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New Journal Issues – May 2019

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By Sara Stanley, library technician

The Criminal Law Quarterly

Volume 66, Number 4 (April 2019)

Editorial: The SNC Lavalin Controversy:  The Shawcross Principle and Prosecutorial Independence

Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada

Antic: First Principles and Beyond / Mangesh Duggal

“Reasonable Steps”: Amending Section 273.2 to Reflect the Jurisprudence / Lucinda Vandervort

Judges’ Knowledge and Beliefs Concerning the Science Behind Eyewitness Fallibility / Louise Bond-Fraser, Kyle Ferris, and Ian Fraser

Freedom To, Or Freedom From? Arbitrary Protection in the Age of Consent / David Gill

Weighing Evidence in Criminal Trials—Computer Assisted Decision Making / Gerald T.G. Seniuk

The Pre-Enquete- A “Case to Meet” / Cornelia Mazgarean and Nick Kaschuk

CIAJ Roundtable on Delays in Criminal Trials: Professionalism and a “Culture of Complacency” / Christine Mainville

Culture Change: Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Post R. v. Jordan / Faisal Mirza

Banking and Finance Law Review

Volume 34, Number 2 (April 2, 2019)

The Liability of Public Company Auditors in Canada after Livent / Peter Howard and Aaron Kreaden

The Transformation Effect of AI on the Banking Industry / Mirka Snyder Caron

The Great FinTech Disruption: InsurTech / Angelica Wilamowicz

Blockchain Technology: What Is It Good For? / Dr. Saifedean Ammous

SCC Paves the Way for National Securities Regulator, but What Will It Look Like? / Alan Monk, Jake Schroeder, and Katie Gordon

Recent Developments in Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law / Jennifer Sokal

Payment by Digital Token / Bradley Crawford

Concordia Decision Expands Potential Scope of CBCA Plans of Arrangement / Kevin J. Zych, Sean Zweig, and Preet K. Bell

Scurrying About: Recent Examples of Courts Granting Relief with Respect to Bankruptcy Proceedings Commenced in Other Provinces / Trevor Courtis

  1. v. Dhanani: Vancouver Court Hands Down Three-year Sentence for Securities Regulatory Offences / Brigeeta C. Richdale, Jessica L. Lewis, and Rebecca Sim.

The Trouble with Deemed Trusts: Callidus Capital v. Canada / Gunnar Benediktsson

The Future of Cross-Border Insolvency: Overcoming Biases and Closing Gaps (Book Review) / Rebecca Parry

Systemic Risk, Institutional Design, and the Regulation of Financial Markets (Book Review) / Christian Chamorro-Courtland

From Wall Street to Bay Street: The Origins and Evolution of American and Canadian Finance (Book Review) / C. Ian Kyer

Finance and Philosophy: Why We’re Always Surprised (Book Review) / Thomas H. Stanton

The Advocates’ Quarterly

Volume 49, Number 4 (April 2019)

Supreme Court of Canada 2018 Year in Review / Eugene Meehan, Marie-France Major, Thomas Slade, and Cory Giordano

Toward a Canadian Originalism / Asher Honickman

Disputes over Human Remains / Kimberly Whaley

Should the Protection of the Justified Expectations of the Parties Become an Exception to or a Major Consideration when Applying the Principle of Proximity in Litigation Involving Conflict of Laws Issues? / J-G. Castel

Tagg Industries v. Rieder: Is Storing Pornography on a Work-Issued Laptop Cause for Dismissal? / Paul Willetts

Manitoba Law Journal

Volume 41, Number 2 (2018)

Special Issue: Indigenous Jurist and Policy-makers from Manitoba: A Collections of Oral Histories / Bryan Schwartz et al.

