellanea / Ludmila B. Herbst and Erica C. Miller


Banking & Finance Law Review
Volume 32, Number 3

  • Corporation of Nigeria and the Troubled Asset Relief Program of the United States / Chinenyeze J. Amaechi, Ozioma Mary Amaechi and Folashade Adeyemo
  • Misconduct Costs of Banks – The Meaning Behind the Figures / Ruth Plato-Shinar and Keren Borenstein-Nativ
  • The Qatari Financial Sector: Building Bridges Between Domestic and International / Andrew M. Dahdal, Gordon R. Walker, and Douglas W. Arner
  • The Future of Employees’ Say on Pay: Will Works Councils Continue to Shape Wage and Executive Pay Decisions in Germany? / Albertp R. Salazar V.
  • Banking Fraud: The Power of Well-Drafted Account Opening Documents in the Age of Email . Mark Evans, Chloe Snider and Joseph Pignatelli
  • Yaiguaje v. Chevron Cor. / Dennis Giibs, Michael Fortier, Tyson Dyck, Henry Ren and Hilary Brown
  • David Gibbs, Book Review of The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members by Richard LeBlanc (2017) BFLR 573.
  • Hossein Nabilou, Book Review of Reconceptualising Global Finance and Its Regulation by Ross P. Buckley, Emilios Avgouleas & Douglas W. Arner (2017) BFLR 579.
  • Thomas H. Stanton, Book Review of Regulating (From) the Inside: The Legal Framework for Internal Control in Banks and Financial Institutions by Iris H-Y Chiu (2017) BFLR 603.


Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 59, Number 3

  • The Phenomenon of Crowd Equity Funding: An Opportunity to Promote Financial Literacy / Marina Nehme
  • What do we Really Know About Corporate Governance? A Review of the Empirical Research Since 2000 / Bryce C. Tingle
  • PrePlan Sales Under Section 65.13 BIA and Section 36 CCAA / Jason Dolman and Gabriel Faure
  • No Representation without Valuation: Bidder and Target Directors’ duties under Canada’s New Take-over Bid Regime: Re Hecla Mining Company / Diana Nicholls
  • Substantive Consolidation after Nortel: The Treatment of Corporate Groups in Canadian Insolvency Law / Michael A. Barrett