New Journals in the Library – July 2016

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

The Advocate
Volume 74, Number 4 (July 2016)

  • Mapping the Aboriginal Title in British Columbia: Part I: The Need for Transformative Change / David Rosenberg and Tim Dickson
  • The Butterfly Effect: Small Perturbation Can Have Big Impact on Employment Relationship / Stephanie Low and James D. Kondopulos
  • Remarks Made on Receiving the 2015 Peter S. Hyndman Mentorship Award / Jan Lindsay
  • The Case for Replacing the 2002 Legal Services Act – Part II: A Call to Action / M. Ann Rowles and Connor Bildfell
  • Public Interest and The Trinity Western Law School Trilogy / Sheila Tucker and Emily Snow
  • International Commercial Arbitration in China: CIETAC / Thomas Manson and Jerry Zhang


Canadian Tax Journal
Volume 64, Number 1 (2016)

  • Written Communications and Taxpayers’ Compliance: An International Fairness Perspective / Jonathan Farrar and Linda Thorne
  • Editor’s Introduction – Taxation of the Financial Sector / Kevin Milligan
  • The EU Financial Transaction Tax as an Unsuitable and Unnecessary Proxy Tax / Rita de la Feria and Richard Ness
  • The Financial Activities Tax / Michael Keen, Russell Krelove, and John Norregaard
  • Canada’s GST and Financial Services – Where Are We Not and Where Could We Be? / Pierre-Pascal Gendron
  • Finances of the National: Taxaing Consumption in Canada: Rates, Revenues, and Redistribution
  • Current Cases: (FCA) Canada c. Gervais; (QCA) Agence de revenue du Québec c. Groupe Enico inc.; (BCSC) Veracity Capital Corporation v. Canada (National Revenue)
  • International Tax Planninf: State Sovereignty and the Multilateral Instrument
  • Personal Tax Planning / Planification fiscal personnelle: Non-Resident Trusts: Selected Interpretive and Planning Issues – Part I / Fiducies non-résidentes : Planification et interpretation – Première partie
  • Selected US Tax Development: What’s New in the New US Model Treaty?


Commonwelth Law Bulletin
Volume 42, Number 1 (March 2016)

  • A Reflection on Regulation of Strikes in Nigeria / Andrew Ejovwo Abuza
  • Proscribing Torture: An Analysis in Indian and Ethical Contexts (The 2010 Indian Prevention of Torture Bill) / Nehaluddin Ahman and Gary Lilienthal
  • The Social and Legislative History of the Islamic Trust (waaf) in Mauritius / Scott Morrison
  • Promoting and Safeguarding Media Pluralism in Botswana: An Assessment of Legal Risks / Badala Tachilisa Balule
  • Fundamentals for Effective Monitoring of Child-Care Institutions / Tiwonge Kayira
  • Combating Corruption and the Role of the Judiciary in Nigeria” Beyond Rhetoric and Crassness / Bright Bazuaye and Desmond Oriakhogba
  • Book Review: Critical Reflections on Ownership by Mary Warnock / Ceri Warnock
  • Book Review: Reflections on the Supreme Court of Ghana by Samuel Kofi Date-Bad / Peter E. Slinn
  • Book Review: What Makes Law by Liam Murphy / Gavin Murphy


The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 64, Number 3 (July 2016)

  • Editorial: Dialogue Between the Court and Parliament: A Recent Charter Triology
  • Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Simply Complex: Applying the Law of “Post-Offence Conduct” Evidence / David M. Paciocco
  • The Constitutional Infirmity of the Laws Prohibiting Criminal Negligence / Joseph J. Arway and Alison M. Latimer
  • In Defence of Starting Point Sentencing / Paul Moreau
  • A Partial Ceasefire in Canada’s War on Drugs? Reflections on the Impending Legalization of Marijuana / H. Archibald Kaiser
  • Book Review: Canadian Criminal Law by Don Stuart / Gilles Renaud


Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues
Volume 37 (April 2016)

  • Access to Justice in Ontario’s Family Courts: The Parents’ Perspective / Michael Saini, Rachel Birnbaum and Nicholas Bala
  • Invisible No More: Sentencing Post-Gladue in Manitoba and Saskatchewan Manslaughter Cases / Anna Johnson and Paul Millar
  • A Call for Ethical Accountability: The Necessity for Lawyer-Client Ethical Dialogue in a One-Sided Adversarial System / Sasha Lallouz
  • Calling a Racist a Racist: A Case for Reforming the Tort of Defamation / Katie Duke
  • Regulating Critical Mass: Performativity and City Streets / Alexandra Flynn
  • Our Nostradamus: Review of Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2013) and Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind, The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts (New York: Oxford, 2015) / Noel Semple

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