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New Journal Issues- July 2019

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By Sara Stanley

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 50, Issue 1 (June 2018)

  • Ethical Issues for Judges Attending and Presenting at Conferences / Stephan G.A. Pitel
  • Reviewing the Reviewer: The Role of Appellate Courts in Judicial Review / Ashley Bowron
  • Social Host Liability Revisited- The Continuing Negative Influence of Childs / Hillel David and Annette Uetrecht-Bain
  • Fiduciary Compensation and Passing of Accounts / Albert H. Oosterhoff
  • Social Media Discovery and Civil Litigation in Canada / Alexander J. Swabuk
  • Civil Appeal Routes in Ontario / Joshua J.A. Henderson
  • Structures Settlements and the Role of the Structure Specialist / Nadine Paralovos

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 62, Number 1 (June 2019)

  • “Measure Once, Cut Twice”: Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. v. Ontario (Attorney General) and the Interpretation of Indemnities / Douglas Sarro and Paul J. Davis
  • The Limits of Ledcor: Persisting Problems with the Interpretation of Standard Form Contracts / Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien and Calvin Hancock
  • As Canadian as Apple Pie: A Critique of the OSC’s Adoption of Whistleblowing Bounties under Policy 15-601 / L. Daniel Wilson
  • Current Approaches to Contractual Interpretation: Ambiguity and Palpable and Overriding Error / Arnie Herschorn

UBC Law Review
Volume 52, Number 2 (June 2019)

  • Unmixing the Mixed Questions: A Framework for Distinguishing Between Questions of Fact and Questions of Law in Contractual Interpretation / Daniele Bertolini
  • Aboriginal title and Controlling Liberalization: Use it Like the Crown / Sari Graben and Christian Morey
  • Regulatory Capture and the Role of Academics in Public Policymaking: Lessons from Canada’s Environmental Regulatory Review Process / Jason MacLean
  • Terrorism Sentencing Decisions in Canada since 2001: Shifting away from the Fundamental Principle and Towards Cognitive Biases / Michael Nesbitt, Robert Oxoby, and Meagan Potier
  • Child Placement and the Legal Claims of Foster Caregivers / Wanda Wiegers
  • Exclusively Yours: Reconsidering Interjurisdictional Immunity / Kerry Wilkins

Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues
Volume 40 (May 2019)

  • The Milkmaid’s Tale: Veganism, Feminism, and Dystopian Food Futures / Angela Lee
  • Re(de)fining Prostitution and Sex Work: Conceptual Clarity for Legal Thinking / Debra Haak
  • Freedom of Association and Indigenous Governance / Kate Scallion
  • Mind the (Liability) Gap: The Relevance of the Duty of Care to Hold Transnational Corporations Accountable /Adeline Michoud
  • Wait and See: Regulating Ontario’s Litigation Lending and Commercial Litigation Funding Markets / Josh Tayar

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 67, Number 2 (2019)

  • An Empirical Analysis of the Displacement Effect of TFSAs on RRSPs / Leslie Berger, Jonathan Farrar, and Lu Zhang
  • Structural and Long-Term Fiscal Consequences for the Federal Government- Some Observations and Advice / Francis Fong and Fred O’Riordan
  • Finances of the Nation: Taxation of Top Incomes in Canada- Recent Developments in Rates and Redistribution / Michael Smart
  • Current Cases: (TCC) Loblaw Financial Holdings Inc. v. The Queen; (TCC) Monsell v. The Queen / Steve Suarez and Ehsan Wahidie
  • International Tax Planning: The Stop-Loss Rules and Corporate Reorganizations- Interpretive Challenges / Ian Bradley and Jonathan Bright
  • Personal Tax Planning/ Planification fiscale personnelle : GILTI- Introduction to GILTI and Its Application to US Shareholders of Canadian Corporations / GILTI- Introductions au GILTI et à son application aux actionnaires Américains de sociétés canadiennes / Michael Pereira, Pinaki Gandhi, and Hena Park
  • Selected US Tax Developments: Avoiding the “Commercial Activity” Traps for Foreign Sovereigns Investing in US Real Estate / Michael J. Miller
  • Current Tax Reading / Robin Boadway and Kim Brooks

Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Volume 44, Number 2 (June 2019)

