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New Journals Issues – February 2017

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 46, Number 3 (January 2017)

  • Getting In, Getting Heard, Getting Practical: Intervening in Appellate Courts Across Canada / Eugene Meehan, Marie-France Major and Thomas Slade
  • The Scope of Protection Provided by Apology Legislation in Canada with Emphasis on the Patient-Health Care Provider Relationship / Diana Ginn and Rachel Boyle
  • The Shifting Landscape for Expert Witnesses: Substantive Changes or Lateral Movements? / Christine Porretta
  • The Discrete Functions of Courts of Probate and Construction / Albert H. Oosterhoff
  • Settlement Conferences in the Ontario Small Claims Court / Mark Gannage and Michael Bay


Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 59, Number 1 (January 2017)

  • Validating the Predictive Accuracy of the Static Factors Assessment (SFA) Risk Scale for Federally Sentenced Offenders in Canada / L. Maaike Helmus and Trina Forrester
  • Social Networks as Predictors of the Harm Suffered by Victims of a Large-Scale Ponzi Scheme / Rebecca Nash, Martin Bouchard, and Aili Malm
  • The Pains of Incarceration: Aging, Rights, and Policy in Federal Penitentiaries / Adeline Iftene
  • Crime and Public Transportation: A Case Study of Ottawa’s O-Train System / Jordana K. Gallison and Martin A. Andersen
  • Replication and Reproduction in Canadian Policing Research: A Note / Laura Huey and Craig Bennell


Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Volume 42, Number 3 (September 2016)

  • Is There a Need to Regulate Mediation? The English and Welsh Case Study / Leonardo V.P. de Oliveira and Carolyn Beckwith
  • Law of Assisted Reproductive Surrogacy in Malaysia: a Critical Overview / Nehaluddin Ahmad, Gary Lillenthal and Mohammed Hussain
  • Women to Woman Marriage and Cognates in Nigerian Law: An Easy Coalition Between Customary Law and Human Rights / Chukwuemeka G. Nnona
  • Aboriginal Oral Testimony, Hearsay Rule and the Reception Theory of Admissibility / Zia Akhtar
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2011: an Unwieldy Piece of Legislation for the Nigerian Courts? / Iyabode Ogunniran
  • Malawi and the Transition and Adherence to Multi-Party Democracy / Michael Kirby
  • Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict: Treaty Ratification and Implementation / Anna Segall
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Natural Disasters: Emerging Norms / H.E. Nazhat Shameem Khan


New Journals in the Library – January 2017 #2

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 36, Number 1 (December 2016)

  • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA): An Introduction to the Potential Impact on Canadian Trusts and Estates / Dean Smith
  • A Summary of Section 116 Requirements for the Canadian Executor / Holly Castle
  • Not Doing Badly: How the Registered Disability Savings Plan Can Help / Peter Lillico
  • Habeas Corpus and the Substitute Decisions Act / Karon C. Bales
  • Doesn’t Travel Well: Cross-Border Estate Planning in Canada and the U.S. / Marilyn Piccini Roy
  • Inheritance Rights of the Kindred of the Half-Blood / Jackie Bartlett
  • Florida Rules for Personal Representative Appointments / Cynthia Bock


McGill Law Journal
Volume 62, Number 1 (September 2016)

  • Fiduciary Duties, Conflict of Interest, and Proper Exercise of Judgment / Remus Valsan
  • The Sexual Assault of Older Women: Criminal Justice Responses in Canada / Isabel Grant and Janine Benedet
  • Le qualification juridique des swaps comme site d’une lutte globale pour le droit / Pascale Cornut St-Pierre
  • Une théorie de l’agence des regimes complémentaires de retraite / Patrick Mignault
  • La contribution des blogues juridiques à la connaissance, à la critique et aux transformations du droit / Edith Guilhermont
  • Interjurisdictional Information Sharing and National Security: A Constitutional and Legislative Analysis / Jacques Shore, Brian Crane and John Wilson
  • Cultural Genocide: Legal Label or Mourning Metaphor? / Payam Akhavan
  • Ivan Tchotourian, Book Review of Une autre voie pour la gouvernance d’entreprise? By Lorraine Talbot (2016) 62:1 MLJ 273


Queen’s Law Journal
Volume 42, Number 1 (Fall 2016)

