Gladue Rights Research Database Launched in Saskatchewan

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Earlier this month, the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) launched a Gladue Rights Research Database.  It is being described by the U of S as the first of its kind in Canada.  Legal Aid Saskatchewan, the Community Engaged Collaboratorium, the Fine Arts Digital Research Centre, and the U of S collaborated to create this valuable resource.

The database will help ensure that the Gladue rights of Indigenous Canadians are recognized and respected during sentencing hearings by providing lawyers, judges, and Canadians with easy access to academic works, oral histories, and archival documents related to Indigenous history.  Much of the content provided by the database will aid in the creation and writing of Gladue reports.  As such, the database will significantly streamline the research process required to produce Gladue reports.

You can learn more about Gladue rights here.  The database can be accessed online here.  Small subscription fees will be used to maintain and update the database.



Gladue Rights Research Database / University of Saskatchewan
U of S Gladue Rights Research Database first of its kind in Canada / University of Saskatchewan
U of S launches first-of-its kind Gladue Rights Research Database / Saskatoon StarPhoenix

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