  • Two Steps Forward and Ten Steps Backwards: A Retreat from Shareholder Value Primacy, Stakeholder Theory, Creditors and Directors Duties in the Commonwealth Caribbean / Taneisha P. Brown
  • Constitutionality of ‘Bride Price’ in Nigeria: Echoes from the Supreme Court of Uganda / Samuel Ihuoma Nwatu and Edwin Ifeanyi Nwogugu
  • Private Prosecution in Singapore: Understanding Locus Standi and Measures in Place to Minimise Abuse / Jamil Ddamulira Mujuzi
  • Enforceability of Foreign Copyright in Nigeria: A Review of the Court of Appeal’s Decision in Microsoft v. Franike / Cynthia Onyinyechi Igodo
  • Privacy in Commonwealth Caribbean Law: Emerging Trends in the Protection of Sexual Citizenship / Westmin R.A. James
  • Need for Standardizing Performance Evaluation Criteria for Judicial Magistrates in India / Dr. Geeta Oberoi
  • Bermuda Triangle: The Supply of Services (Implied Terms) Act 2003 and the Competing Theories of Exemption Clauses / Juliette McIntyre
  • Book Review: Privy Council Practice / Gregory Tardi

The Advocate
Volume 77, Part 4 (July 2019)

  • On the Front Cover: William S. Bernardino, Q.C. / David Harris, Janet Winteringham, Mark Andrews, and Andi MacKay
  • Jurisdictional Issues raised by British Columbia’s New Motor Vehicle Regime and the Balance Between Cost, Efficiency and Access to Justice / Michael Thomas and Drummond Lambert
  • Is Password Compulsion Constitutional in Canada? Two Views / Robert Diab and Marshall Putnam
  • Mental Illness: Let’s See It as a Strength, Not a Liability / Anna S. P. Wong
  • Similar Facts / Oliver Butterfield
  • Komagata Maru: “A Grand Scene on a Blue Stage”- Part II / Ludmila B. Herbst

New Journal Issues – June 2019

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By Sara Stanley, Library Technician

Dalhousie Law Journal

Volume 41, Number 2 (Fall 2018)

A “Reasonable” of Sexual Privacy in the Digital Age / Moira Aikenhead

Canada’s Residential Schools and the Right to Integrity / Amy Anderson, Dallas K. Miller, and Dwight Newman

Genderfucking Non-Disclosure: Sexual Fraud, Transgender Bodies, and Messy Identities / Florence Ashley

From Law to Legal Studies and Beyond: 50 Years of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University / Vincent Kazmierski and Darren Pacione

The Constitutionality of Classification: Indigenous Overrepresentation and Security Policy in Canadian Federal Penitentiaries / D’Arcy Leitch

The Impact of the Honour of the Crown on the Ethical Obligations of Government Lawyers: A Duty of Honourable Dealing / Andrew Flavelle Martin and Candice Telfer

Duets, Not Solos: The McLachlin Court’s Co-Authorship Legacy / Peter McCormick

Reassessing the Constitutional Foundation of Delegated Legislation in Canada / Lorne Neudorf

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers (Book Review) /Andrew Flavelle Martin

Case Comment: Heller v. Uber Technologies Inc. / Peter Quon

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

Volume 38, Number 3 (May 2018)

Henson Trusts: A Sham in Sheep’s Clothing? A Comment on S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Corp. / Joel Nitikman

Seguin v. Pearson: Due Clarity on Undue Influence / Lionel J. Tupman and Amanda Bettencourt

Beyond Great Expectations: Spes Successionis in 21st Century Canadian Law / Calvin Hancock

Planning Considerations for Digital Assets / Ian M. Hull, Suzana Popovic-Montag, and Nick Esterbauer

The Effective of Exculpatory Clauses / Carla Figliomeni

The Effect of Marriage Breakdown on Pension Rights in Ontario / Melanie Yach and Andrea McEwan

Health Law in Canada

Volume 39, Number 4 (June 2019)

Editorial / Maria Eugenia Brunello and Trudo Lemmons

Assisted Human Reproduction Act Regulatory Proposals and Amendment and the Health and Wellbeing of Children / Juliet Guichon, Barry Stevens, and Ian Mitchell

An Opportunity: Building a Gamete Donor Registry with the Proposed AHRA Regulations / Angela Cameron and Vanessa Gruben

We Need to Know Who We Come From / Barry Stevens

An Anonymous Sperm Donor Critically Reflects on His Experiences as a Donor Within an Industry / “Cameron Sullivan”, as told to Alison Motluk

Missing Concerns and Considerations in the Law and Policy Discourse on Paid Surrogacy and Oocyte Donation / Ubaka Ogbogu

Surrogacy Law in Canada: Towards a System of Incomplete Commodification / Elizabeth Kurz

Reflections on the Commercialization of Surrogacy / Alana Cattapan

Canada’s AHRA and the Exploitation of Gendered Altruism / Vida Panitch

Mind the Gaps: Regulating Assisted Reproduction in Canada / Erin Nelson

Can Parliament Get Assisted Reproduction Policy Right? / Dave Snow

Case Comment: S.H. v. D.H.: Legal Evolution of Embryos as Property and Consideration for Disposition Consents / Lisa Feldstein

