Day: May 29, 2017

Upcoming Law Firm Practice Management Pilot Project

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By Barbra Bailey, Policy Counsel
Law Society of Saskatchewan

The Law Society of Saskatchewan, in collaboration with the Law Societies of Alberta and Manitoba, has been exploring a new model of regulating legal services in a manner that is risk-focused, proactive and with a greater focus on law firms as a whole, rather than a sole focus on individual lawyers. The new approach is designed to be more responsive to a diverse and profoundly changing environment, to enhance the quality of legal services, to encourage ethical legal practice and to foster innovation in legal service delivery. The feedback from the membership regarding this regulatory model has been positive and we are now seeking to test and enhance this new approach through a pilot project.  This will involve a randomly selected, geographically proportionate sample of 25 law firms of varying sizes and sole practitioners across the province.

Next month, Benchers of the Law Society will begin contacting firms to ask them to participate in the Prairie Law Societies’ Law Firm Practice Management pilot project.  Participation is voluntary but we hope you will agree to participate as your input will be invaluable to the Law Society’s goal of developing a more modern and proactive approach to regulation.  We believe that participation in the pilot project will also help your firm to mitigate risk and to enhance practice management, firm culture and overall delivery of legal services and client satisfaction.

Please stay tuned for further updates.