Day: August 30, 2018


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2018 is an election year for Benchers of the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Please visit our Bencher Election 2018 page for two separate Nomination forms:  one for nomination of a Bencher (based on geographical district) and one for nomination of a New Lawyer Bencher (for lawyers within 10 years of being called to the Bar).  On the site, you will also find important dates, information about the election process and an overview of what prospective candidates can expect from their time serving as a Bencher.  Law Society Rules 15 through 32 also specifically outline election procedures and protocol.

Along with the nomination papers, each candidate should also submit biographical information, a recent photograph and a brief outline of the reasons for seeking office.  The nomination form (in pdf format) and photograph (in jpg format) can be emailed to Liz at

Nomination papers must have the consent of the nominee endorsed thereon and must be filed with Timothy J. Brown, Q.C., no later than October 4, 2018.

All Benchers (newly elected and returning) will be expected to attend the following Bencher training sessions:

  • December 6 and 7, 2018 in Regina (in conjunction with December Convocation).
  • Tentatively February 6 – 8, 2019 (in conjunction with February Convocation).