To Market, To Market, To Buy IVF / Colleen M. Flood and Bryan Thomas

Plutonormativity: Illuminating Inequities in Assisted Reproduction and Genetics / Josephine Johnston

Caution Against Amending the Assisted Human Reproduction Act to permit Gene Editing in Humans / Chris Kaposy

National Insolvency Review

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 2019)

Guarantee Company of North America v. Royal Bank of Canada: The Ontario Court of Appeal Finds that Construction Lien Act Trusts Survive Bankruptcy /  Matthew Lerner and Scott Rollwagen

Protecting the Collective Insolvency Process: Alberta’s Court of Appeal Upholds the Super-Priority for Receiver’s Fees and Borrowings in Edmonton (City) v. Alvarez & Marsal Canada Inc, 2019 ABCA 109 / Robyn Gurofsky, Jack R. Maslen, and Myles Fish

National Creditor Debtor Review

Volume 34, Number 2 (June 2019)

Parliament Proposes Important Amendments to the BIA and CCAA on Good Faith Requirements, Corporate Disclosure, and Transparency Requirements in Insolvency Contexts / Ari Y. Sorek

When Bankruptcy and Construction Law Meet: Lifting a Stay in the Context of a Breach of Trust Action / Max Gennis and Philip H. Gennis

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 31, Number 5 (June 2019)

(Not) So Long, Astoria: Only 10 Days to Appeal Orders in Receivership Proceedings / Trevor Courtis

BIA and CCAA Amendments: 2019 Federal Budget Proposes to Legislate on Good Faith Requirements, Directors’ Duties and Corporate Disclosure Obligations / Ari Sorek


New Journal Issues – May 2019

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By Sara Stanley, library technician

The Criminal Law Quarterly

Volume 66, Number 4 (April 2019)

Editorial: The SNC Lavalin Controversy:  The Shawcross Principle and Prosecutorial Independence

Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada

Antic: First Principles and Beyond / Mangesh Duggal

“Reasonable Steps”: Amending Section 273.2 to Reflect the Jurisprudence / Lucinda Vandervort

Judges’ Knowledge and Beliefs Concerning the Science Behind Eyewitness Fallibility / Louise Bond-Fraser, Kyle Ferris, and Ian Fraser

Freedom To, Or Freedom From? Arbitrary Protection in the Age of Consent / David Gill

Weighing Evidence in Criminal Trials—Computer Assisted Decision Making / Gerald T.G. Seniuk

The Pre-Enquete- A “Case to Meet” / Cornelia Mazgarean and Nick Kaschuk

CIAJ Roundtable on Delays in Criminal Trials: Professionalism and a “Culture of Complacency” / Christine Mainville

Culture Change: Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Post R. v. Jordan / Faisal Mirza

Banking and Finance Law Review

Volume 34, Number 2 (April 2, 2019)

The Liability of Public Company Auditors in Canada after Livent / Peter Howard and Aaron Kreaden

The Transformation Effect of AI on the Banking Industry / Mirka Snyder Caron

The Great FinTech Disruption: InsurTech / Angelica Wilamowicz

Blockchain Technology: What Is It Good For? / Dr. Saifedean Ammous

SCC Paves the Way for National Securities Regulator, but What Will It Look Like? / Alan Monk, Jake Schroeder, and Katie Gordon

Recent Developments in Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law / Jennifer Sokal

Payment by Digital Token / Bradley Crawford

Concordia Decision Expands Potential Scope of CBCA Plans of Arrangement / Kevin J. Zych, Sean Zweig, and Preet K. Bell

Scurrying About: Recent Examples of Courts Granting Relief with Respect to Bankruptcy Proceedings Commenced in Other Provinces / Trevor Courtis

  1. v. Dhanani: Vancouver Court Hands Down Three-year Sentence for Securities Regulatory Offences / Brigeeta C. Richdale, Jessica L. Lewis, and Rebecca Sim.

