Past Presidents of the Law Society of Saskatchewan

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By Kelly Laycock

For all those history buffs, this is the complete list of the past presidents of the Law Society of Saskatchewan since its inception in 1907. This list was originally published as an appendix in Iain Mentiplay’s book, A Century of Integrity: The Law Society of Saskatchewan 1907 to 2007, and has recently been updated for the latest issue of the Benchers’ Digest to include the presidents from the past 10 years. In that update, we inadvertently forgot to include Mr. Robert Heinrichs, QC, who took over as president in May 2014 after the Honourable Miguel Martinez was appointed to the Provincial Court. We offer our sincerest apologies to Mr. Heinrichs for that omission. Please find the correction in the list below and in the online Spring 2017 issue of the Benchers’ Digest. If you want to learn more about the history of the Law Society, we’ll be posting more historical gems over the coming months to celebrate our 110th anniversary. Stay tuned!

1908       Edward Lindsay Elwood, Moosomin
1909       Norman Mackenzie, KC, Regina
1910       Wellington Bartley Willoughby, KC, Moose Jaw
1911       John Alexander Macdonald Patrick, KC, Yorkton
1912       Charles Edward Dudley Wood, Regina
1913       Herbert Acheson, Saskatoon
1914       Oliver Steele Black, KC, Weyburn
1915       James Balfour, KC, Regina
1916       Philip Edward Mackenzie, KC, Saskatoon
1917       Rufus Redmond Earle, KC, Battleford
1918       Albert Leslie Gordon, KC, Regina
1919       Norman Mackenzie, KC, Regina
1920       Joseph F. Frame, KC, Regina
1921       William Grayson, KC, Moose Jaw
1922       William Wellington Livingston, KC, Battleford
1923       Everett Bruce Jonah, KC, Regina
1924       Henry Lawson Jordan, KC, Saskatoon
1925       Daniel Buckles, KC, Swift Current
1926       Louis Thompson McKim, KC, Melville
1927       Frank Clayton Wilson, KC, Yorkton
1928       Harold J. Schull, KC, Moose Jaw
1929       Alfred Edward Bence, KC, Saskatoon
1930       Herbert Edmund Sampson, KC, Regina
1931       James Hawkins Lindsay, KC, Prince Albert
1932       J.M. Hanbidge, KC, Kerrobert
1933       Herbert Gilpin Sparling, KC, Battleford
1934       Andrew Murray McIntyre, KC, Saskatoon
1935       James Oswald Begg, KC, Swift Current
1936       William Henry Buchan Spotton, KC, Moose Jaw
1937       Percy McCuaig Anderson, KC, Regina
1938       Albert Edward Cairns, KC, Melfort
1939       William Milverton Rose, KC, Moose Jaw
1940       William James Perkins, KC, Estevan
1941       Frank Lindsay Bastedo, KC, Regina
1942       Percy George Hodges, KC, Regina
1943       Walter Buchanan Francis, KC, Saskatoon
1944       Richard Mulcaster, KC, Prince Albert
1944/45        Arthur Moxon, KC, Saskatoon
1946       Gordon Wright Forbes, KC, Regina
1947       Alan Carl Stewart, KC, Yorkton
1948       Herbert Elwood Keown, KC, Melfort
1949       John Newbery Conroy, KC, North Battleford
1950       Lester McTaggart, KC, Moose Jaw
1951       William Wallace Lynd, KC, Estevan
1952       Emmett Matthew Hall, KC, Saskatoon
1953       Frederick Charles Hayes, KC, Swift Current
1954       Charles Roberts Davidson, KC, Regina
1955       George Milledge Salter, KC, Prince Albert
1955/56        Edward Denis Noonan, KC, Regina
1957       Jacob Michael Goldenberg, KC, Saskatoon
1958       John Lorn McDougall, KC, Regina
1959       Stanley McDonald Mighton, KC, North Battleford
1960       William Harold Morrison, KC, Yorkton
1961       Norman R. McDonald, KC, Weyburn
1961       Frederick Wood Alexander, KC, Regina
1962       John Marcel Cuelenaere, KC, Prince Albert
1963       Cecil Gilbert Schmitt, KC, Saskatoon
1964       Boris Dubinsky, KC, Moose Jaw
1965       Alastair MacLean Nicol, KC, Regina
1966       David Eldon Gauley, QC, Saskatoon
1967       Joseph Gerard McIntyre, QC, Regina
1968       James Eremko, QC, Nipawin
1969       Alan Williams Embury, QC, Regina\
1970       Joseph Frederick Polley, QC, Swift Current
1971       Donald Stewart McKercher, QC, Saskatoon
1972       Edward John Moss, QC, Regina
1973       Henry Albert Osborn, QC, North Battleford
1974       Ramon John Hnatyshyn, QC, Saskatoon
1975       Donald Kenneth MacPherson,  QC, Regina
1976       Silas Eugene Halyk, QC, Saskatoon
1977       Grant Harold Martin Armstrong, QC, Regina
1978       Robert Hamilton McKercher, QC, Saskatoon
1979       Thomas Clarkson Wakeling, QC, Regina
1980       Paul Hrabinsky,  QC, Saskatoon
1981       Gerald Lorne Gerrand, QC, Regina
1982       Gerald Norman Allbright, QC, Saskatoon
1983       Elton Ronald Gritzfeld, QC, Regina
1984       Donald Anthony Wilhelm, QC, North Battleford
1985       Gordon Joseph Kuski, QC, Regina
1986       Robert Donald Laing, QC, Saskatoon
1987       Franklin Alexander MacBean, QC, Swift Current
1988       Loran Theodore Andrew Priel, QC, Saskatoon
1989       Gerald Mervin Kraus, QC, Regina
1990       David Jackson McKeague, QC, Saskatoon
1991       Lyle Victor Cundall, QC, Estevan
1992       Robert Bruce Pletch, QC, Regina
1993       Leslie William Prosser, QC, Saskatoon
1994       Peter Stephen Kolenick, QC, Yorkton
1995       Lawrence John Zatyln, QC, Prince Albert
1996       Neil George Gabrielson, QC, Saskatoon
1997       Richard Shawn Smith, QC, Regina
1998       Lynn B.  MacDonald, QC, Radville (First female president of the LSS)
1998/99 Maurice Laprairie, QC, Regina
2000       Randall Baker, QC, Regina
2001       Martel Popescul, QC, Prince Albert
2002       Michael W. Milani, QC, Regina
2003       Robert Gibbings, QC, Saskatoon
2004       W. Brent Gough, QC, Saskatoon
2005       Michael Fisher, QC, Melville
2006       Alma Wiebe, QC, Saskatoon
2007       Victor Dietz, QC, Regina
2008       Richard Danyliuk, QC, Saskatoon
2009       Karl Bazin, QC, Swift Current
2010       Eileen Libby, QC, Regina
2011       Paul Korpan, QC, Regina
2012       Gregory Walen, QC, Saskatoon
2013       Heather Laing, QC, Saskatoon
2014       Miguel Martinez, QC, Lloydminster
2014       Robert Heinrichs, QC, Swift Current
2015       Brenda Hildebrandt, QC, Saskatoon
2016       Perry Erhardt, QC, Regina
2017       Erin Kleisinger, QC, Regina (Current president)

If you have a story or photo you’d like to contribute to celebrate the rich and diverse history of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, please contact us at

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