New Journal Issues – August 2019

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By Sara Stanley

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 67, Numbers 1 & 2 (July 2018)

  • Off the Bench Judgements and the Section 24(2) Lottery
  • Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Unreasonable Steps: Trying to Make Sense of R. v. Morrison / Isabel Grant and Janine Benedet
  • Lifting the Judicial Embargo on Race-Based Charter Litigation: A Comment on R. v Le / Danardo S. Jones
  • Exclusion of Evidence Under Section 24(2) of the Charter Post-Grant in the Years 2014-2017: A Comprehensive Analysis of 600 Cases / Benjamin Johnson, Richard Jochelson and Victoria Weir
  • An Empirical Study of Terrorism Charges and Terrorism Trials in Canada Between 2001 and September 2018 / Michael Nesbitt
  • Female Victims of Male Sexual Violence: How Should We Listen and Respond to Them? / Sheila Ray

Canadian Criminal Law Review
Volume 24, Number 2 (July 2019)

  • Similar Fact Evidence & Crime Linkage Analysis- In Search of an Empirical Foundation to Support the Identity Inference / Michelle S. Lawrence
  • Checking Your Constitutional Boxes: The Constitutional Consequences of Non-Compliance with the Reporting Requirements in Section 487.9(1) of the Criminal Code / Ashley Bowron
  • Les activités criminelles prévues à la Loi sur le cannabis / Me Michel Marchand
  • A Proposal for Police Acquisition of ISP Subscriber Information on Administrative Demand in Child Pornography Investigation / Colton Fehr

Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 42, Number 1 (Spring 2019)

  • The Battle for the Wrong Mistake: Risk Salience in Canadian Refugee Status Decision-making / Hilary Evans Cameron
  • Immigration, Xenophobia and Equality Rights / Donald Galloway
  • Once More unto the Breach: Confronting the Standard of Review (Again) and the Imperative of Correctness Review when Interpreting the Scope of Refugee Protection / Gerald Heckman and Amar Khoday
  • Do the Means Change the Ends? Express Entry and Economic Immigration in Canada / Asha Kaushal
  • Medical Inadmissibility, and Physically and Mentally Disabled Would-be Immigrants: Canada’s Story Continues / Constance MacIntosh
  • Migrant Workers, Rights, and the Rule of Law: Responding to the Justice Gap / Sarah Marsden
  • Quand voyager mène au renvoi: analyse critique de la législation canadienne sur la perte du statut de résident permanent liée à la perte de l’asile / Hélène Mayrand
  • The MV Sun Sea: A Case Study on the Need for Greater Accountability Mechanisms at Canada Border Services Agency / Lobat Sadrehashemi

The Canadian Class Action Review
Volume 15, Number 1 (2019-2020)

  • The Collective Class Action: An Expansion of the Class Action Framework / Alexis Giannelia
  • Catch Me if You Can: Resolving Bitcoin Disputes with Class Actions / MaryGrace Johnstone
  • Trends in Environmental Class Actions in Canada / Hailey Laycraft
  • Class Actions and Beauty Pageants: The Need for Carriage Motion Reform in Ontario/ Cole Pizzo
  • Consumer Class Action Arbitration in Canada: It’s About Time / Rohan Shah
  • Do You Have the Heart? A Cross-Border Comparative Case Study Analysis of Certification Legislation and Motions to Certify Vioxx Class Actions in Ontario and the United States / Adrienne Shnier
  • Understanding Class Actions Through a Historical Overview and Empirical Data from Quebec from the Past Twenty-Five Years / Catherine Piché

Banking & Finance Law Review
Volume 34, Number 3 (July 2019)

  • Cryptocurrency: Collateral for Secured Transactions? / Xavier Foccroulle Ménard
  • Responsible Investing: Access Denied / Keith Edward MacMaster
  • Reviewing the Kingho Case: Does the Actual Return of Documents Trigger the UCP 600 Preclusion Rule? / Wang Jingen
  • The Thorny Issue of Financial Services Between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the Aftermath of Brexit / Ondřej Svoboda
  • Secured Lenders Beware! Saskatchewan is Proposing to Create a Superiority for Employer Obligations to Pension Plans / David G. Gerecke, Greg Azeff, and Jordyn Allan
  • Understanding Redwater / Richard Butler
  • Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms Provincial Statutes Can Satisfy the Common Law Definition of a Trust / Geneviève Fauteux and Scott Pollock
  • Brick Warehouse: The Case for Causation in Delineating Cybercrime Coverage / Amjad Khadhair
  • Key Employee Retention Plans in Canadian Restructuring Proceedings / Michael Nowina and Gillian Maharaj
  • Clarity in Appeal Procedures: The BIA Prevails- or Does It? / Steven Graff, Miranda Spence, Kyle Plunkett, and Monica Carinci
  • From Next Best to World Class: The People and Events That Have Shaped the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation 1967-2017 (Book Review) / Tim Kennish
  • Regulation and Supervision of the OTC Derivatives Market (Book Review) / Daniele D’Alvia

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