The Trouble with Deemed Trusts: Callidus Capital v. Canada / Gunnar Benediktsson

The Future of Cross-Border Insolvency: Overcoming Biases and Closing Gaps (Book Review) / Rebecca Parry

Systemic Risk, Institutional Design, and the Regulation of Financial Markets (Book Review) / Christian Chamorro-Courtland

From Wall Street to Bay Street: The Origins and Evolution of American and Canadian Finance (Book Review) / C. Ian Kyer

Finance and Philosophy: Why We’re Always Surprised (Book Review) / Thomas H. Stanton

The Advocates’ Quarterly

Volume 49, Number 4 (April 2019)

Supreme Court of Canada 2018 Year in Review / Eugene Meehan, Marie-France Major, Thomas Slade, and Cory Giordano

Toward a Canadian Originalism / Asher Honickman

Disputes over Human Remains / Kimberly Whaley

Should the Protection of the Justified Expectations of the Parties Become an Exception to or a Major Consideration when Applying the Principle of Proximity in Litigation Involving Conflict of Laws Issues? / J-G. Castel

Tagg Industries v. Rieder: Is Storing Pornography on a Work-Issued Laptop Cause for Dismissal? / Paul Willetts

Manitoba Law Journal

Volume 41, Number 2 (2018)

Special Issue: Indigenous Jurist and Policy-makers from Manitoba: A Collections of Oral Histories / Bryan Schwartz et al.

Canadian Tax Journal

Volume 67, Number 1 (April 2019)

Non-Residents and Capital Gains Tax in Australia / Richard Krever and Kerrie Sadiq

Editor’s Introduction- Reform of Corporate Taxation / Kevin Milligan

International Effects of the 2017 US tax Reform- A View from the Front Line / Peter Harris, Michael Keen, and Li Liu

Is Accelerated Tax Depreciation Good or Misguided Tax Policy? / Philip Bazel and Jack Mintz

Business Tax Reform in the United States and Canada / Ken McKenzie and Michael Smart

Finances of the Nation: Survey of Provincial and Territorial Budgets, 2018-19 / Vivien Morgan

Current Cases: (FCA) Canada v. 594710 British Columbia Ltd.; (TCC) Cameco Corporation v. The Queen / Ryan L. Morris, Adam Gotfried, and Yongchong Mao

Transfer Pricing and Transactions Between Foreign Entities / Byron Beswick

Income-Splitting Update /L’évolution du fractionnement du revenu / Sean Grant-Young and Katie Rogers

Current Tax Reading / Alan Macnaughton and Jinyan Li

Saskatchewan Law Review

Volume 82, Number 1 (2019)

Protecting the “Castle”: The Saskatchewan Home Exemption / Ronald C.C. Cuming

Living Exemptions in The Land of the Living Skies: Indexing Exempt Values Under The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act / Thomas Laval Fransoo

Collateral Immigration Consequences in Sentencing: a Six-Year Review / Sasha Baglay

Proportionate Justice: An Examination of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Principles of Sentencing in Saskatchewan / Zoe Johansen-Hill

An Investigation into Complaints Under Saskatoon’s Election Financing Bylaw- A Case Study / John C. Courtney and Neil Robertson

The Advocate

Volume 77, Part 3 (May 2019)

On the Front Cover: Donald Silversides, Q.C. / Sam MacLean

At the Intersection: A Conversation with Three Lawyers About Legal Practice, Purpose and Their Pursuit of Passion / Tina Parbhakar, Wei William Tao, and Linda Guang Yang

Komagata Maru: “A Grand Scene on a Blue Stage”- Part I / Ludmila B. Herbst

The Importance of Welcoming in Indigenous Culture / kwes’kwestin (Jim Kew)

Contracting Out of the Bhadauria Exclusive Jurisdiction Doctrine: Lewis v. WestJet Airline Ltd. / Kenneth Wm. Thornicroft

Queen’s Law Journal

Volume 44, Number 2 (Spring 2019)

Introduction / Lisa M. Kelly

Why De Minimis Should Not Be a Defence / Steve Coughlan

Sentencing for Sexual Offences Against Children and Youth: Mandatory Minimums. Proportionality and Unintended Consequences / Janine Benedet

Myth, Inference and Evidence in Sexual Assault Trials / Lisa Dufraimont

Entrapment Minimalism: Shedding the “No Reasonable Suspicion or Bona Fide Inquiry” Test / Steven Penney

Two Views of the Cathedral: Civilian Approaches, Reasonable Expectations, and the Puzzle of Good Faith’s Past and Future / Nicholas Reynolds

Commonwealth Law Bulletin

Volume 44, Number 1 (March 2018)

Eviction Process in Nigeria: The Need for Meaningful Engagement / Aisosa Isokpan and Ebenezer Durojaye

Error and Exaggeration in the Presentation of the Significance of a DNA Match in Criminal Trials in Malaysia / Mohd Munzil Muhamad

‘Indirect Amendment’: How the Federal Department of Justice Unilaterally Alters the Text of the Constitution of Canada / James William John Bowden

CARICOM, the CSME, and Absolute Sovereignty: Lessons Learnt on the Road Towards Regional Integration / Alicia Elias-Roberts and Rocky R. Hanoman

