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New Journal Issues- January 2019

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By Sara Stanley

National Insolvency Review
Volume 35, Number 6 (December 2018)

Appellate Court Casts Doubt on Finality of Vesting Orders / Brendan Bissell and Jennifer Stam

Receiver of Insolvent Power Generation Company in British Columbia Wins Battle with BC Hydro- Allowing Dispute to be Heard by the Court Instead of by Arbitration / Michael Nowina and Christina Doria

Commercial Insolvency Reporter
Volume 31, Number 2 (December 2018)

Concordia International Corp.’s Canada Business Corporations Act Proceedings Explained / Linc Rogers and Aryo Shalviri

The Queen v. Callidus Capital Corporation Overturned: Lenders Breathe a Sigh of Relief, but for How Long? / Michael J. Hanlon, Jeffrey Levine, Eric Valliéres and Emile Catimel-Marchand

Banking and Finance Law Review
Volume 34, Number 1 (December 2018)

A Regulatory Diagnostic Toolkit for Digital Financial Services in Emerging Markets / Louise Malady, Ross P. Buckley, Anton Didenko and Cheng-Yun Tsang

The Sandbox of the UK Financial Conduct Authority as Win-Win Regulatory Device? / Renato Mangano

Open Banking: Canadian and International Developments / Ana Badour and Domenic Presta

Back to Normal? Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns ClearFlow Decision on Interest Disclosure under Section 4 of the Interest Act / Michael Disney, Carol D. Pennycook and Derek R.G. Vesey

Book Review: Bankruptcy and the U.S. Supreme Court / Virginia Torrie

Money, Payment Systems and the European Union: The Regulatory Challenges of Governance / George A. Papaconstantinou

International and Comparative Secured Transactions Law: Essays in Honour if Roderick A. Macdonald / Tamara M. Buckwold

Insider Trading and Market Manipulation: Investigating and Prosecuting Across Borders / Gail e. Henderson

McGill Law Journal
Volume 63, Number 1 (December, 2018)

Separate but Unequal: Immigration Detention in Canada and the Great Writ of Liberty / Siena Anstis, Joshua Blum and Jared Will

Seeking Justice by Plea: The Prosecutor’s Ethical Obligations During Plea Bargaining / Palma Paciocco

Drawing the Line between Lay and Expert Opinion Evidence: Jason M. Chin, Jan Tomiska and Chen Li

The Regulation of Hateful and Hurtful Speech: Liberalism’s Uncomfortable Predicament / Jocelyn Maclure

<< Why Couldn’t You Just Keep Your Knees Together?>> L’obligation déontologique des juges face aux victims de violences sexuelles / Michaël Lessard

Manitoba Law Journal
Volume 41, Number 1 (2018)

Guth Lecture 2018: Statutory Interpretation- Then and Now / Richard H. Hemholz

Evaluating Manitoba’s Automobile Injury Mediation Pilot Project / Jennifer L. Schulz

Law Students’ Responses to Innovation: A Study of Perspectives in Respect of Digital Knowledge Transmission, Flipped Classrooms, Video Capsules and Other Means of Classroom Dissemination / Richard Jochelson and David Ireland

A Horse Gallops Down a Street… Policing and the Resilience of the Common Law / John Burchill

The Constitutionality of the Federal Carbon Pricing Benchmark & Backstop Proposals / Bryan P. Schwartz

Public Inquiries’ Terms of Reference: Lessons from the Past- And for the Future / Gerard J. Kennedy

It’s Here, but it was Never “Brought into the Jurisdiction”?: The Policy Implications of Re: Hughes on Issues of Conflict-of-Laws Under the PPSA / Darcy L. MacPherson

Farm Debt Compromises During the Great Depression: An Empirical Study of Applications Made Under the Farmers’ Creditors Act in Morden and Brandon, Manitoba / Virginia Torrie

Saved by the Bell: The 2015 Legislative Assembly Rules Changes / Ben Wickstrom

Bill 203: The Legal Profession Amendment Act (Queen’s Counsel Appointments) /Yassir Alnaji

The Enactment of Bill 5, The Francophone Community Enhancement and Support Act: A Proud Moment for Manitoba / Constancia Smart-Carvalho

