Estates & Trusts Lawyers – You Asked for It, You Got It!

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By Ken Fox

For some time, Saskatchewan lawyers have been asking us to add Estates&TrustsSource to our suite of online products. It took a bit of time, but we are pleased to announce that the Law Society Library, in cooperation with Thomson Reuters, has now added E&T to our WestlawNext platform.

If you are a Saskatchewan lawyer, you will be able to access Estates&TrustsSource from the Members’ Section of the Law Society website. Sign in to the Members’ Section the usual way. Look for the WestlawNext Canada heading towards the bottom of the page, and the Estates&TrustsSource link below that, along with all of the other online sources. If you have any trouble logging in, please contact the library to get that sorted out.

When opening Estates&TrustsSource, you will notice near the top of the page a section called “Workflow Solutions” which is divided into three stages of estates law: Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Estate Litigation. This area is intended to assist your practice, and for the most part duplicates content that is in other places.

Following that is Primary Law, which accesses the case law and statute databases of LawSource, but with an estates & trusts law filter.

Further down you will see Commentary, including the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (again, filtered to include only the relevant titles), and twelve textbook sources. Of these, six are jurisdictionally-based estate admin manuals, and thankfully one of those jurisdictions is Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan content includes six chapters of legal commentary followed by collections of 62 Precedents, 92 Special Instructions, 54 Letters, and a Words & Phrases index.

Other included texts are (with descriptions based on print versions):

  • Widdifield on Executors and Trustees – blue, single volume loose-leaf, comprehensive legal commentary with noted case citations
  • Waters’ Law of Trusts in Canada – very popular hardbound book with red cover
  • Schnurr, Estate Litigation – 2-vol loose-leaf, loaded with precedents and case law appendices
  • Histrop, Estate Planning Precedents – 3-vol dark blue looseleaf
  • Allen & Quinlan’s Estate Planning Handbook – a thin paperback volume of practical advice

The Commentary section also includes the Canadian Bar Association Concordances, which are organized by jurisdiction (including Saskatchewan), and consist of tables on all areas of estates law with three columns: Question, Answers, and Comments (usually giving the legal source of the answer).

The next section down is Forms and Precedents, and this section deserves your attention, despite the presence of copious forms and precedents in the Commentary Section, for two reasons. First, this content is not included in the global searching tool (note search bar at top of screen). Second, and most importantly, these forms are Word Docs – so will save you the trouble of retyping them.

Finally, there is a link to the Canadian Abridgment Digests. These were already available to you, but it is worth pointing out once again that you can save tons of time in searching for case law by taking advantage of the Abridgment’s exhaustive classification system.

As always, please contact the library if you have any questions are ideas for further resources we should acquire.


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