New Journals Issues – August 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 30, Number 6 (August 2018)

  • Amendments to Construct Lien Act Provisions- Will They Accomplish Their Goals? / Asim Iqbal and Puya Fesharaki

Saskatchewan Law Review

Volume 81, Number 2 (2018)

  • Mortgage Obligation Deficiency Recovery / Ronald C.C. Cuming
  • ABCD Remoteness Problems: Nemo Dat & Its Exceptions Under Subsection 26 (1.2) of Saskatchewan’s The Sale of Goods Act / Clayton Bangsund
  • The State of Crown Prerogatives Within Saskatchewan / Alex Laird
  • The Challenge of Regulating Prions: How the Regulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants Can Provide a Framework for Preventing the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease / Patricia L. Farnese
  • Gender Markers on Government-Issued Identification in Saskatchewan: Rights, Reform, and Jurisdiction in a Shifting Legal Landscape / Katherine Starks

UBC Law Review

Volume 51, Number 2

  • Breaking the Purposive Barrier: Embracing Non-Repetition as a Guiding Principle for Subsection 24(2) of the Charter / Veenu Goswami
  • Private Property and Aboriginal Title: What is the Role of Equity in Mediating Conflicting Claims? / Robert Hamilton
  • Does a Will Stand a Chance Under the Current Interpretation and Application of Defendants’ Relief Legislation in British Columbia / Dorota Miler
  • Lawyers and Court Representation of Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) Litigants in Canada / Donald J. Netolitzky
  • The Anthropocene in the Time of Trump, Financial Markets, Climate Change Risk, and Vulnerability / Janis Sarra
  • Ipeelee and the Duty to Resist / Marie-Andrée Denis-Boileau and Marie-Ève Sylvestre


National Insolvency Review

Volume 35, Number 4 (August 2018)

  • Joint Operations and Insolvent Operators: Change of Operatorship During a Receivership / Randal Van de Mosselaer and Emily Paplawski
  • Ontario Court of Appeal : Insurers Lose Subrogation Rights When Insureds Assign Into Bankruptcy / Tahsin Najam

Health Law in Canada

Volume 39, Number 1 (August 2018)

  • Editorial / Rosario G. Cartagena
  • Towards Implementation of National Pharmacare / Pamela Seto and Simmie Palter
  • Section 12 Notification: Making Room for Discretion / Gillian N. Kafka
  • Is it Possible to Have a World Where Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues Exist Seamlessly to Deliver Top Notch Health Care? / Rosario Cartagena
  • Lessons from the Case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba / Maya Pearlston and Natasha Danson

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