Canadian Family Law Quarterly
Volume 38, Number 1 (December 2018)

Why Does Quebec Family Law Seem So Different in the Eyes of Canadian Common Law Lawyers? But How Different Is It Actually? / Dominique Goubau

The Use of Spousal Support Review Orders in Canada / Jane M. Reid and Scott L. Booth

Severable Offers: Resolving Issues in Family Litigation Like Beads on a String / Mary-Jo Maur

Challenging the Use of Police Enforcement Clauses in Ontario / Kate Mitchell

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 66, Number 3 (December 2018)

Editorial: Pardons, Expungements and Unjust Convictions

Reform of the Defence of Duress (and Necessity) / Steve Coughlan et al

Residential School Syndrome and the Sentencing of Aboriginal Offenders in Canada / David Milward

A “Bad Rap”: R. v. Skeete and the Admissibility of Rap Lyric Evidence / Ngozi Okidegbe

Ignorance of the Law IS an Excuse Revisiting the Concept of “Legal Impossibility” and U.S.A. v. Dynar / Nick Kaschuk

Does R. v. Wong Apply to Applications to Withdrawal a Guilty Plea Before a Trial Judge / Judge Wayne Gorman

Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 41, Number 1 (Spring 2018)

Physicians’ Attitudes, Concerns, and Procedural Understanding of Medical Aid-in-Dying in Vermont / Teresa Ditomasso, Ari P. Kirshenbaum and Brendan Parent

Foreseeably Unclear: The Meaning of the “Reasonably Foreseeable” Criterion for Access to Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada / Jocelyn Downie and Kate Scallion

Legalizing Assisted Dying: Cross Purposes and Unintended Consequences / Emily Jackson

Trying and Dying: Are Some Wishes at the End of Life Better than Others? / Oliver J. Kim

A Comparative Analysis of Voluntariness Safeguards and Review Procedure under Oregon and the Netherlands’ Physician Assisted Dying Laws / Michaela Estelle Okininski

Euthanasia by Organ Donation / Michael Shapiro

Questioning POLST: Practical and Religious Issues / Lloyd Steffen

Legal History and Rights for Nonhuman Animals: An Interview with Steven M. Wise / Angela Fernandez

The Stakes in Steak: Examining Barriers to and Opportunities for Alternatives to Animal Products in Canada / Angela Lee

The Animal Protection Commission: Advancing Social Membership for Animals through a Novel Administration Agency / John MacCormick

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 66, Number 1 (2018)

Electing into a Value-Added Tax: Evidence from Ontario Microentrepreneurs / Emily A. Satterthwaite

Proportionality and the Train of Inquiry in Tax Court Discovery: A Search for the End of the Line / David Jacyk and Pooja Mihailovich

Equalization and Canada’s Fiscal Constitution- The Ties That Binds? / Richard M. Bird

Finances of the Nation: “Final and Unalterable” – But Up for Negotiation: Federal-Provincial Transfers in Canada / Trevor Tombe

Current Cases: (FCA) Canada v. MacDonald; (FCA) Canada v. Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.; (ONCA) Canada Life Insurance Company of Canada v. Canada (Attorney General); (BCSC) 5551928 Manitoba Ltd. (Re) / Jeremie Beitel, Carrie Aiken, Rami Pandher, and Britta Graverson

International Tax Planning: Tax Treaty Abuse and the Principal Purpose Test- Part 2 / David G. Duff

Personal Tax Planning / / Planification fiscal personelle: Credit Where Its Due: Tax Credits for Elder-Care Expenses and Other Tax Considerations / Le crédit à ceux qui le méritent : Les credit d’impôt pour frais de soins aux aînés et autres considerations fiscales / Lucie Chanpagne and Gael Melville

Selected US Tax Developments: The Impact of US Tax Reform on Canada-US Mergers and Acquisitions / Peter A. Glickich and Gregg M. Benson

Current Tax Reading / Robin Broadway and Kim Brooks

The Advocate
Volume 77, Part 1 (January 2019)

On the Front Cover: Nancy Merrill, Q.C. / Mary E. Mowat

It’s Never Too Early to Start Giving Back / Elisabeth A. Sadowski

Family Law Arbitration: Five Years Later / Georgialee Lang

Welcome to the Machine? Considering the Ethics of Legal Technology / Kevin Smith

New Journals Issues – August 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 30, Number 6 (August 2018)

