College of Law Small Urban and Rural Committee’s Rural Firm Tour Held During Access to Justice Week

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By the Students of the Small Urban and Rural Committee

On October 19, 2018, the Small Urban and Rural Committee (SURC) hosted its annual Small Urban and Rural Firm Tour, this year choosing to visit Prince Albert. The tour offered an opportunity for students to meet with hosts and hear what opportunities in law are available and what they entail in a small urban setting.

Our tour began with stops at Novus Law Group and Parchomchuk Sherdahl Hunter Barristers and Solicitors, where students were given the opportunity to meet with lawyers and were given tours of the firms. At both firms students were informed of the diverse areas of law in which the firms practice, the opportunities that exist for lawyers in Prince Albert and similar small urban settings and any questions students may have had were answered.






After our firm visits, we were hosted by Administrative Judge Earl Kalenith, Regional Crown Prosecutor Cam Scott, Senior Crown Prosecutor Cynthia Alexander and received a tour of the Provincial Court house in Prince Albert followed by a tour of the offices of the crown prosecutor. During our time with Honorable Judge Kalenith, Mr. Scott, and Ms. Alexander, each spoke to the nature of their careers, the roles they entail and gave information on pursuing careers in their respective fields. Following the discussion, students were then invited to have coffee with our hosts and other members of the crown prosecutor’s office where they could ask any questions they may have had for any of our hosts.

SURC seeks to provide an opportunity or students to have exposure to careers in law in small urban and rural settings. This is achieved by connecting the students with the firms from these communities and SURC would like to extend a special thank you to all the firms and hosts from this year’s trip that welcomed us into their offices and gave time out of their schedules to make this year’s trip possible. We would also like to thank Shari Thompson, from the College of Law, for the time and effort she contributed behind the scenes in the planning of the trip and the CBA Saskatchewan Branch for their financial contribution, both of which made this trip possible.​

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