Day: January 25, 2018

New Free CPD Opportunity: Research Case Studies

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The Law Society Library and Continuing Professional Development are pleased to announce a new CPD Study Group opportunity for our members – Research Case Studies.

Study groups offer a flexible and convenient way for lawyers to obtain CPD Hours. A study group involves a group of lawyers getting together to discuss content that meets the criteria set out in the CPD Policy. Study groups work best when the group is made up of 4-5 lawyers. One member of the group must act as the facilitator in each session to chair the meeting. The facilitator is also responsible for submitting a CPD Activity Application Form detailing the content, participants, meeting date and time in order for all group members to be able to self-report their hours. All study groups are accredited for actual time spent discussing the content.

A Research Case Study presents a scenario where a lawyer must locate appropriate legal authorities using databases available through the Law Society website. A laptop and access to the Members’ Section of the website are required for these sessions. These cases have been updated with Saskatchewan content and resources and we are pleased to offer them to our members at no charge. Cases are listed by practice area on the CPD website in the Resources section. Each case comes with a case-specific Facilitator’s Guide which will help guide the discussion and provides some resources to do so.

Please note that Research Case Studies do not qualify as Ethics Hours.

CPD hours are NOT available for:

  • Time spent reading materials whether before or after the study group session;
  • Discussing file specific content.

Don’t forget! Your group must submit a CPD application form detailing meeting name, date and time, participant names and content in order to be able to claim CPD Hours. You are able to claim the actual amount of time spent discussing the cases up to a maximum of (3.0) CPD Hours per group meeting.