  • Amendments to Construct Lien Act Provisions- Will They Accomplish Their Goals? / Asim Iqbal and Puya Fesharaki

Saskatchewan Law Review

Volume 81, Number 2 (2018)

  • Mortgage Obligation Deficiency Recovery / Ronald C.C. Cuming
  • ABCD Remoteness Problems: Nemo Dat & Its Exceptions Under Subsection 26 (1.2) of Saskatchewan’s The Sale of Goods Act / Clayton Bangsund
  • The State of Crown Prerogatives Within Saskatchewan / Alex Laird
  • The Challenge of Regulating Prions: How the Regulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants Can Provide a Framework for Preventing the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease / Patricia L. Farnese
  • Gender Markers on Government-Issued Identification in Saskatchewan: Rights, Reform, and Jurisdiction in a Shifting Legal Landscape / Katherine Starks

UBC Law Review

Volume 51, Number 2

  • Breaking the Purposive Barrier: Embracing Non-Repetition as a Guiding Principle for Subsection 24(2) of the Charter / Veenu Goswami
  • Private Property and Aboriginal Title: What is the Role of Equity in Mediating Conflicting Claims? / Robert Hamilton
  • Does a Will Stand a Chance Under the Current Interpretation and Application of Defendants’ Relief Legislation in British Columbia / Dorota Miler
  • Lawyers and Court Representation of Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) Litigants in Canada / Donald J. Netolitzky
  • The Anthropocene in the Time of Trump, Financial Markets, Climate Change Risk, and Vulnerability / Janis Sarra
  • Ipeelee and the Duty to Resist / Marie-Andrée Denis-Boileau and Marie-Ève Sylvestre


National Insolvency Review

Volume 35, Number 4 (August 2018)

  • Joint Operations and Insolvent Operators: Change of Operatorship During a Receivership / Randal Van de Mosselaer and Emily Paplawski
  • Ontario Court of Appeal : Insurers Lose Subrogation Rights When Insureds Assign Into Bankruptcy / Tahsin Najam

Health Law in Canada

Volume 39, Number 1 (August 2018)

  • Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena
  • Towards Implementation of National Pharmacare / Pamela Seto and Simmie Palter
  • Section 12 Notification: Making Room for Discretion / Gillian N. Kafka
  • Is it Possible to Have a World Where Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues Exist Seamlessly to Deliver Top Notch Health Care? / Rosario Cartagena
  • Lessons from the Case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba / Maya Pearlston and Natasha Danson

New Journals Issues – June 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

Volume 37, Number 3

  • Ward v. Roberts: A Novel Interpretation of Saunders v. Vautier / Donovan W.M. Waters
  • A Trustee’s Fiduciary Duty to Disclose the Existence of a Trust / Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien
  • Division of Family Property- Report of the Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia / Timothy C. Matthews
  • The Case for Probate: Not Just a Tax / Arieh Abraham Bloom
  • The Administration of Firearms: Advice for the Personal Representative / Michelle Isaak and Debra Thomas

Queen’s Law Journal

Volume 43, Number 2 (Spring 2018)

  • What is Corporate Governance? Can We Measure it? Can Investment Fiduciaries Rely on it? / Bryce C. Tingle
  • Making the Mandela Rules: evidence, Expertise, and Politics in the Development of Soft Law International Prison Standards / Jennifer Peirce
  • How and Why Homeless People Are Regulated Differently / Terry Skolnik
  • When Efficiency Calls: Rethinking the Obligation to Provide Reasons for Administrative Decisions / Kendrick Lo

The Advocates’ Quarterly

Volume 48, Issue 3 (June 2018)

  • Duty of Care for Negligent Misrepresentation- and Beyond? / Lewis Klar
  • Predatory Marriages / Kimberly A. Whaley and Albert H. Oosterhoff
  • Proactive Avoidance of Mediation Dystopia: Setting Mandatory Ethical Standards for Mediators / Shannon Moldaver

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 30, Number 5 (June 2018)

  • Advice and Directions- A Court Officer’s Role in the Face of Competing Interests / Mitch Vininsky

