Maritime Law Book Acquired

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Maritime Law Book (MLB), a stalwart of the Canadian legal publishing industry for the past 40 years and creator of the popular national reporter system, was purchased by 9766758 Canada Inc, a group involving Colin Lachance, on November 1st.   This is unexpected news for those who were mourning the demise of MLB, previously reported by Slaw last year.

Purchasing a case law publisher in today’s economic climate is a bold move. Lachance, the new CEO of MLB states:

“The pace of technological advancement is accelerating, and we want to bring the benefits of that advancement to legal researchers,” says Colin Lachance. “In addition to smarter search, we will provide high demand tools like visualizations that allow you to more quickly zero in on the cases you need, and we will deliver personalized research trails that help you train our system to learn what’s important to you.”

You can learn more about the purchase from the MLB press release.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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