Technology Academy for Saskatchewan Lawyers and Legal Professionals

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By Sarah Rider
Continuing Professional Development, Law Society of Saskatchewan

Technology Academy for Saskatchewan Lawyers and Legal Professionals 2018 with Barron K. Henley is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend a seminar with one of the most popular CPD instructors in North America and an expert on technology solutions for lawyers.

Barron presented to Saskatchewan members of the bar in 2012, 2016 and is back on May 30th in Regina and 31st in Saskatoon. Barron’s classes are designed by lawyers for legal professionals making them some of the most relevant training you and your staff can receive in the legal technology area.

In his 2018 program Barron will take us back to basics in hopes of allowing members and their staff to fully utilize the software they work with (and pay for!) every day, with sessions titled:

  • Microsoft Word Power Tips
  • Using Outlook To Get Email Under Control
  • A Lawyer’s Guide to PDF Files

He will then switch gears to discuss that ever present concern when considering technology for lawyers; security. His session Cyber Security – Legal Tech Security Measures Every Lawyer Should Take will provide practical measures members and their staff can take to manage their high-risk digital environments. Barron will complete this seminar with a session entitled, 8 Things Hurting Your Law Firm – And How to Eliminate Them.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Register here.


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