National Creditor Debtor Review

Volume 33, Number 2 (June 2018)

  • Receivership Charges and Municipal Tax Claims: The Priority Debate Continues / Pantelis Kyriakakis
  • BC Court Orders Disclaimer of Presale Agreement in Real Estate Receivership / Matthew Nied
  • Construction Subcontractors to Gail New Protections in Insolvencies / Michael Nowina and Brendan O’Grady
  • Court Approves Litigation Funding for Insolvent Company / Michael Nowina and Brendan O’Grady

National Insolvency Review

Volume 35, Number 3 (June 2018)

  • Monitors as Oppression Complainants: Ontario Courts Weigh in / Shawn Irving and Waleed Malik
  • Too Taxing? CCAA Debtors’ Post-Filing Municipal Tax Obligations Suspended / Jeremy Opolsky and Melody Burke

Banking & Finance Law Review

Volume 33, Number 2 (May 2018)

  • On the Scope and Limits of the Application of National Law by the European Central Bank within the Single Supervisory Mechanism / Florin Coman-Kund and Fabian Amtenbrink
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: How to Regulate Something We Do Not Understand / Oleg Stratiev
  • The Difficult Position: PIPEDA, PC(ML)TFA, and the Challenges of Dual Compliance / Molly Reynolds, Aria Laskin, and Amir Efekharpour
  • Interjurisdictional Immunity, Federal Paramouncy, Co-operative Federalism, and the Disinterested Regulator: Exploring the Elements of Canadian Energy Federalism in the Grant Thornton Case / Fenner L. Stewart
  • Future Crypto-Concerns for Canadian Securities Regulators / Thomas Witteveen
  • Interest Disclosure under Section 4 of the Interest Act: The Ghost is Clanking Its Chains Again / Michael Disney, Carol D. Pennycook and Derek R.G. Vesey
  • Deloitte & Touche v. Livent Inc. (Receiver of): The Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Duty of Care but Reduces Auditor’s Damages in Livent Decision / Andrea Laing and Adam Nickerson
  • Bank Resolution: The European Regime (Book Review) / Ligia Catherine Arias-Barrera
  • Principles of Financial Regulation (Book Review) / Janet Austin
  • Personal Insolvency Law in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis of the US and Europe (Book Review) / Anna Lund



New Journals Issues – May 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Saskatchewan Law Review
Volume 81, Number 1 (2018)

  • Spread the Spousal Love: A Proposal for Increasing the Spouse’s Preferential Share under The Intestate Succession Act, 1996 / Thomas Laval Fransoo
  • No Rebels Allowed: The Subversion Bar in Canada’s Immigration Legislation / Jared Porter
  • An Inconvenient Bargain: The Ethical Implications of Plea Bargaining in Canada / Zina Lu Burke Scott
  • R v. Saeed: Bodily Integrity and the Power to Search Incident to Arrest / Meagan Ward

Health Law in Canada
Volume 38, Number 4 (May 2018)

  • Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena
  • Nurse Practitioners at the Intersection of Professionalism and Unionization: A Review of the Legislation and Jurisprudence in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario / Jacqueline Greenblatt

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 48, Issue 2 (April 2018)

  • Perspectives of Tribunal Counsel on Applications for Judicial Review and Statutory Appeals in the Ontario Divisional Court / Brian A. Blumenthal and Voy Stelmaszynski
  • Claims, Not Causes of Action: The Misapprehension of Basic Limitations Principles / Daniel Zacks
  • Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015: The Condominium Industry in Ontario Gets a Major Overhaul / Armand Conant and Deborah Anne Howden
  • Discrimination and the Shifting Shape of Accommodation in Ontario / Amandi Esonwanne
  • Derivative Actions Under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act / Eric Morgan and Stephanie Henry

The Advocate
Volume 76, Part 3 (May 2018)

  • On the Front Cover: The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, PC / Karen Dickson
  • Douez v. Facebook / Elizabeth Edinger and Lisa A. Peters
  • Temporary Layoff: A Comparative Review of the Law in British Columbia and Alberta / Shafik Bhalloo and Hana Holbrook
  • Law Firm Regulation: What’s it All About? / Steven McKoen

Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 66, Number 1 (2018)

