Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated 2016 Consolidation

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By Kelly Laycock

The Queen’s Bench Rules of Saskatchewan Annotated, produced by Neva McKeague and Willa Voroney through the Continuing Legal Education Office with funding from the Law Foundation, was published in 1985. A soft copy was produced in 1991. The Library took over publication of the Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated in 1992 with the development of continuing legal education into an independent society.”                  —A Century of Integrity by Iain A. Mentiplay, QC, page 221.

qbra2016postcardblogThe QBRA has gone through a number of changes since its first edition, and the third edition of the Big Red Binder was updated from 2001 through to 2012, with multiple releases a year in the looseleaf format. The fourth edition of this book, created in 2013 to coincide with the release of the new Queen’s Bench Rules, continued that tradition, and many hours were spent in coordinating, editing and proofreading that version, as well as its multiple releases each year. But as the Library produced these releases, we realized that the result was more an exercise in filing rather than a valuable update to the standing case law, considering the time and money that went into producing each release.

Three years after the update to the Rules, the Library decided it was time for a consolidation. And with a keen eye on other jurisdictions, we decided to follow in their footsteps by moving into a different format this year. Looseleaf binders have long been seen as the publisher’s cash cow, with expensive subscriptions multiple times a year countering the high costs of production, all the while promoting the releases as somehow more current than an annual volume. And that may be true in large jurisdictions, but what we came to realize as we produced each release was that the amount of truly new case law was being exaggerated by the reflow of pages and an ever-expanding Table of Cases. As digital technology progresses and printing costs decrease for softcover books, we recognize there is a better balance for our members and practitioners in the province, and in a jurisdiction of our size, this makes more economic sense for everyone.

The result is the new and improved annual paperback of the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated. With a durable binding and quality paper, the new format is a sleek, more convenient desktop reference, not to mention more transportable should it need to travel to court. Complete with the Tariff of Costs, Historical Table of Concordance, Table of Cases, Statutes and Authorities, and a full index to the rules, this volume maintains the high quality content you’ve come to expect. Fully updated and reorganized by our talented and thorough annotator, Christine Johnston, BEd, LLB, the new volume is more user-friendly than ever.

Available November 2016. Order your copy today.
ISBN 978-0-9699120-9-5
9 x 6 paperback • 1056 pages
$320.00 + tax and shipping

CASpostcardp1Special Bundle Price!
Order Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan and 2016 Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated together for only $399.00 + tax and shipping.

Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan
This November marks the one-year anniversary of Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan, the comprehensive guide to the Court of Appeal Act & Rules by the Honourable Stuart J. Cameron. This welcome commentary provides practical observations on case law and procedural legislation for the province’s highest court. Recent case law suggests it has already proven a valuable resource to those who appear before the Court.

Nominated for the 2016 Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing.

ISBN 978-0-9699120-8-8
9 x 6 hardcover • 392 pages
$195.00 + tax and shipping

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