Prisons’ Condition and Treatment of Prisoners in Nigeria: Towards Genuine Reformation of Prisoners’ Rights? / Ibrahim Danjuma, Rohaida Nordin, and Mohd Munzil Muhamad

Postal Rule in Acceptance Via Email / Rosmawani Che Hashim

Dintwe v the Directorate of Public Service Management and Others: When the Court Suppresses Freedom of Expression / Letshwiti Batlhalefi Tutwane

New Journal Issues- April 2019

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By Sara Stanley, Library Technician

Canadian Criminal Law Review
Volume 24, Number 1 (March 2019)

Revisiting the Conditional Sentence of Imprisonment After 20 years: Is Community Custody Now an Endangered Species? / Andrew A. Reid and Julian V. Roberts
Fighting the Culture of Complacency: A Comparative Analysis of Pretrial Delay Remedies in Canada and the United States / Myles Anevich
La saisie de données informatiques en droit criminel canadien / Laura Ellyson
Criminal Code Reform: Where Do We Stand? / Steve Coughlan
Breaking Bail / Jillian Williamson

National Insolvency Review
Volume 36, Number 2 (April 2019)

SCC Says Orphan Wells Cannot Be Ignored / Kyle Kashuba, Kevin A. Fougere, and Evan Dockinson
Redwater Redefines When a Regulatory Order is a Provable Claim / Jeremy Opolsky and Jon Silver

Commercial Insolvency Reporter
Volume 31, Number 4 (April 2019)

Receiver Gets Rapped: A Case Comment on Jaycap LTD v Snowdon Block INC, 2019 ABCA 47 / Jessica Cameron, Josef G.A. Krüger, Robyn Gurofsky, and Miles F. Pittman
Canada: Case Law Update: Key Employee Retention Plans in Canadian Restructuring Proceedings / Michael Nowina and Gillian Maharaj
The Bluberi CCAA Proceedings: Litigating Funding in Insolvency / Patrice Benoit and Geneviève Cloutier

New Journal Issues- March 2019

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By Sara Stanley, Library Technician

National Insolvency Review
Volume 36, Number 1 (February 2019)

Concordia: Novel Features in a CBCA Restructuring / Kevin J. Zych, Sean Zweig, and Preet K. Bell
New Judgement Clarifies When Bankruptcy Debt May Be Declared Non-Releasable / Oussim Tadlaoui

Canadian Journal of Family Law
Volume 31, Number 2 (2018)

Married Couple, Single Recipient: Understanding the Exclusion of Gifts and Inheritance from Default Matrimonial Regimes / Laura Cárdenas

Moral Evils v Health and Safety Evils: The Case of an Ovum “Obtained” from a “Donor” and Used by the “Donor” in Her Own Surrogate Pregnancy / Pamela M. White

Prestation Compensatoire Et Union De Fait En Droit Québécois : Étude Critique Du Discours Judicaire / Laurence Saint-Pierre

(Some) Mother Know Best: A Case Comment on MM v TB and the Plight of Indigenous Mothers in Child Welfare and Adoption Proceedings / Catherine Wang

Book Review: The Family in Law, Archana Parashar and Francesca Dominello / Mary Jane Mossman

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 49, Issue 3 (February 2019)

The Editor Thinks / Ted Matlow

Reinventing Health Law: The Elusive Search for the Centre / Yola S. Ventresca

Humdrum Becomes a Headache: Lawyers Notarizing Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument Documents / Donald J. Netolitzky

A Purposive Approach to Privilege in the Context of Internal Investigations / Gerald Chan and Carlo Di Carlo

Beyond the Shadows of the Past: Eve and Medical Sterilization Reconsidered / Yola S. Ventresca

In the Bramble Bush: Implied Consent to Possession of a Motor Vehicle / Joshua J. A. Henderson and David Bierstone

Trust as a Factor in Designing Effective Mediation Processes / Shannon Moldaver

1704604 Ontario Ltd. v. Pointes Protection Association: Anti-SLAPP Motions – the Ontario Court of Appeal Points the Way / Taylor Hudson

Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 38, Number 2 (February 2019)

The Regulation of Ontario Retirement Homes: A Primer for Elder Law Advocates in Ontario / John Risk and Heather Hogan

The Increasing Exposure of Retirement Savings to Derivative Instruments / Scott McEvoy

Rights of Surviving Spouses on Death in Canada / Marni M.K. Whitaker

Conjugal Succession Rights in British Columbia and the Yukon / Amy Francis

Comparing Common Law and Marriage Succession Rights in Alberta / Nancy L. Golding