  • The Legal Services Gap: Access to Justice as a Regulatory Issue / Thomas A. Cromwell & Siena Anstis
  • The Canadian Law of Judicial Review: A Plea for Doctrinal Coherence and Consistency / David Stratas
  • Tax Elections as Screens / Emily Ann Satterthwaite
  • Has the Supreme Court of Canada Rejected “Originalism”? / Benjamin Oliphan & Léonid Sirota

New Journals in the Library – January 2017 #1

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocate
Volume 75, Part 1

  • Reconciliation – A Lawyering Imperative / Karey Brooks
  • Three Good Reasons Why UNDRIP Can’t Be Law – And One Good Reason Why It Can / Gib van Ert
  • Reforming Arbitration Appeals: The New ULCC Uniform Arbitration Act / William G. Horton
  • The First Bite is No Longer Free: new Legislation Proposes Changes to a Dog Owner’s Liability / Amanda James
  • Let the Sky Fall: Lawyers in the History of British Columbia Mountaineering – Part I – The Mountains / David Crerar, Anders Ourom, and Harry Crerar


Canadian Family Law Quarterly
Volume 36, Number 1 (December 2016)

  • Children Resisting Contact: What’s a Lawyer to Do? / Nicholas Bala and Patricia Hebert
  • Spousal Pension Benefits: When Death does not Them do Part / Rita M. Richardson
  • Valuation of Professional Practices / Steve Ranot
  • Proxy-mate: Revitalizing the Spousal Support Regime for Non-conjugal Adult Personal Relationships and the Case of Caregiving / Katherine-Spensieri


Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 64, Number 4 (2016)

  • The Next Phase of Life Insurance Policyholder Taxation Is Nigh / Kevin Wark and Michael O’Connor
  • The Tax Compliance Costs of Large Corporations: An Empirical Inquiry and Comparative Analysis / Chris Evans, Philip Lignier, and Binh Tran-Nam
  • Finances of the Nation: Inside the Black Box: Marginal Effective Tax Rates on Capital in Canada – A Primer
  • Current Cases: (FCA) Kruger Incorporated v. Canada; (TCC) Gerbro Holdings Company v. The Queen
  • International Tax Planning: Is the Back-to-Back Withholding Tax Regime an Effective Anti-Treaty-Shopping Measure?
  • Personal Tax Planning / Planification fiscal personnelle: Investing in Residential Real Estate / Investir dans le secteur immobilier résidentiel
  • Corporate Tax Planning: Legal Ownership Versus Economic Substance: OECD Perspectives and Practical
  • Selected US Tax Development: Onerous US Reporting Requirements for US Members of Non-US Family-Controlled Entities: It’s All in the Family


Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 39, Number 2 (Fall 2016)

  • Imagining Global Health with Justice / Lawrence O. Gostin
  • A Goal-Oriented Understanding of the Right to Health Care and its implications for Future Health Rights Litigation / Michael Da Silva
  • Modernizing the Canada Health Act / Colleen M. Flood and Bryan Thomas
  • And Miles to Go Before I Sleep: The Future of End-of-Life Law and Policy in Canada / Jocelyn Downie
  • Informing the Future of End-of-Life Care in Canada: Lessons from the Quebec Legislative Experience / Michelle Giroux
  • Cross-Cultural Dynamics in palliative Care: The Emerging Canadian Scenario / Chidi Oguamanam
  • A Consumer Protection Perspective on Regulation for Healthier Eating / Barbara von Tigerstrom
  • Aboriginal Consultation in Canadian Water Negotiations: The Mackenzie Bilateral Water Management Agreements / Andrea Beck
  • DNA, Donor Offspring and Derivative Citizenship: Redefining Parentage Under the Citizenship Act / Stefanie Carsley
  • Out of the Black Hole: Toward a Fresh Approach to Tort Causation / Allan C. Hutchinson
  • The Doctrine of Lost Modern Grant and Prescriptive Easements in Newfoundland / Greg French

New Journals Issues – December 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 46, Number 2 (November 2016)

  • Advising the Orthodox Jewish Litigant / Charles B. Wagner, Gregory M. Sidlofsky and Rachael Kwan
  • Some Notable Family Law Cases from 2015-2016 / Julien D. Payne
  • The Limitation of Applications to Pass Accounts / Matthew Furrow and Daniel Zacks
  • The Applicable Rules of Evidence in Federal Court: A Short Primer on a Tricky Question / Michael Shortt

Banking & Finance Law Review
Volume 32, Number 1 (November 2016)

