Day: January 29, 2018

Enforcement of Money Judgments

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From Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, Court Services

Beginning February 5, 2018, search results in the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) and Judgment Registry (JR) will display active enforcement instructions registered against judgments. Including these notices into the SPPR and JR will provide quick and convenient access to this information.

On February 5, all newly received enforcement instructions delivered to the local Sheriff will be registered by the Enforcement of Money Judgments Unit against judgments in the registry.  At that time, all current enforcement instructions filed with Sheriff Offices will have been imported into the SPPR and JR.

An enforcement instruction is a part of the legal process in place that enables the Sheriff to pursue funds owed under a judgment.  Enforcement Instructions to enforce a judgment can be provided to the local Sheriff after a judgment has been registered in the Judgment Registry.   More information on enforcement of judgments may be found at Sask Law Courts.