Queen’s Bench Rules of Court and Forms Amended

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By Kelly Laycock

The Court of Queen’s Bench has amended the Rules of Court and related forms effective April 1, 2017. The amendments include authorizing lawyers to send requests for service directly to foreign countries pursuant to The Hague Convention on Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents, and amending the family law Petition and Answer forms to require additional information concerning other relevant court proceedings and to update the Statement of Lawyer. Please see details in Saskatchewan Gazette, Part I, March 3, 2017.

As a courtesy to our members, the Law Society Library converts the PDF forms into Word documents for easy use. We have completed the conversion, and these documents are now available on the Law Society website. The following forms were affected:

  • Former forms 12-12A, 12-12B, and 12-12C are repealed and replaced by forms 12-12A and 12-12B.
  • Form 15-6 is amended.
  • Form 15-14A is amended.
  • Form 15-15 is amended.
  • Form 16-14 is amended.
  • New form 16-53 is added.

Please note the new format of forms 12-12A and 12-12B, which relate to the Hague Convention. These forms are for international use and so do not contain the QB form numbers on the form.

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