Day: May 9, 2017

Happy (Belated) Birthday CanLII Connects!

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The CanLII Blog recently posted a message celebrating the third birthday of CanLII Connects. As we have posted before, CanLII Connects is a phenomenal website that features high-quality legal commentary and summaries of Canadian court decisions.  It’s a continually growing source of authoritative legal commentary that is free, accessible, and open to anyone.  Currently, the site boasts summaries of over 37,000 Canadian decisions dating back to the 1800s.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library has been a major supporter of CanLII Connects since it was launched in April 2014.  To date, the Law Society Library has submitted over 25,000 summaries of Saskatchewan court decisions to CanLII Connects.  This represents our entire collection of case digests.  As you may know, the Law Society Library employs a number of contract digesters to summarize and digest Saskatchewan court decisions.  These digests appear in Case Mail, our popular semi-monthly newsletter, and in the Saskatchewan Cases database.

Please see the CanLII Blog for useful tips for using the CanLII Connects site.