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Registration Open for Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week Events – October 16-21, 2017

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By Brea Lowenberger
Access To Justice Coordinator & Director of CREATE Justice, University of Saskatchewan, College of Law

The objective of the Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week is to engage new and diverse voices in the access to justice conversation and highlight initiatives that aim to improve access to justice for Saskatchewan residents. Our line-up of events for the second annual week include:

  • opportunities for the public to participate in conversations on how to improve access to justice;
  • access to justice CPD options for lawyers;
  • an invitation to members from other disciplines to collaborate in improving access to justice; and
  • access to justice events for law students.

During the days leading up to the week, Legal Sourcery will host further details on how the week’s events will be of interest to the public, lawyers, members of disciplines outside of law, and law students. Also, follow Legal Sourcery for a series of “SK A2J Week Guest Blogs” (such as today’s post from a National Action Committee on Access to Justice Liaison)  and highlights from the week.

We invite you to check out the calendar of events and register today, as spaces for events are limited.

(Downloadable poster that can be printed/shared offline/online.)

A2J Week SK makes an impact on each of Canada’s Justice Development Goals

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By Sarah McCoubrey, Action Committee Liaison

Saskatchewan’s A2J Week is a great chance to check our progress on Canada’s Justice Development Goals. The nine goals arose out of the Roadmap for Change published by the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters in 2014. The goals identify nine areas where the justice sector needs to focus its efforts to reform justice processes, learn and share and work differently to make the justice system work better for people in Canada. The JDGs let everyone working on A2J, and the public, keep track of our efforts and our progress. The Justice Development Goals are broad, ambitious goals that can serve to link the efforts of big institutions, small non-profits, collaboratives and individuals who are all pulling toward the same vision of an effective, responsive justice system.

Canada’s Justice Development Goals

1 – Address Every Day Legal Problems
2 – Meet Legal Needs
3 – Make Courts Work Better
4 – Improve Family Justice
5 – Work Together
6 – Build Capability
7 – Innovate
8 – Analyze and Learn
9 – Improve Funding Strategies

In Saskatchewan, The A2J Working Group has acted on JDG Goal 5 (Work Together) by creating a collaborative approach within the province. This provincial entity has initiated cross sector discussions and fostered provincial coordination on A2J. The establishment of CREATE Justice responds to JDG Goal 8 (Analyze and Learn) by creating a centre for research excellence to advance understanding of the A2J crisis. By its leadership also nurtures connections and creates momentum on other projects, exposing students to the issues that Canadians face when dealing with civil conflicts. The invitation to researchers in other disciplines will expand the scope of knowledge on A2J issues.

The activities planned during A2J Week in Saskatchewan also advance Justice Development Goals. Each of the planned activities brings people together to improve service, build understanding and share resources. The week as a whole raises the critical importance of A2J issues.

Oct 16 / 17 Town Hall on the Future of Legal Services Provision in Saskatchewan Goals 1 and 2
Oct 16 “Spin for Access to Justice” Fundraiser Goal 9
Oct 17 – A Spotlight on Access to Justice Champions: A Volunteer Appreciation Event Goals 5 and 6
Oct 18 – Justice and Health Services Session Goal 7
Oct 19 – Free Legal Resource Fair Goals 1 and 2
Oct 19 – McKercher Lecture Series: How can your library help you access legal information? Goal 1
Oct 19 – Walk-in Family Law Information Clinic Goals 1 and 4
Oct 20 – Law Student Small Urban and Rural Law Firm Trip Goals 1 and 2
Oct 21/22 – Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Conference Goals 1, 3, 7 and 8

As the Saskatchewan legal community connects with librarians, service providers, students, members of the public, each event promotes the #justiceforall #a2j goals of public engagement and legal health.

Saskatchewan’s A2J Week is one of the exciting things happening across the country to improve access to justice. Our ongoing, collective work on each of the Justice Development Goals gets Canada’s justice system closer to meeting our vision of an effective, functioning system to help everyone in Canada with their legal issues. A2J Week SK is an impressive week of meaningful programming and collaboration that is making a real impact towards these goals.

Access to Justice Bulletin, September 2017

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From the Saskatchewan Access to Justice Working Group

Announcing the Second Annual Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week, October 16 to 21. Check out the schedule and follow registration instructions for events here:

Mon. Oct. 16 – Town Hall: The Future of Legal Services Provision in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon); and “Spin for Access to Justice” Fundraiser (registration required).

Tues. Oct. 17 – Town Hall: The Future of Legal Services Provision in Saskatchewan (Regina); and A Spotlight on Access to Justice Champions: A Volunteer Appreciation Event.

Wed. Oct. 18 – Lecture on Expanding Engagement: Creating Connections Between Delivery of Justice and Health Services with Michele Leering (registration required – 1 CPD hour for lawyers).

Thurs. Oct. 19 – Free Legal Resource Fair; McKercher Lecture Series: How can your library help you access legal information? with Janet Freeman (1 CPD hour for lawyers); and Walk-in Family Law Information Clinic.

Fri. Oct. 20 – Law Student Small Urban and Rural Law Firm Trip (registration required).

Fri. Oct. 20 & Sat. Oct. 21 – Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information (SALI) Conference: The Role of Legal Information Providers and Public Libraries in Promoting Access to Justice
(registration required for online livestream option); and SALI Conference Keynote Public Lecture Legal Information, Legal Advice, and Access to Justice – The Distinction as it is Understood in the United States with John Greacen (1 CPD hour for lawyers).

CREATE Justice referenced by John Sims, recently named a Member of the Order of Canada for his leadership and commitment to access to justice:

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