CPLED 2017/2018 Wraps Up!

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By Christine Johnston
CPLED Program Director, Law Society of Saskatchewan

The 2017/2018 CPLED Program year has now wrapped up!  The final face-to-face module, Negotiations, took place in Regina from April 9th to 13th.  Students took part in negotiation teaching and exercises, as well as learning about residential real estate and criminal law.

One of the week’s highlights was a mock criminal trial featuring Judge C. Toth, Bill Roe, Q.C., Brian Hendrickson, Q.C., Beverly Klatt and Greg Chovin.  We’re happy to say our accused, Brian Hendrickson, was acquitted of street racing and dangerous driving charges – by most of our juries at least.

This year we also held a casual dress day.  Students, staff and presenters were invited to dress casually and provide a donation to CLASSIC Law.  Over $640 was raised for CLASSIC!  Many thanks to Sarah Nordin, clerk at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon, for organizing this fundraiser.

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