New Journals in the Library – August 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocates’ Quarterly
Volume 45, Number 4 (July 2016)

  • The Myth of a Hierarchy of Decisional Capacity: A medico-Legal Perspective / Kimberly A. Whaley, Kenneth I. Shulman and Kerri L. Crawford
  • Impecuniosity or Hardship as a Factor in the Award of Costs: Towards a Coherent Framework / Norm Emblem and Ara Basmadjian
  • Injunctions to Restrain Breach of Contract – Stipulated Remedy Clauses – Old Habits Die Hard / Hillel David
  • A Primer on Waiver of Subrogation and Covenants to Insure / Gary M. Caplan

Banking & Finance Law Review
Volume 31, Number 3 (July 2016)

  • Islamic Banking and the UK New Legal and Financial Regulatory Architecture: The Potential Challenges Ahead / Abdul Karim Aldohni
  • The “Taxi Cab Problem” Revisited: Law and Ubernomics in the Sharing Economy / Michael Motala
  • Organizations Form and Financial Stability: lessons from Cooperative Banks in the US and UK / Michael Marin
  • Designing Optimal Regulation for Financial Innovation in Capital Raising – Regulatory Options for China’s Peer-to-Peer Lending Sector / Shen Wei
  • The Virtual is Real: An Argument for Characterizing Bitcoins as Private Property / Peter Hurich
  • Private Banks in China: Origin, Challenges and Regulatory Implications / Lerong Lu
  • The Price of a Dormant Provision: Revisiting Section 49 of the Competition Act / Marina Chernenko
  • The Fictitious Payee After Teva v. BMO: Has the Pendulum Swung Back Far Enough? / Benjamin Geva
  • Criminal Interest Revistited: Apparent Immunity for Equity Kickers / Simon Williams & Irfan Kara
  • C Ian Kyer, Book Review of Deposit Protection and Bank Resolution by Nikoletta Kleftouri (2016) 31:3 BFLR 626
  • Thomas H Stanton, Book Review of Investor Protection in Capital Markets: The Case of Hong Kong by Shen Wei (2016) 31:3 BFLR 630
  • Shen Wei, Book Review of Institutional Structure of Financial Regulation: Theories and International Experiences by Robin Hui Huang & Dirk Schoemaker (2016) 31:3 BFLR 635

Canadian Criminal Law Review
Volume 20, Number 3 (July 2016)

  • Gladue As a Sword: Incorporating Critical Race Perspectives into the Canadian Criminal Trial / Kelsey L. Sitar
  • Reconsidering the Charter Remedy for Unreasonable Delay in Criminal Cases / Christopher Sherrin
  • The Criminal Trial: Morality Play and Rule of Law / Hamish Stewart
  • Gilles Renaud, Book Review of Exploring Sentencing Practice in England and Wales by Julian V Roberts (2016) 20:3 CCLR 309

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Volume 58, Number 3 (July 2016)

  • Mentorship: A Missing Piece to Manage Juvenile Intensie Supervision Programs and Youth Gangs? / Michael Weinrath, Gavin Donatelli and Melanie J Murchison
  • Race, Street Life, and Policing: Implications for Racial Profiling / Steven Hayle, Scot Wortley, and Julian Tanner
  • Looking at Penalty Scales: How Judicial Actors and the General Public Judge Penal Severity / Chloé Leclerc and Pierre Tremblay
  • L’enchâissement social et la déliqance des pairs / Carlo Morselli, Augrey Gariépy et Claudine Gagnon
  • Victims’ Reflections on the Protective and Proactive Approaches to the Offer of Restorative Justice: The Importance of Information / Tinneke Van Camp and Jo-Anne Wemmers
  • Public Opinion Towards Cannabis Control in Ontario: Strong but Diversified Support for Reforming Control of Both Use and Supply / Benedikt Fischer, Anca R Ialomiteanu, Cayley Russell, Jürgen Rehm, and Robert E Mann

Commonwealth Law Bulletin
|Volume 42, Number 2 (June 2016)

  • Compensation to Landowners for use of Bauxite Lands in Jamaica: Assessing the Legal Issues / Tania Mott
  • Northern Ireland’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act (2015): A Preliminary Assessment / Jason Haynes
  • The Long Slumber of Dicey’s Indian Monarch / Shivprasad Swaminathan
  • An Examination of Article 27 of the TRIPS Afreement in Relation to the Provisions on Patentable Subject Matter under the PDA in Nigeria / Temitope O Oloko
  • Report of the Commonwealth Working Group on Virtual Currencies

Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 38, Number 2 (Fall 2015)

  • Canadian Constitutional Identities / Eric M Adams
  • Identifying Pathways to and Experiences of Street Involvement through Case Law / Susanne Bouclin
  • Wired Identities: Retention and Destruction of Personal Health Information in an Electronic World / Elaine Gibson
  • Defining Métis People as a People: Moving Beyond the Indian/Métis Dichotomy / Brenda L Gunn
  • Criminal Law and the Counter-Hegemonic Potential of Harm Reduction / Alana Klein
  • Inequality and Identity at Work / Jennifer Koshan
  • Indigenous Lawyers in Canada: Identity, Professionalization, Law / Sonia Lawrence and Signa Daum Shanks
  • Identity, Law, and the Right to a Dream? / Robert Leckey
  • Protecting Identity by ignoring it? A Critical Look at the French and Rwandan Paradoxes / Frédéric Mégret
  • Queering Indigenous Legal Studies / Emily Snyder
  • Agonizing Identity in mental Health Law and Policy (Part I) / Sheila Wildeman

Saskatchewan Law Review
Volume 79, Number 2 (2016)

  • Language Rights in Saskatchewan / Thomson Irvine
  • The Codification of Commercial Law / Roderick J Wood
  • Tracking Secularism: Freedom of Religion, Education, and the Trinity Western University Law School Dispute / Mark A Witten
  • 407 ETR, Moloney and the Contested Meaning of Rehabilitation in Canada’s Personal Bankruptcy System / Anna Lund
  • Highlights from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, 2015 / Sarah Burningham & Benjamin Ralston

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