Day: August 27, 2018

CPLED 2018-2019 Begins!

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By Christine Johnston
CPLED Program Director

The Law Society welcomed 85 keen, new student members into the CPLED Bar Admissions Course this year. The students kicked off the course with a week in Regina where they received instruction in interviewing and advising skills, legal research skills and proper citation usage for Saskatchewan courts. SLIA, the CBA, the STLA and PBLS also presented to the students. A highlight of the week was an invitation to students from Chief Justice Richards to attend at the Court of Appeal for a reception. Students were able to meet many of the justices and get a behind the scenes look at the Court of Appeal. (A better blogger would have thought to take some photos at this event). By some accounts, watersliding at the hotel and escape rooms were other highlights.

CPLED is the gateway from legal studies to legal practice. Successful completion of CPLED requires a considerable time commitment from students. CPLED staff appreciate the support that firms, the courts, government and other organizations provide by allowing students time during their articles to dedicate to CPLED.

A few students continue to seek articling positions. If you’ve never taken on an articling student, please consider doing so and feel free to contact us. There may be opportunities for joint articles or secondments for those who are concerned that they may not be able to take a student full-time or to provide a broad enough experience.