Mental Health and the Law – Let’s Talk About It

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By Jakaeden Frizzell, CPD Program Coordinator

It is no secret that lawyers live stressful lives. Stress is inherent in the job description and it has become part of the landscape. But for a profession built on sharp minds, are lawyers not due for a little TLC? Mental health is a major conversation in the world today because of the importance it holds for a person’s wellbeing. Beyond that, mental health directly affects a lawyer’s practice management and client relations – what great reasons to make it a priority.

I read an opinion article recently that confirmed for me the relevance of this discussion within the practice of law. I am proud to share that the Law Society of Saskatchewan and CBA Saskatchewan have collaborated to offer a skill building seminar for our members titled “Mental Health and the Law: Resilience in a High Paced Profession” on June 4 (Saskatoon) and June 5 (Regina).

Join us for the opportunity to learn from resilience trainers Stan and Nikki Johnson who instruct at the U.S. Army Master Resilience School at Fort Jackson. Attendees will also hear presentations from local practitioners throughout the day. For more information and to register please Click Here.

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