  • On the Margin of Success: The Legal and Regulatory Protections for Customer Margin in the Canadian Derivatives Markets / Christian Chamorro-Courtland
  • Bitcoins: Regulatory Patterns / Andrea Borroni
  • Should Stability Reign? The Consumer Downside of Foregone Competition in Retail Banking Markets / Deborah Healey & Rob Nicholls
  • Big Data Analytics, Big Financial Institutions, and Big Money Fraud Litigation / David Debenham
  • Fraudulent Abuse of Remote Deposit Capture / Bradley Crawford
  • All Obligations Clauses and All Asset Clauses: Something Less than Everything / Roberick J. Wood
  • Crowdfunding in International and National Regulatory Frameworks / Klaus Peter Follak
  • Implications of the Redwater Decision – Where Does the Buck Stop? / Janice Buckingham, Melanie Gaston & Emily Paplawski
  • Sprott Bid Structure Ruled Golden: Targets Lose War over Proxy Battle – Central Gold Trust v. Sprott Asset Management / Diana Nicholls
  • Hossein Nabilou, Book Review of Derivatives in Islamis Finance: Examining the Market Risk Management Framework by Sherif Ayoub (2016) BFLR 203
  • Roy Kreitner, Book Review of Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism (2016) BFLR 209


Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 58, Number 3 (December 2016)

  • Using Machine Learning to Predict Outcomes in Tax Law / Benjamin Alarie, Anthony Niblett and Albert H. Yoon
  • Appraisal Rights Arbitrage: What Can Canada Learn from The Big Brother / Hugo Margoc
  • The Death of Contract, Redux: Boilerplate and the End of Interpretation / Jason MacLean
  • Paths to Reconciliation in a Post-Tsilhqot’in World / Harry Swain
  • Regulatory Coherence and the Mega-Regional Trade Agreements: Lessons from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement / Dan Ciuriak and Natassia Ciuriak
  • The Status of Intellectual Property Licences in Insolvency Proceedings: A Note on Golden Opportunities Fun Inc. v. Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. / Anthony Duggan


McGill Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 4 (June 2016)

  • Introduction: Moving from the Why to the How of Indigenous Law / Fraser Harland
  • An Inside Job: Engaging with Indigenous Legal Traditions through Stories / Val Napoleon and Hadley Friendland
  • WSÁNEĆ Legal Theory and the Fuel Spill at SELEKTEL (Goldstream River) / Robert YELḰÁTTE Clifford
  • Heroes, Tricksters, Monsters, and Caretakers: Indigenous Law and Legal Education / John Borrows
  • The Lifeworlds of Law: On Revitalizing Indigenous Legal Orders Today / Aaron Mills
  • Comprendre la normativité innue en matière d’«adoption» et de garde coutumière / Sébastien Grammond et Christiane Guay
  • Des compétences législatives personnelles en matière d’activités de chasse, de pêche et de piégeage dans les ententes de revendications territoriales : les limites de la cogestion / Geneviève Motard
  • Toward a Bijural Interpretation of the Principles of Respect in Aboriginal Law / Kristen manley-Casimir
  • The Tricksters Speak: Klooscap and Wesakechak, Indigenous Law, and the New Brunswick Land Use Negotiation / Lara Ulrich and David Gill


UBC Law Review
Volume 49, Number 3 (November 2016)

  • Demonstration and the Law: Patterns of Law’s Negative Effects on the Ground and the Practical Implications / Basil S. Alexander
  • From Development as Disaster to Disaster as Development: Lessons from the Marseille Plague of 1720 / Saptarishi Bandopadhyay
  • Why Restrain Alienation of Indigenous Lands? / Malcols Lavoie
  • The Tsilhqot’in Decision: Lock, Stock and Barrel, Plus Self-Government / M. Nickason
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Balancing: Towards a Theoretical Framework for the Doctrinal Complexity in Proportionality Analysis in Constitutional Adjudication / Iryna Ponomarenko


University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 67, Number 4 (Fall 2016)

  • Aw in the Future / Benjamin Alarie, Anthony Niblett, & Albert Hyoon
  • Self-Driving Laws / Anthony Casey & Anthony Niblett
  • The Path of the Law: Towards Legal Singularity / Benjamin Alarie
  • The Post-Modern Lawyer: technology and the Democratization of Legal Representation / Albert Hyoon
  • Acquisitive Prescription and Fundamental Rights / Neil Duxbury
  • Rethinking Original Ownership / Yael R. Lifshitz
  • Quantifying Dunsmuir. An Empirical Analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Jurisprudence on Standard of Review / Robert Danay

