Upcoming CPD Events – November

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cpdlogoThe Law Society is offering several exciting CPD events this November. Please see our website for more information and to register:

We are delighted to be welcoming an esteemed and accomplished faculty to guide us through this comprehensive course on Family Law and Civil Litigation files from the moment they are opened to trial. We will begin at the beginning as our Faculty discuss, among other things, managing client  expectations, partial representation, and mediation. We will them move to the mid-life of a file as our panel share their experience and expertise on issues such as dedicated case management judges, applications to strike, and when interim applications are necessary. Finally we will move to a  discussion of summary trials, document books, and the running of an efficient trial.

Don’t miss out on this vital day of CPD programming for all litigators!

Presented by Jeffrey D. Scott, Q.C. & David E. Thera, Q.C.

Since many civil actions require expert opinion evidence, the importance of such evidence cannot be overstated. This Webinar will discuss the importance of retaining credible experts including, for example, when to retain an expert, what to look for when retaining an expert, how to instruct an    expert, how to obtain an effective expert opinion and how to use an expert opinion to support and further your client’s case. Recent developments in the law on communicating with experts and discloser of those communications will be covered as well.

The sessions will be led by Brent Cotter, Q.C. and will discuss topics including Civility, Confidentiality and Privilege, Discipline, and the Evolving Approaches to the Regulation of Lawyers.

Presented by Amanda Dodge & Alan McIntyre, Q.C.

Ability and drive provide only part of what makes a junior lawyer a success. Often the most successful lawyers are defined by the ability to more effectively apply the information and knowledge that all lawyers share. This skill is often acquired when one receives the guidance of a more experienced            lawyer.

Chaired by Erin Kleisinger, Q.C.

This event is SOLD OUT! However, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please complete and submit the registration form.

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