Day: February 7, 2018

Free Parenting Plan Tool

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By Alan Kilpatrick, Librarian

The Department of Justice recently launched a free online tool to help separated and divorced parents create a successful parenting plan. As you may already know, this is a written document that sets out how separated parents will work together to raise their child.

The online tool prompts the user to fill in fields and answer questions about different aspects of childrearing and parenting. Questions asked include how much time the child is to spend with each parent, how travel will be dealt with, and how to resolve parenting disputes. Completing the online tool will produce a basic plan.

The tool is not a substitute for legal advice. However, we encourage all family law practitioners in Saskatchewan to explore this tool and recommend it to their clients when appropriate.

We are excited to see the Department of Justice taking steps to simplify and improve access to justice for Canadians. Check out the Department of Justice’s Family Law webpage to learn about the other helpful resources they offer.