Benchers’ Digest Spring Issue Available Now

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The Spring issue of the Benchers’ Digest is now available! The theme of this issue is Mental Health: Struggles and Successes and includes informative articles by Craig Zawada, Q.C., Ronni Nordal and Brad D. Hunter, Q.C. Also in this issue:

  • Justice for Inmates – Pierre Hawkins, PBLS
  • Career Integration of Internationally Trained Lawyers – Lola Ayotunde
  • Legal Information Services with Primo – Ken Fox & Alan Kilpatrick
  • Plus much more!

Benchers’ Digest Winter Issue Available Now

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By Kelly Laycock

The Winter Issue of the Benchers’ Digest is now available! With the holiday spirit running strong in our veins, Giving Back seemed an appropriate theme for the last issue of 2017. Don’t miss our feature article about Merrilee Rasmussen’s many contributions to the legal community and, specifically, her recent gift of an invaluable new legal resource to the Law Society Library. Also in this issue:

  • Out of Office: Leaves of Absence at the LSS
  • Highlights of the Meeting of the Benchers
  • President’s Dinner a posh affair
  • ExLibris: Highway to the Ultimate Library System
  • Pro Bono Volunteer Profile: Kara-Dawn Jordan
  • Latest Rule Amendments Approved
  • Innovating Regulation
  • Plus much more!

Publications Update

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By Kelly Laycock, Publications Coordinator

Who can believe it is October already? Falling leaves and dropping temperatures assure us that Autumn has arrived. You know what else has arrived? The 2017-2018 Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated annual paperback. Did I mention that we’ve just updated the Saskatchewan Limitations Manual online resource too? What about our ongoing publications like our twice monthly Case Mail, which summarizes all the recent cases available in our Saskatchewan Cases database? Or perhaps you want to sink your teeth into our quarterly magazine, the Benchers’ Digest, highlighting current events and hot topics in the legal profession, as well as keeping our members up-to-date on what our Benchers are up to. Don’t forget the Law Society’s blog Legal Sourcery, and social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and have you been to our website lately? Phew! What can I say, the LSS Library staff are keeping busy trying to please our voracious and diverse group of readers in as many formats and on as many platforms as possible!

Wascana Park, 2017 Photo by Kelly Laycock

2017-2018 QBRA

I realize that more than 250 of you already know our latest annual paperback edition of the QBRA is available (because our Library staff has shipped that many and counting!), but for those of you who somehow missed the announcements and are still in need of the most current legislation, case law and annotations for the Court of Queen’s Bench, what are you waiting for? Order now! Ebook now available.

Saskatchewan Limitations Manual

Annually updated and annotated by the talented Christine Johnston, BEd, LLB, this resource brings together recent 2017 case law and new limitations periods for all Saskatchewan statutes. For those of you who have not used this handy and free online resource, check it out!

Case Mail

The Courts of Saskatchewan send all their written reasons to us, and our team of legal digesters distill those often lengthy judgments into a few paragraphs so that practitioners don’t have to spend hours reading to get to the important information. Published and posted on the Law Society’s website on the 1st and the 15th of each month, Case Mail provides you with a short-cut to all the latest Saskatchewan cases.

Benchers’ Digest

Our quarterly magazine deftly delves into the hot topics and current events in the legal profession in the province, all while providing members with the important news of their governing body. Haven’t read it lately? Well, now’s your chance with the recent release of the Fall 2017 issue, and while you’re at it, check out recent back issues on our website too. Winter 2017 issue is in production and coming soon!

Women and the Law

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By Kelly Laycock, Publications Coordinator

The Fall issue of the Benchers’ Digest is sizzling hot in the late summer heat, and it is available online now! Don’t miss this special issue dedicated to Women and the Law. We asked women established in the profession and those just starting out about their experiences and why they wanted to pursue the law, and we received lots of great responses! Here are a few highlights about how we are moving in the right direction!

  • Presidents’ Musings by Erin Kleisinger, QC, and Brenda Hildebrandt, QC
  • The Female Perspective: CPLED students share their thoughts
  • Moving Equality in the Right Direction: Landmark Legislation and Case Law in Canadian History (timeline)
  • Women and the Law: Resources
  • Quietly Dispelling the Myth of Spinsters and Shushers: Women and the Law Society Library

And that is just the beginning! Don’t miss this issue hot off the press.

The Ebooks Are Here!

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By Kelly Laycock

For a few years now, we’ve been receiving requests for an electronic copy of our popular Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated. We heard you, and at long last, that wish is now fulfilled! The Law Society Library has partnered with Emond Publishing to be able to offer our members a high-quality pdf ebook that can be downloaded to your laptop, your tablet, or your phone! Visit to purchase the QBRA ebook now! For more details on how to download it to the device of your choice, visit

For those of you who want to try the ebook but also want the reliable print paperback for your office, we have a bundle that will save you some cash. Or, you can still order the paperback on its own. It’s really up to you!

To see all your options, take a look at our order form, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 1-877-989-4999. We are happy to help you decide what package will work best for you and your entire office. The paperback QBRA will be available later this month.

FEATURES of the 2017-2018 Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated:

  • Updated content to Saskatchewan Gazette Volume 113, No. 19
  • Case law current to March 2017
  • Full index, tariff of costs, historical concordance from 1961, tables of cases, statutes and authorities
  • All annotations and updates by Christine Johnston, BEd, LLB
  • Up-to-date QB forms are available in Word and PDF at