2018 Canadian National Pro Bono Firm Award Winner – Norsask Law

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Kaitlynn McArthur, Programs Coordinator, Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan and Benedict Feist of Norsask Law.

by Carly Romanow, Executive Director & Staff Lawyer of Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan 

At the recent National Pro Bono Conference, Norsask Law of North Battleford, Saskatchewan won the Canadian National Pro Bono Firm Award. The Award recognizes a Canadian law firm that has made an outstanding contribution to the provision of pro bono services. There were several very impressive nominees, including international firms, but the small yet mighty contribution of Norsask Law prevailed. Norsask Law is comprised of three dedicated lawyers, Richard Gibbons, Robert Feist and Benedict Feist. Since 2015, Norsask Law has dedicated its lawyers’ time and attention to participate in the North Battleford Free Legal Clinic as well as provide additional time to take on full representation files. Norsask Law makes up approximately 80% of the volunteer pool in the North Battleford area. Benedict Feist has also dedicated his time to assisting with a project in North Battleford to designate a cemetery connected to the Battleford Industrial School as a municipal heritage site. Norsask Law has demonstrated itself to be crucial in creating a more accessible justice system in North Battleford and its surrounding area. Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan is grateful and proud to have Norsask Law as a member of our programs and services. Please join PBLS in congratulating and celebrating Norsask Law for their commitment to improving access to justice in Saskatchewan.

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