Day: January 11, 2017

Reminder – Check Us out on SlawTips

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By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

Back in October we announced that some of the best legal research and technology tips from our Legal Sourcery team will also be featured on SlawTips. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, SlawTips features advice you can use on technology, practice and research. If you want to receive these tips directly, you can sign up with email or RSS, and you can follow @SlawTips on Twitter. Excerpts also appear each Tuesday on for the week’s most recent entries.

Tips that have appeared on SlawTips so far include:

4 Questions to Ask About Any Database (Part 1)

4 Questions to Ask About Any Database (Part 2)

Search Strategy – Cast Your Net Wide

Find Values Quickly on a Spreadsheet

Passwords – as Painless as Possible

Sway by Microsoft: The Easy Breezy Way to Create an Interactive Presentation

De-Clutter Your Gmail Inbox With This Trick

A full list of all 99 of our legal research tips so far can also be found under the ‘Tip of the Week’ category on the right hand side of our blog or by following this link. Our technology tips are listed under ‘Technology’ or can be found here.