  • How Did the CRA Expect the Adoption if IFRS to Affect Corporate Tax Compliance and Avoidance? / Oliver Nnamdi, dawn Mains, Olayemi M. Olabiyi and Hussein Warsame
  • Finances of the Nation: Survey of Provincial and Territorial Budgets, 2017-18 / Vivien Morgan
  • Current Cases: (FAC) Univar Holdco Canada ULC v. Canada; (TCC) Cassan v. The Queen; (TCC) MacDonald v. The Queen / Ryan L. Morris and Michael D. Templeton
  • International Tax Planning: The New Stub-Period FAPI Rules / Karry Cheang and Korinna Fehrmann
  • Personal Tax Planning: Aligning Tax-Planning Strategies with Philanthropy or L’harmonisation des strategies fiscales et de la philanthropie/ Robyn Campbell and Bruce Sprague
  • Corporate Tax Planning: Musings on Agnico-Eagle and Univar / Brian R. Carr and Nicholas McIsaac

Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

  • Summary Judgment in Construction Cases- Has the Culture Shifted? / Brendan Bowles and Markus Rotterdam
  • Fairness and Transparency in Large Project Public Procurement / John Haythorne and Mollie Deyong
  • Net Profit or Gross Profit?- From Concreters Ready Mix v. St. Lawrence Cement to Electrolux v. A.I.M.: The Court of Appeal of Quebec’s 40-year Track record in Quantifying Lost Profit or Profit net ou profit brut? De Concreters Ready Mix c. St-Lawrence Cement à Electrolux c. A.I.M. : Le parcouers de la Cour d’appel du Québec en matière de quantification de la perte de profit Durant les 40 dernières années / Jasmin Lefebvre and Guy St-Georges
  • Facing Facts- Problems with Factoring Agreements in the Construction Context / John Kulik with Melanie Gillis and Daniel Watt
  • Regulating Project Risk: Project Development in the Regulatory State / Allan Wu with Stuart B. Hankinson
  • Primacy of the Right to Arbitrate Under a CCDC/CCA Contract: Substance Over Form/ Colin D. Piercey and Laura Rhodes

New Journals Issues – April 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Volume 43, Number 2 (June 2017)

  • CARICOM states and TWO Dispute Settlement System: The Case for Greater Engagement / Nicole D. Foster
  • An Old Issue of Protecting GIs ForCculture: A New Insight from the Experience of India and Bangladesh / Mahua Zahur
  • Discharge in Bankruptcy: A Comparative Analysis of Law and Practice Between Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK)- What Can We Learn? / Ruzita Azmi, Adilah Abd Razak and Siti Nur Samawati Ahmad
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Legitimacy: Assessing the Impact of ECOWAS Parliament as a legitimizer of the Current ECOWAS Regime / Chidebe Matthew Nwankwo
  • The Judicialisation of the Right to Adequate Food: A Comparative Study of India and South Africa / Ebenezer Durojaye and Enoch MacDonnell Chilemba
  • Treatment of Procedural Irregularities in Nigerian Courts and the Need for a Principled Approach: Yaki v Bagudu (2015) in Restrospect / Murziq Etti and Abubakri Yekini
  • Book review: Fredrik Erixon and Krishnan Srinivasan (eds), Europe in Emerging Asia, Opportunities and Obstacles in Political and Economic Encounters / Richard Nzerem

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 60, Number 2 (March 2018)

  • The Evolution of Canadian Competition Policy: A Retrospective / Michael Trebilcock and Francesco Ducci
  • NAV Canada: A Review After a Decade of Uncertainty / Marcus Roberts
  • The Duty of Corporate Directors to Tie Executive Compensation to the Long-Term Sustainability of the Firm / Alberto Salazar and Muthana Mohamed
  • The Zombie Theory of Contractual Consideration: Richcraft Homes Ltd. v. Urbandale Corp / Jason MacLean
  • British Columbia Court of Appeal Looks Past Unregistered Trading in Ordering Payment to Investment Finder / Daniel McElroy, Katie Gordon, Catherine Wade and Brian Abraham

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 60, Number 2 (April 2018)

