Highlights from Day 2 of Access to Justice Week

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By Brea Lowenberger
Access To Justice Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan, College of Law

Didn’t catch Day 2 of Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week? Here are some highlights…


On Wednesday, October 19, the College of Law hosted a career panel for law students and lawyers on “doing law differently” called Creating Your Career in the 21st Century: A Panel on Emerging Career Opportunities and New Ways to Practice Law.

The panel topic was inspired by the Canadian Bar Association’s Do Law Differently and Reaching Equal Justice Reports.  The panel featured four lawyers and legal entrepreneurs who identify with “doing law differently” and having an access to justice orientation:

  • Thomas Hamilton, Vice-President Strategic Partnerships from ROSS Intelligence, home of “the world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer” (San Fransisco)
  • Andrea James, Corporate-Commercial Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Jamesco LLP (Calgary)
  • Stacy Muller, Inaugural Crown Counsel, Justice Innovation Division, Ministry of Justice and now Assistant Director, Dispute Resolution Office (Regina)
  • Amanda Dodge, Lawyer and Systemic Initiatives Program Coordinator, CLASSIC (Saskatoon)

The panelists took the audience through their first year of law school to their current career and discussed what makes their work related to access to justice and innovation, important to the public, and attractive to clients.

The panelists ended with sharing “who they want on their team”, that is what attributes they are looking for in who they want to hire, retain, or collaborate with.

Upper year College of Law student Kelsey Corrigan commented, “The panelists were interesting and I liked the tips about how to make law fit your life, your passions, and your goals”.

The practice of law is changing, and discussions like this are critical to be having in law schools”, stated panelist Thomas Hamilton.

For ideas on how to “do law differently” in Saskatchewan, see our related Access to Justice Week post.


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