Spousal Succession Rights upon Death in Saskatchewan / Kimberley D. Visram

Entitlements of a Surviving Spouse in Manitoba / Gwen Muirhead

Rights of Married and Common Law Spouses in Ontario on Death / E. Llana Nakonechny and Zahra Taseer

McGill Law Journal
Volume 63, Number 2 (December 2017)

Law Enforcement Access to Encrypted Data: Legislative Responses and the Charter / Steven Penney and Dylan Gibbs

Origines et évolution du droit québécois de l’absence : de l’existence incertaine aux présomptions de vie et de mort / Étienne Cloutier

Le concept d’autonomie dans l’arrêt Carter c. Canada : Au-delà du libre-choix / Karine Millaire

Cabinet Immunity in Canada: The Legal Black Hole / Yan Campagnolo

Expanding the Parameters of Participatory Public Law: Right to Public Participation and the State’s Duty of Public Consultation / Mary Liston

Toward the Unity of Constitutional Value- Or, How to Capture a Pluralistic Hedgehog / Mark D. Walters

The Advocate
Volume 77, Part 2 (March 2019)

On the Front Cover: Caroline Nevin / Kerry L. Simmons

The Welcome Demise of the Fresh Consideration Rule in British Columbia / Thomas A. Posyniak

The Law of Causation: A Cause of Some Confusion / Kimberley A. Knapp

Second Annual Westminster County Bar Association’ Golf Tournament / Richard Molstad

Presentation Made to the Legal Aid Committee of the CBABC November 2018 Legal Aid Colloquium / Richard Peck

Health Law in Canada
Volume 39, Number 3 (March 2019)

Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena

Fairness or Flaw? Ontario PHIPA Orders and Issue Estoppel in Privacy Breach Cases / Scott Robinson

A Brief History of Regulating Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada / Maria Aurora Nunez

National Creditor Debtor Review
Volume 34, Number 1 (March 2019)

Supreme Court of Canada Decision in Redwater: Early Implications / Melanie Gaston, Janice Buckingham, and Emily Paplawski

Receiver Gets Rapped: A Case Comment on Jaycap Financial Ltd. v Snowdon Block Inc. [2019] A.J. No. 134, 2019 ABCA 47 / Josef Krüger, Robyn Gurofsky, and Miles Pittman

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 3 (March 2019)

Bank on It: Bank Act Restrictions on Use of the Terms “Bank” and “Banking”, A Case Study on Institutional vs. Functional Financial Services Regulation / Christopher C. Nicholls

Security Interests and Builders’ Liens: Two Solitudes or Complementary Systems? / Ronald C.C. Cuming

Protecting Low-Income Consumers: The Regulation of Rent-to-Own Stores / Gail E. Henderson and Lauren L. Malatesta

The Constitutional Validity and Applicability of the Seizure Provisions of the Securities Transfer Act / Elizabeth Edinger

New Journal Issues- January 2019

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By Sara Stanley

National Insolvency Review
Volume 35, Number 6 (December 2018)

Appellate Court Casts Doubt on Finality of Vesting Orders / Brendan Bissell and Jennifer Stam

Receiver of Insolvent Power Generation Company in British Columbia Wins Battle with BC Hydro- Allowing Dispute to be Heard by the Court Instead of by Arbitration / Michael Nowina and Christina Doria

Commercial Insolvency Reporter
Volume 31, Number 2 (December 2018)

Concordia International Corp.’s Canada Business Corporations Act Proceedings Explained / Linc Rogers and Aryo Shalviri

The Queen v. Callidus Capital Corporation Overturned: Lenders Breathe a Sigh of Relief, but for How Long? / Michael J. Hanlon, Jeffrey Levine, Eric Valliéres and Emile Catimel-Marchand

Banking and Finance Law Review
Volume 34, Number 1 (December 2018)

A Regulatory Diagnostic Toolkit for Digital Financial Services in Emerging Markets / Louise Malady, Ross P. Buckley, Anton Didenko and Cheng-Yun Tsang

The Sandbox of the UK Financial Conduct Authority as Win-Win Regulatory Device? / Renato Mangano

Open Banking: Canadian and International Developments / Ana Badour and Domenic Presta

Back to Normal? Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns ClearFlow Decision on Interest Disclosure under Section 4 of the Interest Act / Michael Disney, Carol D. Pennycook and Derek R.G. Vesey

Book Review: Bankruptcy and the U.S. Supreme Court / Virginia Torrie

Money, Payment Systems and the European Union: The Regulatory Challenges of Governance / George A. Papaconstantinou

International and Comparative Secured Transactions Law: Essays in Honour if Roderick A. Macdonald / Tamara M. Buckwold