New Journals Issues – November 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocate
Volume 74, Part 6 (November 2016)

  • Observations of an “Officious Bystander” on Lord Hoffman’s Restatement of the Law of Implied Terms / Martin R. Taylor
  • No Hiding Behind the Corporate Veil: Directors’ and Officers’ Liability in Tort for Inducing Breach of Contract / Ellen Vandergrift
  • The 2016 New Westminster/Fraser Valley Bar Golf Classic / Richard D. Molstad
  • The Dog-File / Catherine Crockett


Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 64, Number 3 (2016)

  • When Do the Stop-Loss Rules Apply? Transactions Involving Foreign Affiliates After the 2012 Technical Bill / Jim Samuel
  • Finances of the Nationa: The Tax Recognition of Children in Canada: Exemptions, Credits, and Cash Transfers
  • Current Cases: (SCC) Canada (Attorney General) v. Chambre des notaires du Québec; (SCC) Canada (National Revenue) v. Thomson; (FAC) TDL Group Co. v. Canada
  • Personal Tax Planning / Planification fiscal personnelle: non-Resident Trusts: Selected Interpretive and Planning Issues – Part 2 / Fiducies non-résidentes : Planification et interpretation – Deuxième partie


McGill Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 3 (March 2016)

  • Resisting Criminal Organizations: Reconceptualizing the “Political” in International Refugee Law / Amar Khoday
  • Can Better Law Be Married with Corrective Justice or Evil Laws? / Sagi Peari
  • Non-Linear Innovation / Michal Shr-Ofry
  • Les expulsions pour arriérés de loyer au Québec : un contentieux de masse / Martin Gallié, Julie Brunet et Richard-Alexandre Laniel
  • La philosophie politique et the Code civil du Québec : l’exemple de la notion de patrimoine / Laurence Ricard


University of New Brunswick Law Journal
Volume 67, 2016

  • Unextinguished: Rights and The Indian Act / John Borrows
  • Maritime Cooperation: A Unique Runway and an Urgent Need to Take Off / Wade MacLaughlin
  • After Tsilhqot’In Nation: The Aboriginal Title Question in Canada’s Maritime Provinces / Robert Hamilton
  • Back to the Future: Reconciliation and Indigenous Sovereignty after Tsilhqot’In / Felix Hoehn
  • Stepping into Canada’s Shoes: Tsilhqot’In, Grassy Narrows and the Division of Powers / Bruce McIvor and Kate Gunn
  • Indigenous Peoples: Caught in a Perpetual Human Rights Prison / Larry Chartrand
  • Living Legal Traditions: Mi’Kmaw Justice in Nova Scotia / L. Jane McMillan
  • Indian Act By-Laws: A Viable Means for First Nations to (Re)Assert Control over Local Matters Now and Not Later / Naiomi Metallic
  • From Consultation to Consent: Squaring the Circle? / Michael Coyle
  • Navigating Through Narratives of Despair: Making Space for the Cree Reasonable Person in the Canadian Justice System / Hadley Friedland
  • Indigenous Restorative Justice: Approaches, Meaning & Possibility / Jeffrey G. Hewitt
  • Framing Aboriginal Title as the (Mis)Recognition of Indigenous Law / Matthew V. W. Moulton
  • Wandering Without a Torch: Federalism as a Guiding Light / Mark Mancini


New Journals Issues – October 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 46, Number 1 (September 2016)

  • AABS and SABS: The Evolving World of Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits in 2016 / Philippa G. Samworth
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Canadian Law and the Legal Profession / Matthew E. Castel and J.-G. Castel
  • Discrimination by Fiduciary Protection: Continuing Federal Paternalism in Aboriginal Succession and Inheritance Law / Lionel J. Tupman, Arieh Bloom and Kate Stephens
  • Write Less, Win More / Danielle Murynka
  • Bhasin v. Hrynew: Towards Clarity and Coherence with Respect to Good Faith in Contract Performance? / Nadia Effendi, Heather Pessione and Oliver V. Nguyen
  • Staying and Dismissing Frivolous, Vexatious and Abusive Proceedings: Ontario Rule 2.1 / Brent Kettles


Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 58, Number 2 (September 2016) 

