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The Law Society launched our new updated website on January 11. Over the next several weeks, we are rerunning our Discover the New Law Society Website blog series to remind users of the new content and features. We are continually revising the site based on user feedback and will outline any changes in future blog posts.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan was established in 1907 to carry out the purpose of regulating the legal profession in Saskatchewan, with an over-arching mandate to protect the public interest. The Law Society sets standards for ethics and competency of its members, disciplines its members when they breach those standards, and regulates the competency qualifications required to practice law in Saskatchewan.

Although working in the public interest, the Law Society does not provide legal advice to the public or advocate on behalf of individual members of the public. Rather, it conducts investigations to determine whether its members have abided by the stringent ethical and competency standards that all lawyers must adhere to. If lawyers do not observe these stringent standards, the Law Society conducts discipline hearings with a view to protecting the public interest.

The For the Public section of the website provides information to assist the public to find a lawyer, understand issues that may arise when dealing with a lawyer, and discover public legal resources:

  • Finding a Lawyer – The Find a Lawyer feature allows lawyers to be searched by firm/organization, city or first or last name. A lawyer’s contact information is available via this service which allows you to contact lawyers directly. The Find a Lawyer directory also includes the ability to search for a lawyer by practice area. This section also provides information for the public if they are unable to afford a lawyer.
  • What to Expect From Your Lawyer – The legal process can be complicated and confusing for someone unfamiliar with it, but legal professionals have specialized skills to help you navigate during some of your most stressful situations. This page provides some general information to help you feel comfortable.
  • Common Client Concerns – There are some common concerns that may warrant a complaint. Our Common Client Concerns section contains a detailed description of these areas.
  • Making a Complaint – Among the Law Society’s responsibilities are the investigation and determination of complaints regarding the conduct of lawyers practicing in the province. This page provides information regarding the Law Society’s jurisdiction and the complaints process.
  • Legal Resources for The Public – Staff at the Law Society libraries in Regina and Saskatoon will provide research assistance to the public in person, on the telephone or by e-mail.  This could include help with locating cases, statutes or other legal information in print or on the Internet.  This page also provides information and access to online legal research materials.
  • Looking for a Lost Will – Are you looking for a lost will? Have you lost track of your lawyer and need to locate files? If so, you can ask the Law Society for assistance by contacting the main office.

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