Municipal Law Primer – Tip of the Week

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you researching municipal law and not sure where to begin?  The Law Society Library is here to help.

Here are the top ten municipal law resources, texts, and looseleafs in the Law Society Library Collection:

  • Canadian Law of Planning and Zoning / Rogers, I (2nd ed) – Toronto: Carswell, (Looseleaf)
    KF 5692 .R72 2005
  • Canadian Municipal and Planning Law / Makuch, S (2nd ed) – Toronto: Carswell, (2004)
    KF 5305 .M23 2004
  • Handbook for Municipal Councillors / Rust-D’Eye, G (2nd ed) – Toronto: Carswell, (2014)
    KF 5317 .R97 2014
  • The Law of Canadian Municipal Corporations / Rogers, I (2nd ed) – Toronto: Carswell, (Looseleaf)
    KF 5305 .R72 1971
  • The Law of Municipal Finance / Noé, P – Markham: LexisNexid, (2004)
    KF 6770 .N76 2004
  • The Law of Municipal Liability in Canada / Boghosian, D – Toronto: Butterworths, (Looseleaf)
    KF 1302 .A2 .B67 1999
  • Municipal Lands: Acquisition, Management and Disposition / Annibale, M – Aurora: Canada Law Book, (Loose leaf)
    KF 570 .A61 2006
  • Municipal Procurement / McGuinness, K (2nd ed) – Markham: LexisNexis, (2009)
    KF 5315 .P6 .M14 2009
  • Six Key Primers You Should Know About Municipal Law / SKLESI: Saskatoon, (2004)
    KF 5305 .S62 2004
  • A User’s Guide to Municipal By-laws / MacLean, M (2nd ed) – Markham: Butterworths, (2008)
    KF 5313 ZA2 .M16 2008

Are you looking for bylaws from a particular Saskatchewan community?  Here are links to online bylaws for the ten largest communities in Saskatchewan:

 You can find bylaws for some other Saskatchewan communities online here.

If you have any other questions about municipal law, ask a Law Society Librarian! We are pleased to provide high-quality legal research services to Saskatchewan members in person, on the telephone, or by email.



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2 thoughts on “Municipal Law Primer – Tip of the Week

    Robert Fielding said:
    September 6, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    The Moose Jaw bylaws are for the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw, not the City of Moose Jaw


      Ken said:
      September 7, 2016 at 9:14 am

      Thank you kindly for your comment Robert – the error has been corrected.


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