  • Near repeat Space-Time patterns of Canadian Crime / Karla Emeno and Craig Bennell
  • Offender Risk Assessment Practices Vary Across Canada / Guy Bourgon, Rebecca Mugford, R. Karl Hanson, and Marie Coligado
  • Les Interventions Informelles de Désistement Assisté: Une Ètude de la Portée / Isabelle F.-Dufour. Marie-Pierre Villeneuve et Caroline Perron
  • The Dynamic Theory of Homicide: Adverse Social Conditions and Formal Social Control as Factors Explaining the Variations of the Homicide Rate in 145 Countries / Marc Ouimet, Aurélian Langlade, and Claire Chabot
  • The Role of Defendant Race and Racially Charged Media in Canadian Mock Juror Decision Making / Laura McManus, Evelyn Maeder, and Susan Yamamoto

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 65, Numbers 3 &4 (March 2018)

  • Editorial: The Urgent Need to Reform Jury Selection after the Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie Case
  • Using Court Orders to Manage, Supervise and control Mentally disordered Offenders: A Rights-Based Approach / Micah B. Rankin
  • Will the Ghost of Chaulk Past Ever Stop haunting the NCRMD Present? / Christopher Nowlin
  • Sentence Indication Hearings: Time for a Canadian Version / David P. Cole
  • A case of Foreshadowing: Justice Estey, The Criminal Law, and the Good Repute of the Administration of Justice / Thomson Irvine, QC
  • v. White: Privacy in Common Spaces / Chris de Sa
  • Is There a “Meaningful” Right to Counsel for Wrongfully Convicted Indigent Accused or Those Seeking to Appeal a Wrongful Conviction or Sentence in Canada? A Critical analysis of the Ontario Court of appeal Decision in v. C. (P.) (Young Person) / Silvia Dimitrova
  • Early Departure: Factors Associated with the Flight of Women from the Private Practice of Criminal Law / Dr. Natasha S. Madon
  • The Hope Principle? Exploring an Unwritten Principle of Sentencing Law / Derek Spencer
  • Preserving Appeal Rights When Your Client’s Only Defence is a (Failed) Charter Motion / Michael Shortt
  • Optional By-Products or Constitutionally-Protected Purposes? Societal Interests in Representativeness, the s.11 (f) Right to Trial by Jury, and the Kokopenance Decision / Misha Boutilier
  • Threat Reduction and the Power to Disrupt / Stanley A. Cohen

The Advocate
Volume 76, Part 2 (March 2018)

  • On the Front Cover: The Advocate at 75 / D. Michael Bain
  • Making space: Prioritizing Aboriginal Practices in Aboriginal Child Protection Case Conferences / Judge Rosemary Gallagher and Elder Kathy Louis
  • “So Much for China” /Gordon Turriff, Q.C.
  • “Stay’n Alive”: Interjurisdictional Immunity in Relation to Reserve Lands After Tsilhqot’in / Thomas A. Posyniak


New Journals Issues – March 2018

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By Sara Stanley

The Canadian Class Action Review
Volume 13, Number 1 (2017-2018)

  • Introduction / Harvey T Strosberg, QC
  • Questions About Leave Test for Secondary Market Claims Remain Unanswered After Court of Appeal Decision in Rahami v. Southgobi Resources LTD / Byron Shaw
  • Case Review of Decertification Motions in Class Proceedings / Melanie Ouanounou
  • Absent Foreign Claimants in Canadian Class Actions: Where to After Airia Brands? / Paul-Erik Veel and Graham Henry
  • L’autorisation de L’action Collective: Raisons D’être, Application et Changements à Venir / Veronica Aimar
  • Carriage Motions in Ontario: Inconsistent Application of an Indeterminate Test / Gerald Antman
  • Class Actions and the Problem with Probabilistic Causation / Sarah Bittman
  • Our Aging CPA: It’s Time for Ontario to “Opt-In” to a Modern Global Class-Actions Framework / Madeleine Brown

UBC Law Review
Volume 51, Number 1 (January 2018)

  • Constituting Bodies into the Future: Towards a Relational Theory of Intergenerational Justice / Jessica Eisen, Roxanne Mykitiuk and Dayna Nadine Scott
  • The “Individualistic” Approach to Arbitrariness, Overbreadth, and Gross Disproportionality / Colton Fehr
  • Agreeing to Share: Treaty 3, History & the Courts / Kate Gunn
  • Spaces for Sharing: Searching for Indigenous Law on the Canadian Legal Landscape / Alan Hanna
  • A Crisis of Conscience: Miscarriages of Justice and Indigenous Defendants in Canada / Malini Vijaykumar
  • Paradigm Shift: Towards a New Model for Refugee Status Determination in Canada / Pia Zambelli

