Justice and health stakeholders gather for Medical-Legal Partnerships Conference

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By Brea Lowenberger, Director of CREATE Justice and Access to Justice Coordinator

Creator of Canada’s first MLP delivers keynote address – Lynn Burns, Executive Director of Pro Bono Ontario

With the support of the Saskatchewan Health Research Fund, CREATE Justice and the College of Law, in collaboration with the College of Medicine hosted a conference on October 17 exploring the topic of Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLPs) in Saskatchewan.

MLPs encourage doctors, lawyers, and other health and human service providers to work together to improve intersecting health and legal problems.

The goal of hosting the conference, a pre-week event of Access to Justice Week, was to:

  1. disseminate the knowledge learned through initial research and analysis; and
  2. facilitate an opportunity to discuss opportunities and challenges related to developing MLPs in Saskatchewan, drawing on the expertise of conference participants.

The conference was preceded by foundational research and dialogue that occurred during the 2017 Dean’s Forum on Access to Justice and Dispute Resolution. The Forum considered the need to establish interdisciplinary collaborations to address pressing challenges facing Saskatchewan residents, with MLPs emerging as a holistic and proactive approach to improve justice and health.

Conference organizers welcome participants and introduce the topic – College of Medicine Dean Preston Smith, College of Law Dean Martin Phillipson, and Brea Lowenberger, Director of CREATE Justice and Access to Justice Coordinator

If you would like to learn more or be apprised of future medical-legal partnership events, please visit our Justice and Health Partnership Community of Interest webpage and email justicehealth_coi@usask.ca.


Photo attribution: College of Law

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