Innovating Regulation Consultation Report Released

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By Barbra Bailey, Policy Counsel
Law Society of Saskatchewan

From May to June 2016, the law societies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba collaborated to consult with lawyers in those jurisdictions on entity and compliance-based regulation.

The Innovating Regulation Consultation Report provides a summary of the consultation.  In reviewing the analysis, it should be taken into consideration that the number of lawyers who participated in our consultation is insufficient to be considered statistically representative, however the feedback and input we received from lawyers across the prairie provinces was invaluable.

Our joint consultation provided an opportunity for two-way dialogue – to educate, as well as to gather information to help identify challenges, mitigate risks and make informed decisions about the future regulation of the legal profession.  A consultation hub – – was created to inform and encourage engagement and to serve as a base for all our consultation materials, including a discussion paper and abstract, videos, formal consultation questions and an open discussion forum.  Each province hosted face-to-face consultations and webinars to inform lawyers about the issues, initiate discussion and solicit input.

Consultation as a means of building an effective relationship with our stakeholders is characterized by sharing of information, transparency and trust.  We are committed to a long-term engagement with the profession that evolves over time and will strive to continuously improve our consultation efforts.

Next steps on entity and compliance-based regulation will be communicated in the near future.

Read more about the consultation and feedback collected in the Consultation Report and Appendix.


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