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By Kelly Laycock

This is a reminder that the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated was recently consolidated and is available for purchase through the Law Society Library. Due to the popularity of the new paperback format, copies are flying off the shelves, so for anyone who needs a copy and hasn’t yet ordered this new edition, time is running out! To sweeten the deal, we are still offering bundle pricing when you purchase Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan with the QBRA, while supplies last.

Highlights of the 2016 Annual edition:

  • Now in an annual 9 x 6 paperback format
  • 1056 pages
  • Durable, high-quality binding and convenient size
  • No more filing!

Fully updated and reorganized by Christine Johnston, BEd, LLB, with all changes to the Rules and Tariffs to The Saskatchewan Gazette, Vol. 112, No. 35, in effect October 1, 2016. Case law is current to June 2016.


ISBN 978-0-9699120-9-5
9 x 6 paperback • 1056 pages
$320.00 + tax and shipping


ISBN 978-0-9699120-8-8
9 x 6 hardcover • 392 pages
$195.00 + tax and shipping

QBRA + CAS Special Bundle Price

$399.00 + tax and shipping

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