Day: May 17, 2017

TED-X Talk at the Regina Public Library

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By Alan Kilpatrick

On March 23, the Regina Public Library (RPL) held a TED Talk, TEDxRPLCentralLibrary at the RPL Film Theatre. TED Talks bring together diverse speakers and groups of people to connect and to discuss exciting and emerging ideas in the world today. TEDx Talks are independently organized and hosted TED events. If you are not familiar with the TED phenomenon, check out this video.

The TEDxRPLCentralLibrary website explained the theme of the event,

A library is place of connections – connections to learning, to language, to new experiences and new people. Engage is the action taken after you make a connection. It can also mean attract, occupy, involve, participate, pledge to do something; it’s the word said at the start of a swordfight and the one famously used by Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise. At TEDxRPLCentralLibrary, we’re asking you to not just make a connection but to engage: with each other, with learning, with health, with creativity, with technology, with history, with the future, with the environment, and with ideas –new and old, big and small.

What better place to connect and engage than TEDxRPLCentralLibrary?  After all, the library is the natural place to learn about new ideas.