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New Journals Issues – April 2018

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By Sara Stanley

Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Volume 43, Number 2 (June 2017)

  • CARICOM states and TWO Dispute Settlement System: The Case for Greater Engagement / Nicole D. Foster
  • An Old Issue of Protecting GIs ForCculture: A New Insight from the Experience of India and Bangladesh / Mahua Zahur
  • Discharge in Bankruptcy: A Comparative Analysis of Law and Practice Between Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK)- What Can We Learn? / Ruzita Azmi, Adilah Abd Razak and Siti Nur Samawati Ahmad
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Legitimacy: Assessing the Impact of ECOWAS Parliament as a legitimizer of the Current ECOWAS Regime / Chidebe Matthew Nwankwo
  • The Judicialisation of the Right to Adequate Food: A Comparative Study of India and South Africa / Ebenezer Durojaye and Enoch MacDonnell Chilemba
  • Treatment of Procedural Irregularities in Nigerian Courts and the Need for a Principled Approach: Yaki v Bagudu (2015) in Restrospect / Murziq Etti and Abubakri Yekini
  • Book review: Fredrik Erixon and Krishnan Srinivasan (eds), Europe in Emerging Asia, Opportunities and Obstacles in Political and Economic Encounters / Richard Nzerem

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 60, Number 2 (March 2018)

  • The Evolution of Canadian Competition Policy: A Retrospective / Michael Trebilcock and Francesco Ducci
  • NAV Canada: A Review After a Decade of Uncertainty / Marcus Roberts
  • The Duty of Corporate Directors to Tie Executive Compensation to the Long-Term Sustainability of the Firm / Alberto Salazar and Muthana Mohamed
  • The Zombie Theory of Contractual Consideration: Richcraft Homes Ltd. v. Urbandale Corp / Jason MacLean
  • British Columbia Court of Appeal Looks Past Unregistered Trading in Ordering Payment to Investment Finder / Daniel McElroy, Katie Gordon, Catherine Wade and Brian Abraham

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 60, Number 2 (April 2018)

  • Near repeat Space-Time patterns of Canadian Crime / Karla Emeno and Craig Bennell
  • Offender Risk Assessment Practices Vary Across Canada / Guy Bourgon, Rebecca Mugford, R. Karl Hanson, and Marie Coligado
  • Les Interventions Informelles de Désistement Assisté: Une Ètude de la Portée / Isabelle F.-Dufour. Marie-Pierre Villeneuve et Caroline Perron
  • The Dynamic Theory of Homicide: Adverse Social Conditions and Formal Social Control as Factors Explaining the Variations of the Homicide Rate in 145 Countries / Marc Ouimet, Aurélian Langlade, and Claire Chabot
  • The Role of Defendant Race and Racially Charged Media in Canadian Mock Juror Decision Making / Laura McManus, Evelyn Maeder, and Susan Yamamoto

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 65, Numbers 3 &4 (March 2018)

  • Editorial: The Urgent Need to Reform Jury Selection after the Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie Case
  • Using Court Orders to Manage, Supervise and control Mentally disordered Offenders: A Rights-Based Approach / Micah B. Rankin
  • Will the Ghost of Chaulk Past Ever Stop haunting the NCRMD Present? / Christopher Nowlin
  • Sentence Indication Hearings: Time for a Canadian Version / David P. Cole
  • A case of Foreshadowing: Justice Estey, The Criminal Law, and the Good Repute of the Administration of Justice / Thomson Irvine, QC
  • v. White: Privacy in Common Spaces / Chris de Sa
  • Is There a “Meaningful” Right to Counsel for Wrongfully Convicted Indigent Accused or Those Seeking to Appeal a Wrongful Conviction or Sentence in Canada? A Critical analysis of the Ontario Court of appeal Decision in v. C. (P.) (Young Person) / Silvia Dimitrova
  • Early Departure: Factors Associated with the Flight of Women from the Private Practice of Criminal Law / Dr. Natasha S. Madon
  • The Hope Principle? Exploring an Unwritten Principle of Sentencing Law / Derek Spencer
  • Preserving Appeal Rights When Your Client’s Only Defence is a (Failed) Charter Motion / Michael Shortt
  • Optional By-Products or Constitutionally-Protected Purposes? Societal Interests in Representativeness, the s.11 (f) Right to Trial by Jury, and the Kokopenance Decision / Misha Boutilier
  • Threat Reduction and the Power to Disrupt / Stanley A. Cohen

The Advocate
Volume 76, Part 2 (March 2018)

  • On the Front Cover: The Advocate at 75 / D. Michael Bain
  • Making space: Prioritizing Aboriginal Practices in Aboriginal Child Protection Case Conferences / Judge Rosemary Gallagher and Elder Kathy Louis
  • “So Much for China” /Gordon Turriff, Q.C.
  • “Stay’n Alive”: Interjurisdictional Immunity in Relation to Reserve Lands After Tsilhqot’in / Thomas A. Posyniak