Day: October 25, 2018

Child Support Recalculation Service

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The Saskatchewan Child Support Recalculation Service is a pilot project that helps families with child support orders ensure a fair level of support for their children. The service will recalculate child support, based on information reported on the most recent income tax return and current income of a support payor, in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The benefits are a faster, no cost, option which is a less adversarial alternative for parents to update child support payments.

Please see the Government of Saskatchewan website for more information.

SALI Public Launch

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The Law Society is a proud partner of the Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Project (SALI) and is pleased to announce the launch of the public campaign for this project. The objective of the SALI Project is to increase access to legal information for Saskatchewan residents through collaboration between justice stakeholders and trusted intermediaries –  we have focused on partnering with library stakeholders.

By way of background, the SALI Project partners hosted a conference on October 20-21, 2017, during the Second Annual Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week. The primary purpose for the event was to bring together a large number of public library representatives from rural, remote, and small urban centres in Saskatchewan as well as experts in the topic area, to further address how greater access to legal information can be achieved through partnering with libraries.

Since October 2017, the project partners have been collaborating to implement the ideas for next steps that were identified during the conference. Some of the next steps have involved collaborating to establish a “Detecting Legal Problems” webinar and resources that were distributed to all public library staff this summer, a data collection project that will launch in November, and an advertising campaign, to make the public more aware of public libraries as an ‘access to justice entry point’ (i.e. an accessible place to find legal information) – please see the videos for the campaign below.

Consumer law full-length video.

Power of attorney and guardianship full-length video.

More information on the project can also be found on the SALI website.