Insider Trading and Market Manipulation: Investigating and Prosecuting Across Borders / Gail e. Henderson

McGill Law Journal
Volume 63, Number 1 (December, 2018)

Separate but Unequal: Immigration Detention in Canada and the Great Writ of Liberty / Siena Anstis, Joshua Blum and Jared Will

Seeking Justice by Plea: The Prosecutor’s Ethical Obligations During Plea Bargaining / Palma Paciocco

Drawing the Line between Lay and Expert Opinion Evidence: Jason M. Chin, Jan Tomiska and Chen Li

The Regulation of Hateful and Hurtful Speech: Liberalism’s Uncomfortable Predicament / Jocelyn Maclure

<< Why Couldn’t You Just Keep Your Knees Together?>> L’obligation déontologique des juges face aux victims de violences sexuelles / Michaël Lessard

Manitoba Law Journal
Volume 41, Number 1 (2018)

Guth Lecture 2018: Statutory Interpretation- Then and Now / Richard H. Hemholz

Evaluating Manitoba’s Automobile Injury Mediation Pilot Project / Jennifer L. Schulz

Law Students’ Responses to Innovation: A Study of Perspectives in Respect of Digital Knowledge Transmission, Flipped Classrooms, Video Capsules and Other Means of Classroom Dissemination / Richard Jochelson and David Ireland

A Horse Gallops Down a Street… Policing and the Resilience of the Common Law / John Burchill

The Constitutionality of the Federal Carbon Pricing Benchmark & Backstop Proposals / Bryan P. Schwartz

Public Inquiries’ Terms of Reference: Lessons from the Past- And for the Future / Gerard J. Kennedy

It’s Here, but it was Never “Brought into the Jurisdiction”?: The Policy Implications of Re: Hughes on Issues of Conflict-of-Laws Under the PPSA / Darcy L. MacPherson

Farm Debt Compromises During the Great Depression: An Empirical Study of Applications Made Under the Farmers’ Creditors Act in Morden and Brandon, Manitoba / Virginia Torrie

Saved by the Bell: The 2015 Legislative Assembly Rules Changes / Ben Wickstrom

Bill 203: The Legal Profession Amendment Act (Queen’s Counsel Appointments) /Yassir Alnaji

The Enactment of Bill 5, The Francophone Community Enhancement and Support Act: A Proud Moment for Manitoba / Constancia Smart-Carvalho

Canadian Family Law Quarterly
Volume 38, Number 1 (December 2018)

Why Does Quebec Family Law Seem So Different in the Eyes of Canadian Common Law Lawyers? But How Different Is It Actually? / Dominique Goubau

The Use of Spousal Support Review Orders in Canada / Jane M. Reid and Scott L. Booth

Severable Offers: Resolving Issues in Family Litigation Like Beads on a String / Mary-Jo Maur

Challenging the Use of Police Enforcement Clauses in Ontario / Kate Mitchell

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 66, Number 3 (December 2018)

Editorial: Pardons, Expungements and Unjust Convictions

Reform of the Defence of Duress (and Necessity) / Steve Coughlan et al

Residential School Syndrome and the Sentencing of Aboriginal Offenders in Canada / David Milward

A “Bad Rap”: R. v. Skeete and the Admissibility of Rap Lyric Evidence / Ngozi Okidegbe

Ignorance of the Law IS an Excuse Revisiting the Concept of “Legal Impossibility” and U.S.A. v. Dynar / Nick Kaschuk

Does R. v. Wong Apply to Applications to Withdrawal a Guilty Plea Before a Trial Judge / Judge Wayne Gorman

Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 41, Number 1 (Spring 2018)

Physicians’ Attitudes, Concerns, and Procedural Understanding of Medical Aid-in-Dying in Vermont / Teresa Ditomasso, Ari P. Kirshenbaum and Brendan Parent

Foreseeably Unclear: The Meaning of the “Reasonably Foreseeable” Criterion for Access to Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada / Jocelyn Downie and Kate Scallion

Legalizing Assisted Dying: Cross Purposes and Unintended Consequences / Emily Jackson

Trying and Dying: Are Some Wishes at the End of Life Better than Others? / Oliver J. Kim

A Comparative Analysis of Voluntariness Safeguards and Review Procedure under Oregon and the Netherlands’ Physician Assisted Dying Laws / Michaela Estelle Okininski

Euthanasia by Organ Donation / Michael Shapiro

Questioning POLST: Practical and Religious Issues / Lloyd Steffen

Legal History and Rights for Nonhuman Animals: An Interview with Steven M. Wise / Angela Fernandez

