Astonishing Coverage of Saskatchewan Tribunals on CanLII

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Alan Kilpatrick, Librarian

Did you know that CanLII provides free access to thousands of decisions from twenty-one Saskatchewan administrative tribunals?  You can access decisions from the following Saskatchewan tribunal:

Board or Tribunal Coverage
Appeal Tribunal under the Medical Profession Act 1977-2014
Automobile Injury Appeal Commission 2003-2017
Information and Privacy Commissioner 2004-2017
Labour Arbitration Awards 1981-2017
Law Society of Saskatchewan 2010-2017
Saskatchewan Assessment Commission 2010-2014
Saskatchewan Board of Review under the Farmers’ Creditors Arrangement Act, 1934 1907-2014
Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals 2015-2016
Saskatchewan District Court 1907-1981
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission 2009-2013
Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal 2006-2011
Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board 2008-2017
Saskatchewan Local Government Board 1922-2014
Saskatchewan Master of Titles 1907-2014
Saskatchewan Municipal Boards of Revision 2015-2017
Saskatchewan Office of Residential Tenancies 2006-2017
Saskatchewan Provincial Mediation Board 2006-2017
Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission 2009-2017
Saskatchewan Surrogate Court 1907-2017
Saskatchewan Unified Family Court 1978-2017
Supreme Court of Saskatchewan 1907-2015

As a committed supporter of public access to the law and open legal publishing, the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library works tirelessly to improve coverage of Saskatchewan case law and tribunal decisions on CanLII.  We For example, we began a multi-year digitization project in 2015 to provide a complete online record of Saskatchewan case law.  In all, the Law Society Library digitized about 16,000 cases, almost doubling the amount of Saskatchewan case law available on CanLII.  Saskatchewan’s public now has free access to a virtually complete record of Saskatchewan cases back to 1907 as a result of this project.

Notice a Saskatchewan tribunal that does not have its decisions on CanLII?  See a tribunal with poor coverage of decisions on CanLII?  Help us improve CanLII’s coverage of Saskatchewan content by contacting




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