Day: September 26, 2017

Saskatchewan Proclamation

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Sections 3(b), 7 to 9, 33 to 35, 36(e) and 36(f) of The Liquor Retail Modernization Act, SS 2016, c 4, are proclaimed into force October 2, 2017. According to the government description, the amendments:

create a single “retail store permit” for all retailers of beverage alcohol in the province, and remove previous provisions that set out separate rules and requirements for privately operated liquor retail outlets, formerly referred to as franchises and off-sales.

Former Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) retail stores, franchises and full off-sale holders are deemed to be holders of the new retail store permit. This Act also contains transitional provisions related to the transfer of existing SLGA liquor stores to a subsidiary of the Authority. The subsidiary is deemed to be the holder of a retail store permit with respect to those stores.

The changes also make a number of administrative updates to the Act, including:

  • clarifying application processes in municipalities and on reserves where there has not been a store or permitted premises in operation for the previous 12 months;
  • providing permittees with expanded options to purchase beverage alcohol for resale;
  • establishing rules that limit business relationships between liquor permittees and liquor manufacturers or suppliers; and
  • making various updates to the gaming provisions of the Act, including removing outdated references to exhibition casino operators.