Canadian Criminal Law Review
Volume 23, Number 1 (February 2018)

  • The Road to Traffic Safety: Mandatory Breath Screening and Bill C-46 / Robert Solomon and Erika Chamberlain
  • Canada’s Provocation Reform and the Need to Revisit Culpability in ‘Loss of Control’ Cases / Christopher Nowlin
  • Proportionality in Sentence Appeals: Towards a Guiding Principle of Appellate Review / James Foy
  • Detecting Deceit During Trials: Limits in the Implementation of Lie Detection Research- A Comment on Snook, McCardle, Fahmy and House / Vincent Denault and Louise Marie Jupe
  • Burden of Proof and L’intime conviction: Is the Continental Criminal Trial Moving to the Common Law? / Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti and Allan Manson

National Creditor Debtor Review
Volume 33, Number 1 (March 2018)

  • Are Forbearance Agreements on the Endangered Species List: The Effect of Canada v. Callidus Capital Corp. on Lenders’ Dealings with Insolvent Borrowers / Jeffrey Simpson
  • A Crossroads for Roll-Ups: Prohibited or an Evolving Trend in Canada? / Caitlin Fell

New Journals Issues – February 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 60, Number 1 (January 2018)

  • A Unique Response to Offender with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: perceptions of the Alexis FASD Justice Program / Katherine Flannigan, Jacqueline Pei, Carmen Rasmussen, Sandra Potts, and Teresa O’Riordan
  • A Nationwide Survey of Child Interviewing Practices in Canada / Sonja P. Brubacher, Kim Roberts, Barry Cooper, Heather Price, Lynn Barry, and McKenzie Vanderloon
  • Détermination de la peine dans le système de justice pénale pour adolescents: examen des dillemes éthiques vécus par les acteurs judiciaries Québécois / Isabelle Linteu, Denis Lafortune et Chloé Leclerc
  • A Different Lens? How Ethnic Minority Media Cover Crime / Aziz Douai and Barbara Perry

Health Law in Canada
Volume 38, Number 3 (February 2018)

  • Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena
  • Carter v. Canada Through a Mental Health Lens / Samantha Barr

The Advocates Quarterly
Volume 48, Issue 1 (February 2018)

  • Legal Research, Legal Reasoning and Precedent in Canada in the Digital Age / Jonathan de Vries
  • Locus of Title in an Unadministered Estate and the Law of Assent / Albert H. Oosterhoff
  • Subtle, Secret and Circumstantial Evidence: The Intricacies of Winning an Undue Influence Case / Caroline E. Abela and Lia Boritz
  • The White Burgess “Two-Step”: Expert Neutrality as “Threshold” and “Gatekeeper” Admissibility Issue / Daniella Murynka
  • The Changing Landscape of Causation in Medical Malpractice: Sacks v. Ross / Maria Damiano

McGill Law Journal
Volume 62, Number 4 (June 2017)

  • Conditions Géographiques de Mise en Liberté et de Probabtion Imposes aux Manifestants: Une Atteinte Injustifée aux Droits à la Liberté D’expression, de Reunion Pacifique et D’association / Marie-Eve Sylvestre. Francis Villeneuve Ménard, Véronique Fortin, Céline Bellot et Nicholas Blomley
  • Understanding Fiduciary Duties and Relationship Fiduciary / Leonard I. Rotman
  • Le Contrat de Prestations Logistiques / Kamelia Kolli et Stéphane Rousseau
  • Le Marchand de Venise: Le Pari et la Dette, le Jeau et la Loi / François Ost
  • Les Lutes de Cloche Ren Droit Compare / Giorgio Resta
  • The Next Dada Utopian Visioning Peace Orchestra: Constitutional Theory and the Aspirational / Mari Matsuda
  • Follow the Drinking Gourd: Our Road to Teaching Critical Race Theory and Slavery and the Law, Contemplatively, at McGill / Adelle Blackett