  • Engaging Canadian in Commercial Law Reform: Insights and Lessons from the 2014 Industry Canada Consultation on Insolvency Legislation / Anna Lund
  • Visible Minorities in Directors’ Programs and on Corporate Boards: Evidence from Canada / Anita Anand and Vijay Jog
  • The Trouble with REIT Governance / Paul A.D. Mingay


Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 58, Number 4 (October 2016)

  • Explaining the Frequency and Variety of Crimes through the Interaction of Individual and Contextual Risk Factors / Geneviève Parent, Catharine Laurier, Jean-Pierre Guay, and Chantal Fredette
  • Self-Control, Social Consequences, and Steel Youths’ Attitudes Towards Police / Stephen W. Baron
  • Public Support for Conducted Energy Weapons: Evidence from the 2014 Alberta Survey / Temitope B. Oriola, Heather Rollwagen, Nicole Neverson, and Charles T. Adeyanju
  • L’impact des experiences d’impunité sur les riques de récidive pénale / Yanick Charette
  • Comment on Estimating the True Rate of Repeat Victimization from Police-Recorded Crime Data / Simon Demers
  • Human Rights and Federal Corrections: A Commentary on a Decade of Tough on Crime Policies in Canada / Ivan Zinger


The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 63, Number 4 (October 2016)

  • Introduction to Special Issue on Wrongful Convictions / Kent Roach
  • Crown Culture and Wrongful Convictions / Jerome Kennedy
  • Wrongful Conviction: Drilling Down to Understand Distorted Decision-Making by Prosecutors / Bruce A. MacFarlane
  • The Vulnerability of Aboriginal Suspects when Questioned by Police: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing the Reliability of Statement Evidence / Kerry G. Watkins
  • Forensic Psychology and the Reid Technique of Interrogation: How an Innocent can be Psychologically Coerced into Confession / Nadia Klein
  • R v. Awer and the Dangers of Science in Sheep’s Clothing / Jason M. Chin and Scott Dallen
  • Plea Bargains and Wrongful Convictions / Jerome Kennedy
  • Unlikable and Before the Jury: Does Non-Probative Character Evidence Increase the Risk of Wrongful Conviction? / Ryan Elias



New Journals Issues – September 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocate
Volume 74, Number 5 (September 2016)

  • The Honourable Anne Rowles / Nacy Morrison
  • Sale of Strata Land / Ronald Wilson
  • South Africa at a Constitutional Crossroads / Michael Wilson
  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace – Don’t Weed Out Your Employees Just Yet! / Shafik Bhalloo and Alisha Parmar
  • Announcing the 2017 Advocate Short Fiction Competition


Alberta Law Review
Volume 53, Number 4 (July 2016)

  • Reflections on the Career of Professor Lewis Klar / Ellen Picard
  • Toward Tort Liability for Bad Samaritans / Allen Linden
  • Apportionment of Damages for Contributory Negligence: The Causal Potency Criterion / James Goudkamp and Lewis Klar
  • Multi-party Disputes: Equities Between Concurrent Tortfeasors / Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
  • Contribution Between Negligent Tortfeasors and Unjust Enrichment: An Outline of a Solution to the “No Benefit to B” Issue / David Cheifetz
  • Do We Really Need the Anns Test for Duty of Care in Negligence? / Joost Blom
  • Misusing the “No Duty” Doctrine in Tort Decisions: Following the Restatement (Third) of Torts Would Yield Better Decisions / Stephen D Sugarman
  • Prenatal Harm and the Duty of Care / Erin L Nelson
  • Unique Public Duties of Care: judicial Activism in the Supreme Court of Canada / Bruce Feldthusen
  • To Serve and Protect Whom? Proximity in Cases of Police Failure to Protect / Erika Chamberlain
  • Theorizing the Institutional Tortfeasor / Margaret Isabel Hall
  • The Rise and Fall of Plaintiff-Friendly Causation / Vaughan Black
  • Tate & Lyle: Pure Economic Loss and the Modern Tort of Public Nuisance / J W Neyers and Andrew Botterell


Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 39, Number 1 (Spring 2016)

