Day: July 17, 2019

Canadian Association of Law Libraries Podcasts

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld, Director of Legal Resources

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) partnered with vLex for an exclusive podcast series in which Colin Lachance, interim General Manager of North America for vLex, carried out brief interviews with CALL / ACBD 2019 conference speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and organizers about their experience at the May 2019 conference, what’s hot in their world, and their thoughts on the future.  I was fortunate to be one of the interviewees, along with my partners Brea Lowenberger and Megan Smiley, to discuss our Trusted Intermediary – Legal Information Network (TI-LI). The title of our podcast is Access to Justice – role of information and libraries in addressing gaps. Other podcast topics include:

  • Emond Publishing – building long-form legal publishing products (Danann Hawes)
  • Innovating in products or human-centred design – where do we start in legal? (Kristin Hodgins and Daniel Hoadley)
  • De-constructing, analyzing and building the law as code (Jason Morris)
  • How legal domain is fundamental to advancement of AI – and how librarians are fundamental to that effort (Dr. Randy Goebel)

Please click here to listen to the podcasts.