What Goes on at CLASSIC: What Do Students Participating With CLASSIC Do?

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From Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City Inc. (CLASSIC)

As CLASSIC has been working with students and advocating for clients for just over a decade, we thought it would be useful to reach out to the legal community to outline what goes on at CLASSIC and what types of student experiences we currently offer.

Walk-in Advocacy Clinic (“WAC”)

The WAC is the clinic CLASSIC is best known for.  In the WAC, students work on files for clients.  Our largest areas of practice are criminal, admin (particularly residential tenancy and prison) and immigration, though we practice in approximately 12 areas of law.  If selected to volunteer, students can volunteer at any time throughout law school.  Volunteers spend a minimum of 3 hours a week at CLASSIC, and typically have 3-6 files.   Volunteer students may, but do not necessarily, get litigation experience at administrative tribunals or at provincial court.

Students may also participate in the intensive (aka clinical law) program.  This is a for-credit course, for one entire academic term.  Intensive students spend approximately 3.5 months working on files (Monday to Thursday) and typically have 25-30 files.  Students participating in the intensive appear in provincial court regularly and will usually have done sentencing and/or administrative hearings.  Students are evaluated on a pass/fail basis for the work they do at CLASSIC.  Students receive a letter grade for their work in the seminar. The letter grade reflects the grade for their participation in the seminar and the paper they write for the seminar class.  The letter grade may or may not correspond with their ability with actual file work.  Since the actual file work is done on a pass/fail basis, hiring committees may want to contact CLASSIC during the hiring process.

Legal Advice Clinic (“LAC”)

The LAC is for indictable criminal, civil, and family law matters.  Students volunteering with the LAC will either sit in on 30-minute consultations between a practicing lawyer and their client and take notes as to what the issues are and what advice is given, or work reception during evening clinics.  Students typically do this once per month, for approximately 3 hours.  Although CLASSIC is sometimes able to provide references for LAC students, CLASSIC’s staff is largely involved in coordination, not qualitative analysis of students.  As such, it is typically difficult for CLASSIC to provide more information than whether or not the student attended their scheduled hours on a regular basis.

Student Manager

CLASSIC has two student managers at a time, who work 4 hours per week (paid).  The student managers are almost always students with significant experience in the WAC who have demonstrated competence.  The work varies, but student managers typically will have leadership roles in training, orientation, and mentoring new volunteers and intensives in the WAC.  Student managers may also do community legal information presentations, outreach at community events, and act as a go-between for students and lawyers.

Systemic Initiatives/Systemic Justice Course

CLASSIC is not currently, but has in the past, had students involved with systemic initiatives.  Students were either volunteers (typically 2-3 hours per month) or participated in a for-credit course.  Unlike the WAC, the systemic course lasted both academic terms, but was only one course. Students were involved in research and writing for systemic initiatives, which involved both community outreach and legal research/writing.

Project ID

Project ID students work with people who have lost, or otherwise do not have, legal ID.  Students meet clients one-on-one and assist them with preparing the necessary documents to get a new ID.  Students will typically have met and assisted 30-40 clients over the course of a year.

Community Legal Education (“CLE”)

CLE students give presentations, outlining legal rights and responsibilities, to community members and community-based organizations.  Presentations typically involve landlord/tenant issues, policing, and employment law.

Other Projects

CLASSIC often seeks a few student volunteers to work on projects which do not fall into any of the categories listed above. The projects vary substantially, but they are typically research orientated and involve approximately 3 hours per week.



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