Day: October 23, 2018

Pro Bono Students Canada Volunteer Appreciation Event

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Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week 2018

Pro Bono Students Canada Volunteer Appreciation Event

By Geneva Houlden and Coleman Owen; Pro Bono Students Canada SK Coordinators

During the lunch hour on Monday, Pro Bono Students Canada treated students at the College of Law to candy and coffee (nothing gathers students together quite like some free snacks). One goal of the event was to extend appreciation to the students who have worked so hard this year with different organizations in Saskatchewan. Volunteers with PBSC help to increase access to justice and will ideally develop a desire to continue with pro bono work throughout their careers. This event is but a small token of appreciating for their contribution.

The other goal of the event was to help initiate the access to justice conversation on campus. When students engage topics like they did, the campus community becomes a livelier and more vibrant place. To help make that happen, Cheryl, a Student Manager at CLASSIC, was present to inform students about the work that CLASSIC does – particularly with its Decolonization Project. Students were asked to think about the meaning they see in the words Decolonization, Reconciliation, and Indigenization.

This week is a time to spread the word about what access to justice means, but more importantly it is a time to engage with students and the public on why these ideas are important. Following law school, many students will not be exposed to access to justice issues unless they actively seek them out. PBSC wants to make sure that students will come to see pro bono work as an integral part of their careers and come to appreciate access to justice as a crucial goal within the justice system.













Checklist for Legal Cannabis Use in Saskatchewan

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Reposted with permission from PLEA

If you are 19 or older…

Only purchase cannabis from a licensed retail seller.

Be prepared to show proof of age.

Limit the amount of cannabis you have in a public place to no more than 30 grams.

Limit the amount of cannabis you transport in a vehicle to no more than 30 grams.

Limit the amount of cannabis you distribute to someone else 19 or older to no more than 30 grams (and remember you can’t sell it – only licensed retailers can sell cannabis).

Only use cannabis in a private place, such as a residence, when not prohibited by a landlord or condo board.

Grow your own at home if you want, but limit the number of plants to 4 per household, not per person.

Limit the number of plants you transport to 4 – none of which are flowering or budding.

Make your own cannabis products from legally obtained cannabis – without the use of organic solvents such as propane or    butane.

Do not use cannabis…

 X in a vehicle

X in any public place

X at any school or child care facility

X in a rented residence if prohibited by the landlord

 X in a condo if prohibited by the condo board

Do not distribute cannabis…

X to anyone who is under the age of 19

Do not travel with cannabis…

 X across the Canadian border in any amount

 X across a provincial or territorial border in an amount greater than allowed in that jurisdiction

If you have consumed cannabis before driving…

  • you are subject to administrative penalties, including license suspension, vehicle impoundment and fines for any amount of THC in your system
  • you are subject to summary criminal charges if your THC blood concentration is 2 nanograms or higher
  • you are subject to more serious criminal charges if your THC levels reach 5 nanograms or you have a combination of THC levels of 2.5 nanograms or more and a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05 or more
  • you may be charged with the criminal offence of impaired driving regardless of your levels if your ability to drive is impaired by drugs or alcohol or a combination of the two