Highlights from Day 5 of Access to Justice Week

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a2jweekBy Brea Lowenberger, Access to Justice Coordinator and Alexandra Santos, Just Rights student group member

A previous post announced the launch of the Architects of Justice program in Saskatchewan. On Monday, October 24, members of the Just Rights student group participated as volunteers in the launch of the program.

This is what law students had to say about the volunteer experience:

While volunteering for Architects of Justice I enjoyed hearing how people think access to justice can be improved. I felt like I was contributing to efforts to improve the justice system while also challenging my own perceptions of access to justice.

– Davida Bentham

We were able to hear from over 40 people in the first hour of our launch – which was incredible! There is so much potential for the information and ideas we collect to make a positive impact on our justice system. These questions also encourage reflection and provide a tangible way for participants to contribute to change. Architects of Justice is all about engaging community. I love that students get to be a part of this conversation.

– Alex Santos

I think being able to be a part of the kickoff of the project in Saskatoon was a super unique opportunity. People were so responsive and willing to participate which was very encouraging and great to see! It was a great way to chat with people in a very relaxed environment and I felt as though people were very open and felt free to express their opinions which was fantastic. I’m really excited for all of the possibilities with this project. I would definitely recommend it as a volunteer role. It was not stressful at all and it was really interesting to get to talk with people and hear different perspectives. I think it has the potential to make a big difference! And I am thrilled to be a part of it.

– Amanda Kimpinski

Haven’t contributed to the survey yet?  Please accept our invitation to imagine the justice system of the future.  Take the survey here.

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