Saskatchewan Proclamation

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The Pipelines Amendment Act, 2017, SS 2017, c 22, is proclaimed into force July 31, 2017. According to Hon. Dustin Duncan, the MLA who introduced the bill to the House, the amendments:

  • create the legal framework for the phased-in licensing of over 80,000 flow lines currently exempt from the licensing under the Act
  • provide the legal framework for building an online pipeline licensing system using the recently launched integrated resource information system, also known as IRIS
  • establish new inspection, investigation, and compliance audit powers for ministry staff
  • update and modernize the penalty provisions of the Act, including introducing administrative penalties equivalent to what exists under other provincial laws
  • provide the legal basis for creating technical directives for pipeline licensing, construction, operation, and abandonment
  • provide new regulatory authorities to require financial assurance from operators for pipelines located in high-risk locations such as water crossings
  • establish ongoing obligations related to addressing any environmental issues that might be discovered after a pipeline is abandoned


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