Canadian Tax Journal

Volume 67, Number 1 (April 2019)

Non-Residents and Capital Gains Tax in Australia / Richard Krever and Kerrie Sadiq

Editor’s Introduction- Reform of Corporate Taxation / Kevin Milligan

International Effects of the 2017 US tax Reform- A View from the Front Line / Peter Harris, Michael Keen, and Li Liu

Is Accelerated Tax Depreciation Good or Misguided Tax Policy? / Philip Bazel and Jack Mintz

Business Tax Reform in the United States and Canada / Ken McKenzie and Michael Smart

Finances of the Nation: Survey of Provincial and Territorial Budgets, 2018-19 / Vivien Morgan

Current Cases: (FCA) Canada v. 594710 British Columbia Ltd.; (TCC) Cameco Corporation v. The Queen / Ryan L. Morris, Adam Gotfried, and Yongchong Mao

Transfer Pricing and Transactions Between Foreign Entities / Byron Beswick

Income-Splitting Update /L’évolution du fractionnement du revenu / Sean Grant-Young and Katie Rogers

Current Tax Reading / Alan Macnaughton and Jinyan Li

Saskatchewan Law Review

Volume 82, Number 1 (2019)

Protecting the “Castle”: The Saskatchewan Home Exemption / Ronald C.C. Cuming

Living Exemptions in The Land of the Living Skies: Indexing Exempt Values Under The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act / Thomas Laval Fransoo

Collateral Immigration Consequences in Sentencing: a Six-Year Review / Sasha Baglay

Proportionate Justice: An Examination of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Principles of Sentencing in Saskatchewan / Zoe Johansen-Hill

An Investigation into Complaints Under Saskatoon’s Election Financing Bylaw- A Case Study / John C. Courtney and Neil Robertson

The Advocate

Volume 77, Part 3 (May 2019)

On the Front Cover: Donald Silversides, Q.C. / Sam MacLean

At the Intersection: A Conversation with Three Lawyers About Legal Practice, Purpose and Their Pursuit of Passion / Tina Parbhakar, Wei William Tao, and Linda Guang Yang

Komagata Maru: “A Grand Scene on a Blue Stage”- Part I / Ludmila B. Herbst

The Importance of Welcoming in Indigenous Culture / kwes’kwestin (Jim Kew)

Contracting Out of the Bhadauria Exclusive Jurisdiction Doctrine: Lewis v. WestJet Airline Ltd. / Kenneth Wm. Thornicroft

Queen’s Law Journal

Volume 44, Number 2 (Spring 2019)

Introduction / Lisa M. Kelly

Why De Minimis Should Not Be a Defence / Steve Coughlan

Sentencing for Sexual Offences Against Children and Youth: Mandatory Minimums. Proportionality and Unintended Consequences / Janine Benedet

Myth, Inference and Evidence in Sexual Assault Trials / Lisa Dufraimont

Entrapment Minimalism: Shedding the “No Reasonable Suspicion or Bona Fide Inquiry” Test / Steven Penney

Two Views of the Cathedral: Civilian Approaches, Reasonable Expectations, and the Puzzle of Good Faith’s Past and Future / Nicholas Reynolds

Commonwealth Law Bulletin

Volume 44, Number 1 (March 2018)

Eviction Process in Nigeria: The Need for Meaningful Engagement / Aisosa Isokpan and Ebenezer Durojaye

Error and Exaggeration in the Presentation of the Significance of a DNA Match in Criminal Trials in Malaysia / Mohd Munzil Muhamad

‘Indirect Amendment’: How the Federal Department of Justice Unilaterally Alters the Text of the Constitution of Canada / James William John Bowden

CARICOM, the CSME, and Absolute Sovereignty: Lessons Learnt on the Road Towards Regional Integration / Alicia Elias-Roberts and Rocky R. Hanoman

Prisons’ Condition and Treatment of Prisoners in Nigeria: Towards Genuine Reformation of Prisoners’ Rights? / Ibrahim Danjuma, Rohaida Nordin, and Mohd Munzil Muhamad

Postal Rule in Acceptance Via Email / Rosmawani Che Hashim

Dintwe v the Directorate of Public Service Management and Others: When the Court Suppresses Freedom of Expression / Letshwiti Batlhalefi Tutwane