The Stakes in Steak: Examining Barriers to and Opportunities for Alternatives to Animal Products in Canada / Angela Lee

The Animal Protection Commission: Advancing Social Membership for Animals through a Novel Administration Agency / John MacCormick

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 66, Number 1 (2018)

Electing into a Value-Added Tax: Evidence from Ontario Microentrepreneurs / Emily A. Satterthwaite

Proportionality and the Train of Inquiry in Tax Court Discovery: A Search for the End of the Line / David Jacyk and Pooja Mihailovich

Equalization and Canada’s Fiscal Constitution- The Ties That Binds? / Richard M. Bird

Finances of the Nation: “Final and Unalterable” – But Up for Negotiation: Federal-Provincial Transfers in Canada / Trevor Tombe

Current Cases: (FCA) Canada v. MacDonald; (FCA) Canada v. Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.; (ONCA) Canada Life Insurance Company of Canada v. Canada (Attorney General); (BCSC) 5551928 Manitoba Ltd. (Re) / Jeremie Beitel, Carrie Aiken, Rami Pandher, and Britta Graverson

International Tax Planning: Tax Treaty Abuse and the Principal Purpose Test- Part 2 / David G. Duff

Personal Tax Planning / / Planification fiscal personelle: Credit Where Its Due: Tax Credits for Elder-Care Expenses and Other Tax Considerations / Le crédit à ceux qui le méritent : Les credit d’impôt pour frais de soins aux aînés et autres considerations fiscales / Lucie Chanpagne and Gael Melville

Selected US Tax Developments: The Impact of US Tax Reform on Canada-US Mergers and Acquisitions / Peter A. Glickich and Gregg M. Benson

Current Tax Reading / Robin Broadway and Kim Brooks

The Advocate
Volume 77, Part 1 (January 2019)

On the Front Cover: Nancy Merrill, Q.C. / Mary E. Mowat

It’s Never Too Early to Start Giving Back / Elisabeth A. Sadowski

Family Law Arbitration: Five Years Later / Georgialee Lang

Welcome to the Machine? Considering the Ethics of Legal Technology / Kevin Smith

New Journals Issues – August 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 30, Number 6 (August 2018)

  • Amendments to Construct Lien Act Provisions- Will They Accomplish Their Goals? / Asim Iqbal and Puya Fesharaki

Saskatchewan Law Review

Volume 81, Number 2 (2018)

  • Mortgage Obligation Deficiency Recovery / Ronald C.C. Cuming
  • ABCD Remoteness Problems: Nemo Dat & Its Exceptions Under Subsection 26 (1.2) of Saskatchewan’s The Sale of Goods Act / Clayton Bangsund
  • The State of Crown Prerogatives Within Saskatchewan / Alex Laird
  • The Challenge of Regulating Prions: How the Regulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants Can Provide a Framework for Preventing the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease / Patricia L. Farnese
  • Gender Markers on Government-Issued Identification in Saskatchewan: Rights, Reform, and Jurisdiction in a Shifting Legal Landscape / Katherine Starks

UBC Law Review

Volume 51, Number 2

  • Breaking the Purposive Barrier: Embracing Non-Repetition as a Guiding Principle for Subsection 24(2) of the Charter / Veenu Goswami
  • Private Property and Aboriginal Title: What is the Role of Equity in Mediating Conflicting Claims? / Robert Hamilton
  • Does a Will Stand a Chance Under the Current Interpretation and Application of Defendants’ Relief Legislation in British Columbia / Dorota Miler
  • Lawyers and Court Representation of Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) Litigants in Canada / Donald J. Netolitzky
  • The Anthropocene in the Time of Trump, Financial Markets, Climate Change Risk, and Vulnerability / Janis Sarra
  • Ipeelee and the Duty to Resist / Marie-Andrée Denis-Boileau and Marie-Ève Sylvestre


National Insolvency Review

Volume 35, Number 4 (August 2018)

  • Joint Operations and Insolvent Operators: Change of Operatorship During a Receivership / Randal Van de Mosselaer and Emily Paplawski
  • Ontario Court of Appeal : Insurers Lose Subrogation Rights When Insureds Assign Into Bankruptcy / Tahsin Najam

Health Law in Canada

Volume 39, Number 1 (August 2018)

  • Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena
  • Towards Implementation of National Pharmacare / Pamela Seto and Simmie Palter
  • Section 12 Notification: Making Room for Discretion / Gillian N. Kafka
  • Is it Possible to Have a World Where Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues Exist Seamlessly to Deliver Top Notch Health Care? / Rosario Cartagena
  • Lessons from the Case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba / Maya Pearlston and Natasha Danson