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New Journals Issues – December 2017

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Volume 43, Number 1 (March 2017)

  • Analysis of the legal and policy framework applicable to Combat Vesico Vaginal Fistula in Nigeria and systematic challenges to their implementation / Oluseyi Olayanju
  • Options of litigation funding in serving the interest of society: a critical evaluation form the viewpoint of access to justice / Sekander Zulker Nayeen
  • When arbitration clause and oppression collide / Aiman Nariman Mohd-Sulaiman and Mohsin Hingun
  • Vice and virtue of the Basic Structure Doctrine: a comparative analytic reconsideration of the Indian sub-continent’s constitutional practices / Abdul Malek
  • Cybercrime and legislation: a critical reflection on the Cybercrimes Act, 2015 of Jamaica / Corlane Barclay
  • Child, early, and forced marriages (CEFM) in the Commonwealth: the role of the judiciary / Elizabeth Nahamya
  • Francis N. Bothway, Book Review of The contested empowerment of Kenya’s judiciary, 2010-2015: a historical institutional analysis by James Thuo Gathii (2017) Commonwealth L Bull 147


McGill Law Journal
Volume 65, Number 3 (March 2017)
Special Issue 

  • Introduction / Laura Càrdenas
  • Accès à la justice pour protger l’environment au Québec : réflextions sur la capacité à agir des particuliers et des groupes environmentaux / Michel Bélanger et Paule Halley
  • The Continuing Relevance of Common Law Property Rights and Remedies in Addressing Environmental Challenges / David Grinlinton
  • L’environment à l’épreuve du droit des biens / Gaël Gidrol-Mistral
  • Les services écologiques ou le renouveau de la catégorie civiliste de fruits? / Sarah Vanuxem
  • “The Earth is Our Mother”: Freedom of Religion and the Preservation of Indigenous Sacred Sites in Canada / Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins
  • “Legalizing” the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements: Colonial Adaptations Toward Reconciliation and Conservation / Deborah Curran


UBC Law Review
Volume 50, Number 4 (November 2017)

  • Property in the City: Special Edition Introduction / Douglas C. Harris & Graham Reynolds
  • High-Rise Residential Condominiums and the Transformation of Private Property Governance / Dorit Garfunkel
  • Owning and Dissolving Strata Property / Douglas C. Harris
  • Pokémorials: Placing Norms in Augmented Reality / Elizabeth F. Judge and Tenille E. Brown
  • Sharing Data in the Platform Economy: A Public Interest Argument for Access to Platform Data / Teresa Scassa