  • Death to Semelhago! / Bruce Ziff
  • Of Lodestars and Lawyers: Incorporating the Duty of Loyalty into the Model Code of Conduct / Colin Jackson, Richard Devlin & Brent Cotter
  • Nom de Plume: Who Writes the Supreme Court’s “By the Court” Judgments? / Peter McCormick
  • Limiting the Legal Liability of Religious Institutions for their Clergy: Cavanaugh v. Grenville Christian College / M H Ogilvie
  • Agonizing Identity in Mental Health Law and Policy (Part II): A Political Taxonomy of Psychiatric Subjectification / Sheila Wilderman
  • High Freshets and Low-Lying Farms: Property Law and St. John River Flooding in Colonial New Brunswick / Jason Wildeman
  • Doctoral Studies in law: From the Inside Out / Dia Dabby, Bethany Hastie & Jocelyn Stacey
  • Public Institutions as Defamation Plaintiffs / Hilary Young
  • Legal Barriers to Age Discrimination in Hiring Complaints / Pnina Alon-Shenker
  • Not Ideas of the Thing but the Thing Itself: Imagining a Support Group for Separated and Divorces Fathers as a Site of Legal Education / Thomas McMorrow
  • Sabrina Tremblay-Huet, Book Review of Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law by Vaughan Black, Peter Sankoff and Katie Sykes (2016) 39:1 DLJ 349


Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 35, Number 4 (August 2016)

  • Clayton v. Clayton in the New Zealand Supreme Court: It’s Hard to Keep a Good Court Down / Joel Nitikman
  • Charity Law Update – Testamentary Charitable Giving – The New Regime and Other Legislative Changes / M Elena Hoffstein
  • The Shift to Jointly-Governed Pension Plans: A Discussion of Fiduciary Obligations and Duty of Fair Representation of Unions / Jason R Paquette
  • Undue Influence and the Lawyer’s Dilemma / Laurie Redden


McGill Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 2 (December 2015)

  • The Fractured Right to Vote: Democracy, Discretion, and Designing Electoral Districts / Michael Pal
  • Victim Pays Damages to Tortfeasor: The When and Wherefore / Benjamin Shmueli and Yuval Sinai
  • L’interaction entre le droit civil et le droit du travail et ses effets pratiques sur le travail atypique : le rôle du contrat dans l’accès aux regimes de protection des travailleurs / Graciele Barrière et Guylaine Vallée
  • Les lois spéciales de retour au travail : enjeux institutionnels et constitutionnels / Renée-Claude Drouin et Gilles Trudeau
  • Les principes généraux de la justice civile et le nouveau Code de procédure civile / Frédéric Bachand


UBC Law Review
Volume 49, Number 2 (August 2016)

  • The Professionalization of BC Notaries 1981-2010: From the Brink of Elimination to the Brin of Expansion / Ann Gourley
  • The Regulation of Synthetic Nucleic Acids Under the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act / Gregory Hagen
  • The Challenge to Multiculturalism: hate Speech Ban in Japan / Shigenori Matsui
  • “Mere Evidence”? Why Customs Searches of Digital Devices Violate Section 8 of the Charter / Steven Penney
  • Reconsidering a Lawyer’s Obligation to Raise Adverse Authority / Stephen G A Pitel and Yu Seon Gadsden-Chung
  • Common Property Redux / Michael Robertson
  • Unjust Factors, Absence of Juristic Reason and the Development of Canadian Unjust(ified?) Enrichment Law / Duncan Sheehan
  • Collaborative Law at 25: A Canadian Study of a Global Phenomenon / Martha E Simmons
  • The Agency Cost Case for Regulating Proxy Advisory Firms / Bryce C Tingle
  • Rare Diseases and Resource Allocation Policy: The Role of Canadian Legal and Ethical Norms / Timothy Caulfield and Meaghan Toews
  • Van der Peet Turns 20: Revisiting the Rights Equation and Building a New Test for Aboriginal Rights / Kenji Tokawa
  • On Pardons and Miscarriages of Justice: Extracting and Dissecting Institutional Bias From the Conviction Review Framework in Canada / Reem Zaia


University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 67, Number 3 (Summer 2016)

  • The Future of Law and Development / Mariana Mota Prado
  • Law and Development: Forty Years after ‘Scholars in Self-Estrangement’ / David M Trubek
  • Between Universalism and Relativism: reflections on the Evolution of Law and Development Studies / Michael Trebilcock
  • Enhancing Moral Relationships Through Strict Liability / Seana Valentine Shiffrin
  • Taking Responsibility and Trusting Others: A Response to Shiffrin / Sophia Moreau
  • The Utopian Promise of Private Law / Hanoch Dagan
  • Hamish Stewart, Book Review of Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty (2016) 67:3 UTLJ 418